Post 523 Outfit: Purple Haze

Hi Everyone!
How yall doin'? Summer Vacation? if your in the Philippines its the end of summer vacation naman hayss...i wanted to see the beach! Just wait till im not busy or done saving up sniff~

First post this June yay! i've been wanting to wear this leggings and eye wear for ages...
wasn't able to doll up till now.

its a snowy day hehe


i tried twin tails like for the 2nd time in my adult life? ahaha! or first?


pew pew~

its the earrings sponsored by Maxnina
Thank You, i love it!

Hi! Super Close Up ahaha!

Steam Punk? hehe, everything im wearing was not actually a planned purchase
i just coincidentally saw them in stores and i was like OHHHH! Then yah outfit mode yay!

Lilac Nails Caronia - First Crush
Earrings from Maxnina
Eyeglasses from Human
Top from Just g
Long Cardigan from Options
Leggings from Bread n' Butter
Creepers from People Are People

i was going to wear a long black top but then i figured out i only have the usual mid length tops
i have mint and rose long tops though huhu~ want black and velvet red.

They say i look like Dracula or from Resident Evil/Underworld when im wearing the long cardigan, the only thing missing are dual hand guns. i'm actually glad lol~

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
Please do Leave a comment below if you have questions or anything to say~
i Dont Bite hehe~ Thankies~

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