Music | 2NE1 FALLING IN LOVE Music Video (Personal Thoughts)

Hi Dollies

Song / Lyrics
i like the song beat, street dance feel into it. Chill Beach feel too.
i totally can listen to this while walking on the beach.

Did not like it lol but some parts is ok.

Music Video
Beach Summer theme and Gold Greek/Arabian Summer theme

Thank You for bringing my Boy Crushies TTATT

My reaction:

Like how did they know? i loved this guy since i first saw him on "It Hurts" MV
OK who was the hair stylist here? its degrading his hotness hmp!

My other crush from a Korean Drama (about Match making CIA way)
sorry im bad with memorizing names teehee.

Style Other PersonalComments
i dont like what they were wearing at the beach scenes.
feels like the 90s but if that what they were trying to achieve then they did it well.

Pink Hair and Voice Win! Eyemakeup Love :D
She was sitting pretty and luxuriously plus a Gold Tumbler whew!
Love her semi-husky voice :3

Her Hair! Love love! Blond is looking good on her. Her forehead diamonds Love!
in my opinion Dara has the slimmest body and face which makes her look younger than her age but she kinda looks too young. But her body type suits her!

The big ass black earrings were too much and did not look good with what she was wearing on the court scenes :/

Love the white dress and Circle Lenses! The Hand Ring Bracelet Connect ohh pretty~
uhm did Bom do plastic surgery? i am sorry but i do not know...
she is pretty but whenever i look at her, she is not natural in my eyes.
most korean artist have gone under the knife; i am just too curious hehe

Mint Nails got my attention. American Fashion Trend Style.

Q: What Do You Think About this New Song and the Music Video?

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