Favorite Accessories this week :)

Faves: Majolica Majorca Hand Mirror and Lip earrings

I got this from Bun bun :D aka Frances hehe we call each other bun buns aka bunny :P
one of my closest blogger friends :">

oh myy..so pretty!
ichigo/Strawberry Macaroon des :)

"Fulfills all your wishes"
indeed it does lolz its so dreamy and magical looking, suited for a Princess! ;D

Stands on your table :">

i purchased this pair of lips earrings and a reggae looking pendant from an online store on fb

the lips earrings are somewhat a rare item in my place at least, but the reason i bought this one coz of its quality, the other lip earrings ive seen online are not as good looking as this one.

paired with my Lip Pendant! tada! been using them this long weekend hehe ;*

This Weekend:
Saturday went on Food trip includes baked mac with garlic bread, baked rice beef meal, pizza, siomai lolz crossini, etc.
Monday went out with my 2 sisters to watch Cars2 in 3D, of course we had to eat out!
Korean Food :) went to Etude House but dissapointed was going to buy the ala anna sui box but not available so i didnt bought anything hmf! Watsons mode :)

i Hope your long weekend went well ^_____^

P.S.- im going to post in a while my August favorites :D

My Sims Social on facebook

i think im level 23 or 25 i dont know..my house is 69k or 70k ^^

promise! the yard is better coz i build a new room for writing..hihi

look at all the stuffs scattered in the yard, will put it in that room :D

leveling up!

ITS NOT WORKING AGAIN!....Since yesterday and its frustrating coz ive reached 70k - house worth? i guess and people r going to catch up if i cant play lol my efforts ever since it was still on "Beta" (testing) will be gone T3T

to think that its LIVE now and some people can play while i cant, is sooo unfair, if they have errors they should close it for all and announce like
"Will be back tomorrow 9am, were having some technical issues"
not like this :( i cant play, they can play...why?....

My Goals:
the flat screen laptop level 30 writing..
the piano level 45 or 50 in music
the kitchen stuffs for higher levels
dressing up lolz!

i was playing sims social on PS2 when i was like in high school or early college i guess hehe

Are you playing this too on facebook?

Skin Break not Breakout!

My skin has improved! Remember my breakouts lately?

because of these:
1. bad diet...eating jolibee chicken joy craze! (fried chicken fast food)
2. too much Vitamin E (my skin is oily sensitive) so too much of it made it more oily..i have been using the Vita Foam Bite Me from Etude and i used a Vitamin E mask from Etude too! result = pimples!
3. changed my oil control sheets product to a new one that has aloe in it (broke me out)

How did my skin improve?
1. changed my diet! no more fried chicken...and oily food
2. Gave my skin a break from almost all of skin products (cleanser, masks, exfoliate, etc)
3. repurchased my old oil control sheet..darn the new one! lolz
4. i think the weather also helped because its not humid like it was on July right?
5. Snail Cream and St Ives facial scrub helped ^__^
6. i drink more water now (instead of only C2 hehe)

even though i have no good sleep the past week (its monday here) my skin still looks much better and pimples ran away lolz

Giving your skin a break is a good idea, specially from all the makeup and skin prods

the break wasn't intentional :)) my foam is running out and also since i work at home and been so busy i completely forgot about my routine

im planing to buy a different cleanser i think St Ives, i was searching for Cetaphil for oily skin type the medium size w/c costs P200+ bucks, i dont want to buy the huge one because i want to try if it will work on me first.

Always remember: Your Skin is Unique like you, if something works great on someone doesnt mean it will work on you and vice versa. Your skin might not be suitable for some ingredients, or might even get allergies. be careful, if something broke you out stop using it.

(im thinking to purchase teatree from Etude or something from St Ives)
what cleanser can you recommend for oily skin?

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Love this Giveaway its sooo Amazing :D Happy Birthday Dear ;D
again i usually join last minute lol Good Luck with that ^__^
Sigma, Blender, Mac, etc etc woahh! XD

Make-Phoebe-Over Birthday Giveaway :)

really lovely Giveaway right? just look Nivea, DKNY, makeup awww!!! exciting!

Oh to be a Muse  end of summer giveaway!

Lovely Goodies and cute pouch :D


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♥ from USA with love ♥

YAY!!! my sis went to the post office and got me the packages yesterday, opening them was so exciting, we unwrapped the packages together :)

Prods im most excited about:
♥ Sigma Miss Taylor Brush
♥ Dolly Wink Deep Black Liquid Eyeliner
♥ Majolica Majorca Mirror
♥ My Beauty Berry facial masks
♥ NYC Lippies
♥ Sally Hansen nail polishies
Thank you so much Lovies!!!
Bun Bun aka Frances i really enjoyed reading ur letter it was so sweet and i always enjoy reading/exchanging comments, watching your videos, and ur blog posts :D your just my bun bun XD lolz P.S.- thanks for the yummy candies i think im addicted to it now hehe *HUGS*
Fragancia i superrr love the sigma brush oh my gawd! just OMG! thank u :">
Bri i cant wait to use them, my sisters will try to sneak them from me lolz thanks for the Hello Kitty theme and Stickers, Your letter is really cute with a lucky star and care bear hehe
Pls click on the names to view the blog or the links below, they are a bunch of sweet gals you must be friends with hehe
since i was small i always enjoy reading letters, you know the old times before emails any everything..a letter always posses this special touch from that someone who wrote it :)
thank you dolls! xoxo
Oh im planning to review some of them ^^ or most..will see ;D

Mona Princessa (Portrait)

Digital Portrait by Filipino Artist
Jun Osorio

Posted 3/18/11
reposting 8/26/11

This was a birthday present from my former teacher in college with subject Multimedia, his a very kind and God fearing person, i like this teacher hehe..

anyway i was so surprised by this one and also how it turned out so well..
i mean look at the eyes its perfect only thing is my eyes are brown not black hehe
the lips are perrrfection :D

Thank you sir Jun ^_____^

Rant and Random


the spending this month well always i mean its like..goodness gracious! my baby sister birthday! i always end up paying for everything, for the gifts, food, preparation. not to mention i pay the bills and grocery for 5 people including my self.

Good Bye Money...Folossiiii T^T

gosh its so hard to find cetaphil for oily skin on watsons, two branches watsons and still none >.< there was a dummy on the display but no stocks? goshness! tomorrow will see if makati have them im pretty sure the should coz the watsons i went in are provincial..i want to try this product :) hope it helps my oily skin and acne prob

Post Office in my area told me i have 3 packages from abroad arrived well all of them from USA, and im darn lazy to pick it up but i have to coz there is a fee i need to pay so i have to pick it up from their office instead of delivering it to me.

i think the main postal office knew about my 3 packages and waited untill they all arrived before giving it to the local post office..hmmm i was waiting forever lol and i thought it will never arrive! im feeling weak today, im expecting my 1st day hi aka "period" gosh!! this is the week when u hate being a woman and want to be a man lol

What am i craving for?
Seafood! Grilled Shrimps, Squiddy, lobster, crabs! shells!
Gelatissimo Hot fudge not too sweet!

Yesterday fave quote?
God's last name is not "Dammit." :)

Music Fave of the day?
discovered this from a blog love love the meaning and french-japanese language..really relaxing music, love the lyrics :) jetam' muwah! :">

My new palette and MAC stuffs

last week i received these :D

21 shimmer palette - im not a big fan for shimmer makeup i like matte coz i think its more natural but a lil shimmer wont hurt ;)
1 Mac Blush - brownish/reddish tried using it as a contour kinda worked but not the result i wanted its too reddish for me
3 Mac pigments - love them :D

i also received a 3 blusher but it was broken so i just let it go hehe

oohh purple ♥ cant wait to use them :D

the pigments from L to R
Vanilla, Tan, Pink Bronze? too tired to check again :(

top pic: in bright light
below: in dim light

wearing the Mac pigment tan
skinfood mushroom BB
Skin79 diamond as finishing powder
ellana fetish blush on
tony moly cherry tint

i have not applied mascara yet on this pic lol i forgot but i was able to apply after the pic was taken :P

My favorite pigments are tan and vanilla basically tan just looks like vanilla when applied
the pink bronze is pretty too but when spread looks kinda orange so i suggest tapping it instead of sweeping it on the eyes

i recommend mac pigments they are easy to work with coz they are powder based, me like them :D

MAC wish list: well dressed, Melba, Springsheen :">

Review: Beauty Buffet Charcoal Mask

i have tried the Charcoal Line from Saizen/Daiso and loved the peeling mask!
in short i love charcoal stuffs for my pores problem :) oh and snail prods XD
anyway i got curious with this one so i grabbed it from Watsons!

Beauty Buffet -Feed Your Skin Everyday
Charcoal & Cypress Facial Mask "Purifying and Oil Control"

Contains 23ml essence
Storage Period: 3 yrs
Made in Taiwan
You can find them at watsons if u live in: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines.

u can use it daily unlike most masks such as Etude were u can use it every 2-3 days
♠ has no alcohol and paraben
♠ effective (minimizes pores just a tiny effect)
minimizes oiliness a little
purifies your skin
♠ affordable

it was soaking, and getting on my table as well as the floor so i squeezed some its juices out and placed it in a clean zip plastic (used it separately in another day hihi) resourceful? but im not sure if the product if exposed already to air is ok re-using hmm i might not try doing it again

maybe hard to find for some
the nose area sheet dear lord! XD natawa talaga ako!

My nose XD ahahahahhahahahaa!!! i think my nose is kinda arabian so good luck XD gosh!

Will i Repurchase?
Yep :D using this from time to time is just fine for me but i think i already have too much charcoal going on lolz and cleansing and exfoliating hehe ill feed my skin some other food like wine or milk, honey is too sticky i hate the sticky feeling..

ehem! anyway i hope this was helpful :D

im going to transfer some photos now, will post some mac going on ;D

if you will recommend me a mask what is it? and why?

Givies this August! Join Now Ladies ;)

Click on the Photos or blog link to join :D

Review: Ellana Fetish blush and Sugar tinted lip spa

i got my samples from Ellana a long time ago like hmm July?

im not sure if they give free samples at their outlets it will be much ok for you girls at makati, coz this one cost me a shipping fee of P80..as expected they were in a zip locked plastic sampler type, i haven't tried them all, but i did try the blush on, they sent me "Happiness" i was excited about this one coz ive seen a review by Marge/Kikay Trekkie and it looked beautiful on her :D when i tried it on me..it was all Orange! Didn't work =_=

i was skeptical on buying any MMU prods coz they all failed me before like elf powder, the result is also orange =/ i dont know if its only on my skin but elf powder and happiness looks orange to me even before i applied it.

i asked Marge what is her fave ellana prod since im new with ellana, she recommended "fetish" i made an order the other week for a blush and a lip prod, also sponge? :p

Lets Start with the Blush "fetish"

ohh the color looks promising! i bought 1g coz i like tiny things lolz

the 5 peso coin on the cap is almost the size of the 1g blush jar

cap off :)

Result! Chada! LOVE IT! new favorite! thanks marge :"D
peachy-pink shimmer combo love!

Ellana Sheer Natural Mineral Powder Blush in "fetish"
cotton candy pink with sheer shimmer

-Very Affordable P100-$2.35 for 1g / P180-$4.23 for 2.5g
-love the result
-handy dandy

-mmu jars can be messy sometimes

Conclusion: New Fave! will probably repurchase the big size :D

the tinted lip spa in "Sugar"

wow my lips dry lines all out O_O
enriched w/ vegetable-derived oils and natural butters. with Allantoin, Vitamin E, Shea butter
fragrance free, paraben free, petroleum free.

-Very Affordable P150-$2.35 for 1g
-handy dandy height: 3inches width: 1cm

-smells odd (almost like a clay)
-doesn't dry ur lips but it emphasizes the dry lines =_=

Conclusion: Love the color, but youll need to top this with a gloss coz it emphasizes the dry lines of your lips. will probbaly not re-purchase or buy any lip spa tints again..i dont like using lip gloss...feels heavy

what is your favorite Mineral Makeup brand or product? :D

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.