My 500th post wahhh! FOTD Street Fashion

front photo only

Hollah Amigas! lol im influenced by Enrique Geum! him-->>>

i've been really depressed  last week. its a very personal reason, i don't want to be a bummer and share the details here..gomen. i shot this before the "depression" began

Blog Changes! New Menu, well i planned this long time ago, i just didn't had the time to, and the banner anime drawing is still on process. the one on the banner now is my first banner/button. i hope you gals like it :) i really worked hard lol :P

if you can not find me on blogger, im always on instagram now a days, its on the go, click click! My instagram is PunkyBunny. Anyhow this is how i look when i have a reason to doll up or punk up hehe

Your probably going to see my photo-ception lol 3 tokidoki themed ones, profile the front photo of this post and the big one :)) Krechi?

500 posts? Wahh! Unbalibabol :P i did not think i can post that much on blogger hehe
thank you to my regular readers and blogger friends mmuwah!!

Toki doki Gal and background 
 simple subtle lippie Nyx
Shirt from Bayo
Jacket from Human
Bag Tokidoki

added my own Red Gloomy Bear to the bag
Grey Dolly contact lenses but its not that obvious here, although
ill be reviewing about them soon.

that's my natural curls
Don't be scared lol, i have broad shoulders because im partly african
my hair can tell that right?. my skin-tone?..not.
im like 5'7" i hope i do not look like a giant in my photos...

stolen shot (almost hehe)
Owl owl! pink punky owl love love! gah~ 

i really have to loose weight XD menduksai nehh 

i need to color my hair soon hmmm..i think red?
i cant color it purple :(

Look how nice Tokidoki brand is hihi, they even liked my photo on instagram :D
tokidoki kakoiii! arigatou gozaimas :3

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Post #511 Review Crystal Peridot Gray Korean Lenses

Hi Dollies
How ye dooin'? yesterday was a really long day and finally i have time to write :) i bought this last month, and received them January 20th, ever since then i've been using this and loving it! if you have seen my last FOTD post Gyaru and Visual Kei i was also wearing this.
Photos on this post were taken January 26th

Cute Packaging, Purple is my love!

products arrived safely! wrapped with care xoxo
who would not like some extra bubble wraps? pop up rawr!

window light

close up look w/ flash

me, oh Gosh i look old with black hair

but the dolly eyes never fails to make
me look younger even with black hair yay!
Dark room ei

bleeh, look into my eyes, yah feeling Gyaru/Visual

this is how it will look with black eyes

 Reason i bought this because i was looking for a soft Dollish Gray eyes
i can say "it was a Success!" 


Color and Design

comfy upto 5 hours (in my case, because i have very dry eyes, and i only wear lenses upto 5hrs)

in love with this! looks more natural than some dolly gray lenses and its great for everyday use! Recommended

Where to buy?
GWY Shop

Why Do i Love this Shop?
Thank You Gwy Shop

They Have Graded Lenses! yes! what im wearing is graded :)
Fast Service, no need to wait for so long, exactly after a week i got mine, just because i had to wait for the other pair.
Bubble wrapped with care.

Precautions and Safety from Amz
♠ i only use my lenses max 4-5 hours a day
 i use a trusted brand of solution
 always make sure your hands and lenscase are clean
 you can use a contact lenses clip instead of your bare hands
 i have sensitive dry eyes, i bring with me my eye-drop everywhere, i use eye mo
 don't wear lenses the whole day, your eyes need a break from lenses or eyeglasses from time to time
♠ never use contact lenses while cooking, or near anything hot like shabu-shabu, bbq, smoke.

what do you think Gals? do you like the lenses?

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Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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