My Birthday nails and eyes NOTD EOTD

hei ya i know i look too obvious...that i like card symbols, spade, heart, etc.

heres my nails, a picture right after i finished with the decals :D

kinda arabian-purple inspired

Here is my other purple inspired Nails and Makeup:

it takes some time to do your own nails lolz, i dont like going to nail spa or someone else doing my nails >.<

i just do it on my own from time to time ^^ next design i will try the newspaper thing from Askmewhats :D

Birthday things: Rings

My gift for my self :D yay! honestly speaking were not that normal family.
my parents dont usually give me anything on my birthday, my dad just text me, and my mom always forget my and my sisters birthdays but thats just how it is. im not sad about it though hehe me and my sisters we always celebrate our birthdays together and of course its always on me XD ahaha. in my dad culture they dont celebrate birthdays i dont know why..or is it just like that in africa.

Birthday Thinggies yay!:
-Rose Rings
-Mask Ring
-Benefit Feelin Cheeky Trio (gift from a friend)
-Bizu ^^ was craving for macaroon (afternoon tea time)
-Etude House and Tony Moly (Fail the SM makati does not have the items i wanted)
-forever 21 just bought 2 items because there is nothing interesting to buy when i got there that day at least..bought a compact mirror and something for the bathroom.
-Nanbatei Resto (dinner)
-KFC and Gonuts (back at home more food again) too bad there is no krispy kreme near T^T
-Cute swirl soap (my sister zai gift)
-Cute Pastry (my sis mina gift)
-no gift from my 18 yrs old sister tim grr lolz i guess she spend everything on her two thesis

it was kinda big :( i need to do something in order for this ring to fit
i bought the white mask with violet-black design

i got the black and purple one and love them!
the ring is adjustable and also for P65 / $1.48 each i think
i dont like the butterfly thinggy so i toke it off >.< but everything else is lovely, it made a hole through the ring XD but its just a small one :P

there is loads of colors i think the white and pink is also cute and the blue :D
but ill look like a fairy which im not

will continue posting ^^

Cosplay des :3

this event was at SM Megamall i was just shopping with my best friend and we came across this :D

Ignore my messy zip on jacket ahaha

Whos your boy now? Boyah! XD
Im LOLing XD hei u can see "kuya's" his face

toke me forever to take a pic with him coz i was like XD ahahaha!!!

i love French Fries and Potato Chips! LOL XD
Toy Story ^^

another event SM Megamall although almost everyone is gone because i came late, my office ended 7pm that day huhu
Loving the Katana Sword <3
 Looking Cool :D

 is that a ZOID thinggy from the anime Zoid? i duno but that mini little Bumble bee is killing me with its cuteness dear heavens sooooooo kawaiiiiiiiii~ *Nose Bleed*

sorry for my fail edit, i did a quick one, Her name is Belldandy and her parents are both Anime Otaku i assume =P and they made her the kawaii *faints*

if you gals/guys went to any anime event recently pls leave a link below :)

i love seeing robots, butlers (handsome ones only joke), neko girls, and maid, what else hmmm anything like kimono extreme evil ones :D

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Foundation

pls click the photo above to enlarge

i bought 04 Honey shade, didnt buy the one with mirror, just this cute refill hihi, i dont need the mirror, i already have gazillion lolz joke and also its kinda bulky, i need something that is small :)

Note: my skin type is oily-sensitive

♠ Likes 
-Price its just P150 $3.4 for the refill the compact with mirror is P250 $ 5.73
-its an all in one product and it claims 9 things which u can read on the picture above hehe
-Available in 4 shades
-SPF 25 PA++
-infused with pro vitamin C
-Oil free and gentle to skin
-Conceals blemishes and pores
-Tone Perfecting Developed for South East Asian Skin tone
-it did actually control my shine (maybe because i also used a primer), smooth texture, i just love this!

♠ Cons 
-its very delicate and breakable, you need to handle it with extra care if you dont want it to scatter (Handle with Care)
-could not use the sponge included but some of you might able to use it (i use a brush thats why)
-contains Silica/Silicon, Parfum, Benzyl Alcohol (might not be best for people who are avoiding these)

♠ Thoughts 
this is a new favorite hehe, its not pricey and it does the job!

How about you gals? whats your favorite drugstore compact? if you used this, what do you think about it?

Nivea Q10 + kawaii goodies

My prize from yay! :D Thank You so much gurl ;)
this is a awesome i was going to buy an anti aging something for my eyes and forehead wrinkle "singular" lolz

pretty box and a mini letter

*Pls Click the photos to enlarge*

sealed safely

 the texture

Quick Review:
-the eye cream works, however you have to use this religiously if you want to see a big difference.

-the day cream i didnt use it, because i dont think i need to use it right now.
-the night cream i used it once so far so good, i think they will all work great if you use them regularly :) this is just a quick review/ first impression

Recommend Age:

And now to the Prize i got from PetSugar at Sponsored by 
Thank You :)

Rillakuma kawaiii~ ♥ 

Question: If you have used Q10 any of these anti-aging creams, how was it? :)

MIA+Thank You+Awards

Sorry ive been MIA for a week lolz things happened like we lost internet connection, from friday till yesterday
sept 23-sept 26

it was actually my birthday between those dates, i was saving money for it and when i spent it i couldnt understand if i should be happy or not ahaha! mixed emtions...coz i worked hard on saving it. But now im ok, i moved on about this issue

Thank You so much i really appreciate all my followers :) im surprised i have new followers :"> thank you thank you :D

got 2 awards :D yay! its getting better and better hehe

1st one is from Gisell of
2nd which is the same award as Gisell its from
i also got another award from her which is "Kreativ Blogger"
Thank You so much, im glad to know that you think my blog deserve the awards :)

The rule:
 -Share 7 things about yourself and link back to the person who passed you the award.
-Award 15 blogs and drop them a line about it.

7 Things about aMz
 im kinda boyish in terms of style and things i do but i love beautiful guys XD Bishonen
 im inlove with Anime and i kind of can speak japanese, but its not that i want to be a japanese girl i just love the culture and all :) i also love europe and egypt etc im a geek!
 i like French Pastry so much O_O dai skiii des!!!
 loves traveling and take gazillion of photos of anything including food :D
♥ weakness: Polkadots, floral dress, overly sweetened food, pepper vegtable, gecko.
 i have poor eye-sight and i dont like wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses, most of the time it results to the "im snobbish" because i cant see you unless your 5 feet away ahaha 
♥ im a kind person to everyone but if you did strike number 3...youll see me breaking doors, bottles, glass, anything even electronics = BAD TEMPER! dont worry i worked on it and im patient now? :P

ill cheat! >:D just to add up some stuffs:♥ im a safety freak, im not afraid of heights im afraid to fall if things break, i love riding the plane but im afraid of it falling..odd? i check and doubt everything ahaha
Ex: i was going to learn Gun-Shooting but realized what if someone actually got shot there? im really a safety freak =_=

♥ i like very hot food, i literally eat red chilli to the point where my lips cracked one time and started bleeding hehe =P also the Dr advised me to stop eating too much hot food im acidic >.<

15 wonderful blogs im passing this 2 awards to (listed randomly)

i was going to cheat again and add more of you gals ahihihi =P

Review: Loreal Base Magique and Gold Caviar Skin Food

Hi ladies,
i dont use often makeup base but i happen to have these so i gave it a try :) and i realized its good for my face :D

Loreal Base Magique - Transforming Smoothing Primer 

♥ What it Claims♥ 
Transforms you bare skin texture 
The first smoothing primer that makes your lines and pores invisible
Sensational Velvet Texture 
a unique blend of silicon oils and soft ligh powders
-smooth wrinkles and fine lines
-Perfectly hides pores
-Skin imperfections are corrected
The rosy shade brings out the translucency on the bare skin tone 

♥ ingredients ♥ 
cyclohexasiloxane, dimethicone,  dimethicone/vinyl, dimethicone crosspolymer, silica, acrylates copolymer, disodium stearoyl glutamate, aluminum hydroxide, [+/- may contain: ci 77891 / titanium dioxide, ci 77491 / iron oxides]

♥ Likes ♥ 
-no annoying scent
-it does cover my pores
-feels smooth
-not so heavy feeling (only need a thin layer w/c means the product will last longer)
-i dont have wrinkles only one on my forehead lol but i think it covered it well
-color is ok, i didnt look like a ghost or anything after applying it
-makes other makeup application smooth too
-helps with oil control and makeup stays longer

Dislikes ♥ 
-none so far hmm but for those who dont like silicon, this is not a product they will go for

♥  Thoughts ♥ 
-i recommend this :) i like it!
-rosey shade works well for my medium tone im not sure about people with nc40 or below
-it does not correct skin tone color / blemishes / acne
-it has a paste-like texture into it but its not a problem with me, blend it well on your fingers before applying to the face, it also feels powdery when u apply it. it transforms to powder maybe? hehe

Gold Caviar Lifting Prime Skin

click the photo above to enlarge

♣ Likes 
-it does cover my pores
-not so heavy feeling
-same texture with loreal
-the color did blend well on my skin
-helps in controlling the oil and keeping ur makeup on

♣  Dislikes 
-i think it made my skin a little lighter
-it has gold in it which im not a fan of a sparkly face
-feels kind of drying on my skin

♣ Thoughts 
i dont recommend this if you dont like gold or shimmer in your makeup base, also if u have dry skin and in a hot country like philippines, although it might work on you, because some products might not work on me but work great on you, try a sampler to see for your self :)

i think loreal is better :P

Q: Did you use any of this two primers? how was it? is there any tips you want to share with us for primers and so on..Whats your fave primer?

i miss the forest and the beach T^T

Here is some photos from my trip last year to Zambales, Philippines :)
i wasnt able to go to any beach this summer =_= for some reasons sigh anyways here we go

front picture for this post
on the boat, on our way to Anawangin :D
the rocks were cool hehe

The forest of Anawangin, Zambales
u can hear the birds, and water, the wind, how peaceful.

the only problem was we were suppose to camp on this side, so we have to cross, the water was too high and no Bridge, thank god for my long legs XD the water reached my whole leg

i was also looking out for frogs, i dont like frogs, they suddenly jump on you =_= last time when we went to White beach Batangas, there was a frog on the beach and it was too dark for us to see, me and my best friend ran like crazy XD it was fun though :P but yah ive seen some fishies when i was trying to cross.

i literally cleared my mind here, i was looking into the sky and trees while thinking about nothing, gosh it does happen and can actually happen? whew! relaxation i say at its best

the breath taking trees, i love nature :)
 i was lying down when i toke this photo

 me walking in the woods :">

some food, i love taking food pictures and specifically close ups

*breaths in* haaa~ the beach *lies down* snoooz~

ok ok i didnt do this =P

morning and noon


Im going to use both photos for a trend going on, Day to Night photos :)

Tada! Capones Island

too bad we were on hurry, the water here is so clear only problem its wavy and sand gets into ur undies =P
only few people stay here because its kind of dangerous, no stores, no restroom, its a Wild area hmm can i even say that? "wild area" lol . we didnt get to see the whole island and the lighthouse but thats ok

Philippines is a lovely place to travel
ive seen so far in Batangas 5 times Tagaytay 3 times i think coz they r near manila hehe, Subic twice, Zambales, Naga, Boracay, hmm thats all i think..

i want to visit Palawan, Bohol maybe? Cebu and Baguio, La union, and some other places

the thing scared to fly i only trust Qatar airlines but its expensive plus it doesnt make local flights ahaha! im so safety freak and its stopping me from all of this. i also wont probably go by land too because of snake roads or hill roads, if the road is straight ill be there. i went to boracay via sea. 2nd problem my mom hates via sea traveling :P

Q: Where is the Prettiest place in Philippines to you? and Why? 

Gintama (Anime Review)

introduction courtesy of wikipedia
Gin Tama (銀魂 Gintama?, lit. "Silver Soul"), also known as Gintama, is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi and serialized, beginning on December 8, 2003, in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Set in an Edo which has been conquered by aliens named Amanto, the plot follows life from the point of view of samurai Gintoki Sakata, who works as a freelancer alongside his friends Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura in order to pay the monthly rent. Sorachi added the science fiction setting to develop characters to his liking after his editor suggested doing a historical series.

For more information pls Click Here

i was hearing a lot about this anime since last year that its good to watch but only this year i started watching it like 2 months ago i think, im so behind but i just watch this if im bored, this anime is DOPE! when i say dope i mean its for high people on weed lolz i mean just look at the picture above?

All characters in this anime are heckah funny, i love how the sunglasses guy Shinpachi Shimura (志村新八) (im bad with names i just googled them lol) gets annoyed and pissed off specially in the Monkey Episode, when the girl with eye patch Kyubei Yagyu (柳生九兵衛)  named the monkey a very looong name "Nagaiiii = long" i love this two episodes the releasing was the same week of the movie "Planet of Apes" me and some fans thought it was hilarious haha like the manga artist are really goofing around. 

if your looking for an anime that looks like a never ending goofy filler this is it :P epic right?

Kyubei Yagyu (柳生九兵衛)  My Favorite Character

Toshiro Hijikata (土方十四郎)
MY CRUSH police guy hehe i like him not his job though

Kotaro Katsura (桂小太郎)
GOOD LOOKING GUY but his too odd for me

Mayo Chiki, Nyanpire...

Arigatou Gozaimas~ if you read my posts :"> *nya~* 

Q: Do you watch this? if yes what do you think about this animr? and who is your favorite character and why?
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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