My Picture & What Anime i have been watching lately?

an old Photoshopped picture of me as Gaara's twin lol his my fave character in Naruto coz his just hot hot lol i mean pale skin, red hair, eyeliner like an egyptian, arabian style muwah mwah! XD But i dont watch Naruto anymore its just too long for me, the series...

What anime ive been watching lately?

-Ao No Exorcist

last ep ending scene was like wooahh erza and grey kick some ass now!! NOW!! :P

-Maria Holic Alive Season 2
last episode huhu

-Level E
ended T^T i demand for a 2nd season!

usually i watch up to 5 anime, 3 anime series is too little for me :( i need my anime feeds, so im looking for something new...hmmm something similar from those above ;D

If you watch Anime, What anime series? and what is your fave?

Kawaii Stockings & Award :)

Not my legs lol just the pic of the online shop i bought this item from, bought this along with diet pills.
I absolutely have no idea why did i bought this, mainly coz its cute, but i dont think ill be wearing this anytime soon lol i dont wear office skirts anymore, if i were ill prolly wear this. Time will come :p of course i wont wear that short wahaha!

Lovely Deisgn indeed kawaii :D

Thank You so much Jackie
Check Her out shes a lady from Philippines ;D

Something About Me:
Im into kawaii and cute stuffs but i find polkadots and flower patterned dress, and hello kitty, etc too girly for me too =P
what do i like? stripes, checkers, Black & White, Dark Pink ,Dark Purple, uhm Guns! lol my kawaii side is Rillakuma, Cina, and Tare Panda, baked goodies, i love neko/kittens <3

My 2nd Giveaway E25 Blending Brush [CLOSED!!!]

Hi Gals, My 1st Giveaway was a Domo Kun pouch and coin purse but only open for Philippines.
This however is International. Thank You SIGMA for sponsoring this Giveaway.
I really enjoy blogging, meeting new friends and exchanging comments/thoughts with bloggers..Thank You Ladies :)

    • Sigma E25 Travel Blending Brush
      Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colors, and blend harsh lines.
      This is the prize Travel E25 :)
      -1 entry per person only
      -Open Internationally from June 29th - July 29
      (UTC/GMT +8 hours) PHT Philippine Time
      -Winner must respond within 48hrs after i email her or i will draw another winner
    -You must be at least 18 yrs old (if not ask your parents permission to join this contest)

How to Join (+1)
1. You MUST be a public follower of my blog using Google Friend Connect/Yahoo/Twitter
(as long as i can see you on the followers list)
2. Leave a comment with your Name and Email
3. if you did any Extra Entries pls mention and leave the links

Optional/Extra Entries:
-Subscribe via Email (+1)
-Write a blog post and Link (+1)
blogs w/c r made only for giveaways wont be considered
-Place the giveaway picture on your sidebar (+1)
-for Philippines residents only Entry: Add my online shop on facebook (+1)

Good Luck Ladies ^_____^

2NE1 - I AM THE BEST (내가 제일 잘나가)

i like 2NE1 style, im a fan but im not a die hard, Love the makeup and some outfits also the diamond thinggy, Nice Work Girls!

If you are a 2NE1 fan, who is your favorite? i like the short hair :)

more givies yay!

Etude House Black2 Volume Mascara (Review)

[Heavy Pictures]
Hey Lovies :) this is My 1st Korean mascara! lets go test it :D

Lovely Box and Packaging i love pink and black

Close up picture

This is the biggest Brush out of all i think that i tested in Etude Store

i cant read Korean but from the pictures you can tell whats going on though hehe

without mascara (sorry for the dark eyeshadow, my eyelashes looks unclear)

applied once on upper lashes

applied lightly - twice on upper lashes

Reason Why i picked this mascara?
-small mascara brushes will take me ages to finish
-my lashes are naturally curved and long, even if i apply so little mascara, all the product just stick between my lashes so i need a really big brush to brush my lashes well.

-if you have small eyes or cute little lashes i suggest you buy a mascara with smaller brush than this one, so that it will work hassle free with you :)

Regular Price: Php398 / $9.13
Discounted Price: Php318 / $7.30
SAVE: Php80 /$1.83

- it really works nicely, no smudges and spider feet like results on lashes
-super love the application, very easy to apply and the product is not sticky and not too watery

-might be hard to apply for some eye types due to big brush
(Etude offers so many mascaras for all the types of eyes) Choose what you feel is best for you

Will i buy this again?
Yes i will :D but since i like buying 1 item once i think my next mascara will be from maybelline

Ultra Pigmented Volumizing mascara with a special mega coil brush delivers intense color and thickness
Vol. 8g (0.27 oz.) 6M

What is Your favorite mascara brand and name or what mascara do you love from Etude?

Thank you ladies for reading xoxo :D

MAC 9 colors eyeshadow

small maybe approx 5inches but i like it small :)

i love the rounded shapes

i dig the colors!

Its highly pigmented :)

im not the type who likes wearing heavy makeup, so this one here is more than enough for me
im excited to use the other colors as well
this will help me in many looks

-This is not Original MAC but its highly pigmented so its "ok"
-its cheap and the quality is ok for a price of Php850 / $19.57 you can even get some Discounts!
-i barely used an eye primer, it lasted the whole day :)

Goodies :)

lipgloss love affair Giveaway Sponspored by artie style

korean and japanese instant ramen/noodle

a month or two ago pics thats why the edit is like this lol
someone bought me new ones from the duty free, anyway this one is straight from abroad :)

I really think even if its a korean noodle but its in the local groceries here are already made here or low cost.

And its proven! the taste is very different, the packaging is different and much better, many added fillings unlike the local ones.

My fave Seafood Cup Noodle! some other korean hot ramen nongshim and i forgot the two..

(reading) uhhmm yah ohhh i really...i cant understand a thing! maybe i should practice reading =_=

This blue one is not hot at all :D

tada!!! the reason why i was "korean ramen curious" coz i own pens and erasers just like them, a replica. too bad they dont have the green one which is i think in vegetable flavor

I love love love ramen and noodles!!! LOVE! i cant wait to eat real ones at japan huhu! even restaurants here locally in philippines are no match to the real thing i think. although they are not bad.

Do you like ramen? What flavor? and if you know a great place here in metromanila, do tell me :D


Etude House Missing U Panda Hand Cream (Review)

100% Recycled paper, i love recycling and helping the earth :D
wahh! i super love pandas and peach, my ultimate drink is Mangoe Peach <3

Size: 2.5 inches approximately
When Opened - White Hand Cream

Adorable Babies <3

Regular Price: Php278 / $6.37
Discounted Price: Php222.40 / $5.10 (Etude 20% Grand Sale)
SAVE: Php55.6 /$1.27

-super love the packaging its just so pretty! the panda! the egg shape! the peach color!
-its very effective and indeed moisturizing
-smell and effect lasts for hours and hours love it!

-almost $7 / 300 pesos for just 30ml? gosh P100 is 10ml. in Watsons you will have a big 100ml or even 200ml for 300 pesos but ye know thats not EH
-some people dont like the peach scent, Dont Worry EH offers different scents
-strong citrus scent that i dislike, its almost like a yam bean "singkamas" in tagalog, but that strong smell wont last long, its just upon application.
I really bought this because of the packaging though lol

Will i buy this again?
-probably not, i already have the jar w/c is the main reason i bought this one and i also wated to try EH hand creams. if the cream will run out, ill just refill it with anything else, coz the smell of the actual product turns me off :(

-Packaging is 100% Recycled even printed with Soy Ink wow!
-by buying this some portion will go to an organization that actually help animals awww~
-Formulated with natural mixture of herbs, shea butter and olives to moisturize, heal and sooth hands.
-Also applicable to Arms

The product is great! just test them before u buy it coz u might end up like me lol not liking the scent hehe. Which reminds me i just grabbed this from the shelf without even testing the Hand Creams lol i was on a hurry that day

I hope this review is helpful somehow ^^ thank u ladies xoxo
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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