Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

i caaanntttt waiiiiitttttttt!!!!! /////wrist!!! lol XD
I want it! Give it to me NOW! =p
I hope its gonna be awsome!
Mark Your Calendars! MAY 20, 20011

UPDATE: April 27th watched Gnomeo & Juliet in 3D
the thing is the 3D theater Trailer was sooooo damn sick!

i heart panda, i heart pink, i heart noodles!

from Shabu Shabu Food Stand in the mall
pretty much cheap :)
i forgot how much...20-80 pesos i think?

sugeeh kawaiii~ desho?..panda ski! panda tabetai! lol

Thank You and Arigatou Gozaimas for reading
aMz88, xoxo

Gyudon - Japanese Food favorite

Gyūdon (牛丼?), (beef bowl), is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored withdashi (fish and seaweed stock), soy sauce and mirin (sweet rice wine). It also often includes shirataki noodles, and is sometimes topped with a raw egg. A very popular food in Japan, it is commonly served with beni shōga (pickled ginger), shichimi (ground chili pepper), and a side dish of miso soup. Gyū means "cow" or "beef", and don is short for donburi, the Japanese word for "bowl".

I like mine with raw egg ^__^ im not a fan of raw egg but in this dish its an exception! one of my all time Jap Favorite Food! If you read my food blog, youll notice tons of jap foods, and i just realized that like last week! O_O

Bought it for P200-300 pesos i think
most of the time it aint enough, i love eating hehe "nakakabitin!"

oh now i remember the name: Yoshinoya! bought it there..next time im getting this in a resto at Greenbelt or Makati, if you have suggestions just tell me.

btw BusanKevin loves this too ;) a guy from youtube

Thanks for reading ^^
amz XOXO

Kimi ni todoke S2 ep11 and 12 =D

Date: March 31
Time: 12:16am

Gosh how cuteeeeeeee awwww! sawako and kazihaya embarrassed hehe...

Sawako words got me! "I still cant believe it" "I want to Believe"...
LOL!!!!!!! word of the day: "Strawberry Time!" - thanks Pin ahahaha!

Kazihaya "Sawako..."
Sawako "uhh..?"
Pin "will u marry me?"....sinigt ampupu! ahahhahah!...

Kuronoma dad is the best! i cant stop looolinggg!!

i can't believe those girls..die hard for kazihaya >.<

kurumi...awwww heart broken =(

LOL at Ryu saying "ski dayoh" ahaha!
Fans gone crazyyyy about thinking its the end of the anime series but someone said the manga is still on going so hopfully Season 3 is possible ;D

i dont read manga...i dnt like reading O_O =p

MAC Opulash Mascara Review

Compared to other lashes it gives my lashes a full look, it looks very thick and vavavoom!
i like it not love it! there are mascaras out there that can make your lashes look thick but you have like gaps in your lashes and its sorta sticky? but Opulash is not that wet but also not that thick formula, its in between. but because i have thick lashes i need a more wet formula than this one. Opulash not bad at all :)

one thing i dont like the bulky packaging..


watched it last month? hehe anyway i just thought about it so here we go..
Reason for watching:
1. No other good movie was around
2. I wanted to watch 3D cartoons
3. Johnny Depp!!! LOL!

movie is not that great but not that bad too, it was just like "a movie" plain movie. but i loved johnny depps voice =p

FYI: i have a bad thing for lizards...(spare the details)

Loved the Girl has a Natural Reflex thinggy going on ahaha shes like O_O freeze!
in terms of it was fine but the turtle mouth graphics while his talking in half of the movie was kinda not so well
Also damn the chars are freaky, faces and stuff...gosh i should watch something cute next time.
i Liked the last part though ;) how he defeated the snake and turtle ^_^ clever reptile..

Life Size Animals Stuffed Toys

Monthly or every now and then SM NE always creates a theme for the people to enjoy :)
SM North Edsa, Philippines

I thought it was pretty neat and cool, my family and i enjoyed it, my dad at first was like "what is there in North Edsa?" coz he think its a bit far from home. But when he saw the Elephants and Lions? dang his like "Here! here! look here!" ahaha!

Loved it!

TagalogXD - Crunchyroll Group - 3rd meet up!

March 19, 2011
Greenbelt Makati
Dinner @ Red Crab resto ;D

(4th Meetup: visiting Mei Doll Maid Cafe) YEY! Moe~ Moe~ Kyun~

Beelzebub the most awaiting! / Aloida Quits Cosplay!?

Beelzebub finally this 27th released the 10th episode, its been literally two weeks, last episode rolled like march 6th. it got moved due to the Natural Disaster incident in Japan, and there has been some news going around that the producer is Missing after the tsunami happened. but of course i dont if its true!

BUT HEY! FINALLY!!! hmp! a filler episode?! O_O well better than nothing hehe...(demanding)

--UPDATE! MAY 16, 2011--
ughhh this is driving all fans crazy! seriously wth happened to this anime!? its like a gag now and all fillers and nuts! where is the fights and seriousness? saiiiyakooo neeh..

Aloida Gosiengfiao annouced she is quitting cosplay so that she could go back to school? i though she finished school? oh she did finish, maybe a master degree? and wait! i was surprised shes like the same age as me, shes six months older than i am..

Anyway, good decision! you can always do cosplay after you study. Its much better if you study while your young ;)

i am not a big fan of her but i love some of the cosplay stuff she did =D

P.S.-Happy Fools Day hehe it aint true ;)

CAKES that i eat often!

No luxury cakes just simple cakes hehe
some cake pix i have from my phone or cam ;)

(French Icecream Cake from Bake n' Churn P300-500 pesos)

(Oreo Cake from Star Bucks P200-300 pesos)

(Blueberry Cake from Star Bucks P200-300 pesos)

(Honey Cake from Red Ribbon P300-500 pesos)

(Cookies & Cream? Cake from Bake n' Churn P300-500 pesos)

Home made by my sister pats w/c is 17yrs old ahaha its a peach Graham Cake topped with Icecream..yum yum yum!

i didnt order cakes form here but i think its kinda kawaii/cute, as far as i remember i bought Pizza Muffin and Curry man :) Rating: 3-5 stars (this store is Bread Talk)

Bobbi Brown Luxury Brush Set "Kit de Pinceaux Deluxe" (REVIEW)

Bobbi 10 pcs Brown Deluxe Brush Set

This is a brand new Bobbi Brown Deluxe 10 pcs medium size Brush Set
It comes with a leather case make up kit and with a box.

10 pcs brush set:
Face Blender
Eye Shader
Cream Shadow
Eye Shadow
Eye Brow
Ultra Fine Eyeliner

My Thoughts

i like that there is a pouch in the middle, i put in it my lancome and mac mascara, elf lip primer, etc.

The brushes are soft and dense, and my fave is the foundation brush which is synthetic but its super duper soft! its like silk! i tell ya..

Face blender white brush smells even after i washed it..grrr! might be goat hair ugh.
too bad i didnt check it well before i bought it, i wanted a lip brush, tsk tsk hehe well i still have my old one but i want a new one! i will buy it separately.

This happens to be my 1st ever branded brush set, am i that late bloomer? im 22 and i only got into makeup like last year lol or december 2009.

I tried to buy some cheap ones twice! last year and they just got lost w/o me even testing them out lol im just like that loosing a whole new makeup kit is just frustrating, lost it with new makeups too :(

My thoughts on each Brush:-

Foundation - Super soft Like silk! Favorite!
Blush - is ok
Bronzer - 2nd favorite i use it for foundation powder though..
Face Blender - i h8 goat hair!
Concealer - super silky
Eye Shader - love it!
Cream Shadow - silky brush xoxo
Eye Shadow - is ok
Eye Brow - is ok
Ultra Fine Eyeliner - works well

Thank You Ladies for Passing by me blog ;D


At first i hated it! Then in the second day w/o Internet, i realized it was actually fine...hmmmm i did more Physical stuffs and so many stuff that i didnt do in a long time...Arranged my stuffs, Accessories, More Family time, More "Me" time, i was enjoying taking a bath, it was like a very long one hehe

i got to watch more Anime than usual and movies :D
it was all fun but i have to admit i missed the internet, ya know...facebook XD my blog, my online shop, friends, everything lol

Now a days even if you have a cellphone its not enough! you need internet

but it doesnt hurt to go online moderately ahahaha! so you can do some other stuffs and have more time for your self and family :)

Linda Linda Original Japanese Bags..Kawaii =3

P950 pesos
Last Price:
P850 pesos (lower price for 2 or more bags)

Teriyake Boy Restaurant

all the food more or less P1200 pesos / $27.65 US Dollars (Good For Two People)
Food is yummy but the servings are quite small...i did enjoy it though ;)

Earth Hour on Youtube 2011

At first I thought I ran into a youtube profile but turns out its an "Earth Hour" Thinggy hehe
i like it =D if you dont like it dark u can switch back, in the bottom of the youtube logo there is the light switch :) i just thought it was coolness hehe

Manila Ocean Park (2)

My 2nd time around in this park, December 2010

Last year when i visited the park it was done but the other stuffs like the Hotels, Bars, Musical Fountain, Night life bar, and other marine show, and New "illusion Park" were not there yet and in the making ;)

I was sort of confused with the Entrance coz last year there wasnt any HUGE wall divider, and also so many little sari-sari stands/shop stands on the side.

Bungee-Jumping and people taking pictures w/ a lobster and star fishes of the Musical Fountain Show. as well as Catering event inside the hall, and an IBM event i think in the Night Life Bar.

we arrived like 6pm, too bad the Jelly Fish Aquarium area is closed..my main reason why i visited again was the Jelly Fish/Kurage
too much watching "Kurage Hime" anime series lolz hehe

I enjoyed the Musical Fountain, and seeing the fishes again, and woah! they did got bigger awww...they were kinda tiny last year, all grown up now ahahaha!

You will think its kinda raining if you were outside the gates of the venue, due to the fountain water pressure.

well at first it was Cheezy, you could tell that the targeted the kids in their marketing strategy.
theres a lazer fish who will tell the rules while beating up a lazer monster, and the audience can help by waving >.> sheesh hehe =p

Dancing Starfishes were kinda cheesy too but cool ;D
oh "Flight of the bumble bee" my fave tone! aha! oh now i see...a lobster and a cook chasing together lolz
the Ballerina Fishes were somewhat silly but ok hehe
Best Part Ever is the 3D on water show and Fire Breathing Machines!
I just loved the musical fountain and the fire!!! wooh! its very hot from where i sit, and to think that i am so far in the back hehe...FIRE!!!

My ticket was a package called Moon Light Adventure
Price is P500 pesos $11.52 US Dollars

Here is Their website where you can find different Promos (click the link below)


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