Event | Etude House Princess Academy 2013 (Picture Heavy)

Etude Playhouse Princess Academy

Hi Dollies

its time to have your princess training!

Etude Play House is one of the most anticipated event of the year!

its an event where you can feel like a princess, taught on how to become a princess,
and meet other princesses to play with.

With all the Pink around you, the Princess crown from Etude, and Prince charming guys,
i don't know how you can avoid feeling like a princess.

"Etude House knows how to spoil a princess indeed."

The Event was a blast! Super fun! Enjoyed the Games and interacting with other girls,
i learned loads of makeup tips from Ms Bianca Valerio. And from Ryuji Shiomitsui got to learn fashion tips. i would totally do the Diamond Trick with my CC Cream, and i will try out the fashion tricks taught by Ryuji.

i was guilty of not wearing a belt and a watch. i forgot my watch.
Also Guilty of wearing plain shoes. Gomen Ryuji Sama~

i enjoyed the performances, and celebrity guests, we even had to hunt down my friend Mhisha crush! We succeeded in getting her a photo with Dominic Roque. Yay!

in the event specially the game of "Kiss the Prince" Super kilig ang girls!
you can hear them giggling and laughing~

"The Venue setup was so pretty in pink!"

i loved everything from the foodies to the seats!
Specially the Tous Les Jours Pink Heart Cookies, Photo Booth, Games, and the Playhouse like Stage. The setup was perfected!

Look at this Beautiful invitation card
i don't like calling it a Ticket hehe

Tres Bien~

Me before the event, i know i look like i'm a member of a rock band but i tried my best again to look girly ahaha, Biane~

Etude Princess Tiaras. Given to everyone before entering. Love the idea and creativity

Pretty Stage! Absolutely looks like a Play House!

Cotton Candy anyone? This gal is cute and kind~

Circle Lens | UNIQSO Wish List Vintage Old English and Mermaid Eyes inspired + Helpful Links

UNIQSO introduction

Hi Dollies

i'm pretty sure some of you heard about UNIQSOits an online shop for Contact Lenses and related products such as (Accessories, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Fake Eyelashes, Mascara, etc)

Previously Youniquenails.com. Based in Malaysia. They ship Worldwide.

They have so many Circle Lens Brands and a wide range of Series and Designs to choose from!

Free Sheseido Facial Comphehensive Repair Mask  (Whitening, Anti-Blackhead & Acne) for $50 purchase.

Uniqso Mission - "Let's be UNIQUE"

Here are some helpful Links for you gals

Wish List

i have two series in mind

My fave colors: Grey and Blue

i like how the ring have a vintage English-Medieval feel design into it
reminds me of old english guns or one of my all time favorite anime "Hell Sing"

Gathered some photos, Don't they look Gorgeous?
When i see this series i always imagine Mermaids! Perfection!
My Fave Colors are Gray and Brown (as usual lol)

Of Course they have Different Designs and Brands!
The Series above are just my wish list.

Brands and Series Such as
Barbie Brand
Beuberry Brand
Cafe Mimi Brand
Dolly Eye Brand
GEO Medical Brand
I.Fairy Brand
Kawayii Brand
Kimchi Brand
Princess Mimi Brand

Q: Would you wear this? 
What is your favorite Circle Lens Color?

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
Please do Leave a comment below if you have questions or anything to say~
i Dont Bite hehe~ Thankies~

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My Cat Dress Excited! + Style inspiration + Kawaii Over Load Gets and Photos ^__^ for a great week ahead~

Hi Dollies 

How yall been? Can you believe July 2013 is almost ending?
i feel like yesterday was just New-years eve or something...
Man how to stop the time from running too fast?

i'm getting older wayyy too fast too! oh GOD why?!
Of course instead of being frustrated and conscious about my age
i will enjoy life but still...teehee~ 

i am a Cat Person
i have had and still have countless of cats,
ever since i forced my dad to let me have one when i was in elementary.
i also rescued couple of kittens few times.
i can pet a cat eternally!

Mostly photos from my instagram
Enjoy your stay
My Purchase from Persunmall
aMz is now an Excited Son of a Gun!
i literally can not wait!

i bought the dress yesterday, then i read some blogs
and found out that this was on Chai's wish list post.
Some of her items mostly are also on my wish list too.

Soon to be bought!
i've been wanting this for ages.
Oh and i am also getting Skull Hands Hair Clip.

i want Velvet Cuppies and Strawberries (Food ahaha)

Geisha/Kabuki Doll inspired
Not My photo, all rights to the owner.
One of my instagram followers thought it was me, with makeup on,
circle lens, and a wig. i want to do a similar photoshoot, why not :)

playing with photo edit app

kawaii much? lol XD

My BJD selfie :P (borrowed photo, not mine)
My hair looked orange-brown after i was done with the Wine Red
hair dye.

My Anime Boyfie (borrowed photo, not mine)

My Japanese Rocks Star Boyfriend! (borrowed photo, not mine)

Ok i should stop Spamming now XD

Rilakkuma / リラックマ

One of the reasons why i am out of cash! lol~

Biggest Jiji Cat plush so far yay!
Purse Addiction, bought pink ichigo and honey Korilakkuma ones.
Korilakkuma Donut Container, finally 
Baby Arpakasso and Winter earmuffs, French Rila and purse-like item,
Sweet Rare Gloomy Ball And a cute note from one of the sellers.
Thank You Gals

my Shappo Sentimental Circus Pluggy
its so preciousss GAH! Love it!

Chocolate Vs Cream
Random Clutter when i was cleaning

Some of my Rilakkuma / Korilakkuma Trinkets

Gloomy Bear

awww too cute

family photo

Gloomy Bear Dango anyone?

Ghost Kun now have a pink  ghost partner :3
its not in the photo yet hehe

Nyanpire + Chopper + Others

My Nyanpire Collection
Kawaiiiiiii Nose Bleeed in 3...2...(BLEEDING)
this is enough for me! i am now only looking for the pink bat, thats all.

Few New items (This addiction has to stop)
Cute Paris Packaging and Hello Kitty Tape awww sweet seller

in case you missed my Post about Japanese Snacks (here)

Mini Kabuki Doll Collection
Kerei desu

Pocky Box mini collection and 5 of my Minions ( i sold the other 2)
Gold Chibi Brick Bear is furious *__*

My Calico Kitty Macchiato aka Maccha (which is totally a different thing)
Coffee or Tea? :P Check him out on my instagram to see more photos and videos :)

Line Play + Kawaii Finds

My avatar
i change my looks every now and then

Looking Sweet like a Baby ahaha

Hello Kitty in Line Play

Yup! Lee Min Ho in Line play too and couple of
Korean and Japanese models/artists.

Monster Girl Japan
inspired by the Power Puff Girls
(not owned by me, im just sharing this)


Hair and Shirt WIN!

Kawaii non-stop posts from JapanLoverMe Artist

Sharing this again :))

What ya think? XD

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
Please do Leave a comment below if you have questions or anything to say~
i Dont Bite hehe~ Thankies~

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