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Mermaid Wedding Dress

i am talking about Wedding dresses again am i? Well i guess i am at that certain age...
wait...nope nope i am not sure hehe. But it is fun to look around and be informed
of what is new and not; what is out there, what are my choices if ever.

All the photos and choices are from site

Don't worry i wont be talking about Wedding dresses the whole time.
i am posting two hair coloring sessions, one circle lens review, lip gloss review,
and floral fashion clothes reviews too! Accessories also, Just you wait guys.

So much to do, no time, no laptop...


Ok we are off topic now back to Mermaids and Dreams!

Here is the link where you can find every mermaid dress they have:

Let the photos do the talking

i will start with my most favorite

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Shopping x Kawaii | Collective Haul My first official Kimmidoll + Alpakasso + Totoro + Pocky + Bags + Watch List + Cardigans last Winter

Shopping Shalalala~

Hi Dollies

This is roughly all of my kawaii hauls so far from Dec last year i think
My laptop is dead, bear with me gals  Bear hehe Rawr!

 its not that many because i am trying to save up, i couldn't stop my
self from getting them kawaii goodness, my friend tells me i am kind
of a Compulsive Buyer. 

Well shopping and cute stuff make me feel better psychologically,
so why not? i am not a Mega Shopper, i have limits...
i think i do. Hmmm yup i do, i am frugal by the way hehe

Tada!!! Super Mega Awesome Bear Hat, Punky black clothes, skeleton, skull, wings, leopard, white and black...How can this go wrong?! Love it!


i left my large pink Arpa at my friend's day she sent me these photos...
which i made into a collage...The ransom was candies ahahahaha!!! 

some new stuffies! Now i have 2 flat Gloomies, One Silver plus this Pink one!
Sentimental Circus Shappo kyaaa~ Gloomy Brick Bear 6 inches or 9 i think
Kori Pink Bunny Hand Puppet, Gloomy Bag Black n' Pink
Studio Ghibli Cards, Gloomy x Pink Panther (so many Gloomy bears hmm)
Pamyuuu pamyuuuu x Mamashibaaa desuuu i knowwww its mekchacka kawaiii neeeh

Rest of the stuff minus the gloomy bear black bag and purple king arpaka, also the snack
japanese fungi or mushroom character snack Nameko...i used to play it on my ipad hehe
i have two box of Etude house hair coloring (i am going to color my hair the day after tomorrow) loads of Kitsune Udon my fave, Baum-kuchen, Rilakkuma Snack.
Those are Alpaca bags, earmuff (i was going to buy a purple one too)

Why am i such a KAWAII HOARDER! Do i need help?

Look at themmm goodies ahaha lookkkk!

aMz Diary #1 | 2014 Goals! Latest Happenings + Plans this month + Music + Watching

aMz Diary #1
i used to write down my moods for the last few years on this manner.
So this is #1 because its the first one this year of 2014.
And might write one at the very end of every month or so..
This one is from January - March

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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