MeiDolls Cafe (Japanese Maid Cafe) REVIEW

Our first visit to the cafe...

Dont Worry, my tare panda "Red" knows the way to the cafe =3

oh Domo Kun is here also?! hehe


Coffee & Drinks

Desserts and Sweets



i wanted to buy one of these but i dont think they have it on sale :(

Spaghetti? ahahaha! nice!!

Gyudon <3

Noodle <3

Fried Sushi, served with Cucumber, Kani, and Mangoes?..cant remember the third thing.

aww..was looking for the Kawaii muffins but its not here huhu anyway still oishi <3

i cant get over the bunny cookies bottle!

One Piece =) hmm..where is zoro? :p

Pictures of the mei dolls maids ^_^

a good view: All Japanese Tables and Chairs, Ceiling and lanterns, Cosplay pictures.

the Counter

of course tare panda "Red" wants a picture! man im hungry! hehe

Loving the Flower thinggy hehehe

Muffins nom nom nom!

aw cute! i love em pink bows grrrrr!

They do have Butlers!!!!!! yesh oh oh oh! (evil laugh) his name is Hi-c
He's very nice :) All maids are also very polite. Thank u guys ^_^
He's serving my Star Pancakes with love~ <3 moe~ moe~ kyun~ <3 ahahaha! spare me! lol

its so damn cute Y^Y Strawberry and Chocolate ^__^


Thank You =D

Group pic

I just loved how my friends fighting over "the bell", you ring it if you need any service :)
"KRING KRING!!!" all maids say "Hai hai~" cuteness!

And yes! i do have a fetish for butlers...eiiiyaaa "Sebastian Michaelis" of "Kuroshitsuji"
yuh watched a lot of those hehe.
"Kaichou wa maid sama" eiiyaah "Usui"
"Hayate" Comedy
I have not watched yet the cute anime maid with "moe moe kyun beam!" i will hehe
and another anime butler comedy owner loves panda but i forgot the title...

Love the dance! Strawberry time? Banana Mango? not sure with the song titles :P

I will definitely visit again =D

Very affordable!
Drinks P30 -P100 pesos
Food! one meal is just like P100
Desserts are much cheaper :)

Next time i will order:
Coffe / Latte
Kawaii Muffins
Shrimp Tempura

MeiDolls Cafe Fan Page:

Tip: Infront of Brookside Subdivision. Near from Junction.

Mon - Sun: 10:00 am-10:00 pm

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Arigatou Gozaimas for reading desu =3
thank you for reading :)

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