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front photo

Hi Dollies 

How are you gals? is it too hot at your place too? its hot here in the Philippines
i feel like it didn't rain in ages...and i want to go to the beach and be a bum hohoho~

i am not sure if you remember me lol its been so long, ive been busy with family matters. Hospitals, Schools, Graduations. etc. And i have still some to attend to.

i love clean makeup looks! i dont use eyeshadows so often. i only use few basic things which makes me look younger than my actual age. Can you believe my getup and look makes people think i am the youngest one in the family when i am the oldest? ahahaha Yahoo!!! 

Well my hair is still black, can't take care of my passport yet, i am out almost everyday with my family.

Anyway i present to you my favorite contact lenses so far for a simple dolly exotic eyes look~

Please Excuse my natural afro hair~ 

i look like my half Palestinian Cousins! or my Egyptian Grandmother :)
i have Brown eyes from my dad, combination of this color and my grandpa black eyes = brown.
its not that im not happy with my brown eyes but this look great hehe 

Photo below light is edited  and with flash but look at my eyes how big they are!

Currently my fb profile photo hehe so gothic lovely~
vampire Kaname Sama im ready for you ahaha! Wish~

meow! cover me up :))
someone said i do not look like my self in this photo
just because i pouted lol

Super close up mode! OMG i look Ulzzang :))
- See more at:

The packaging i posted on my blog before

bubble wrap! pocks~
if you would like to see the bottle of this brand in detail please click here

The result looks similar to the shop's photo yay!

The green one looks dreamy but i dont want this color right now teehee~
The reson why i placed the Green lenses photo is for comparison, because the Brown one has a hint of yellow and little green, and brown. Tri-color which is what i was looking for.

Crystal Peridot Brown

i Really Like this one! Achieved my Yellow, Green, Brown Tricolor look that i wanted!
Great on photos and looks quite natural in person! Soft cutie lenses 


Color and Design

comfy upto 5 hours (in my case, because i have very dry eyes, and i only wear lenses upto 5hrs)


Where to buy?
GWY Shop

Why Do i Love this Shop?
They Have Graded Lenses
Fast Service
Handled with care

Precautions and Safety from Amz
♠ i only use my lenses max 4-5 hours a day
 i use a trusted brand of solution
 always make sure your hands and lenscase are clean
 you can use a contact lenses clip instead of your bare hands
 i have sensitive dry eyes, i bring with me my eye-drop everywhere, i use eye mo
 don't wear lenses the whole day, your eyes need a break from lenses or eyeglasses from time to time
♠ never use contact lenses while cooking, or near anything hot like shabu-shabu, bbq, smoke.

My Top 1 Jap Boyfie~ Gackt
i want to buy same lenses like him. Grey and Brown, i hope i can find graded ones hihi~

i dont own these photos of Gackt but i did print screen them

He really likes Grey Lenses 
Looks so good on him like a Jrock Star suppose to be kyaa~

Photo below made me melt.....dangg!

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Post 524: iron man 3 in 3D Review

Why did i watch this?
i like Tony and the creator Stan Lee. i watched 1 and 2 but for this one i was skeptical at first because i did not like the trailer, it looked corny, like they ruined it. i was wrong though.

snow baby! And Terrorist racism hehe.

Love the story! And how tha main character was the one narrating it.

2D-3D Effects
it was ok. nothing special throwing objects and stuff like that but the good old nice suits!

Love it! More than Iron Man 2. This was much fun to watch and also a bit personal close up to his feelings after all that alien attack from The Avenger's happened. What i thought was going to be the story based from the trailer i watched was completely thrown away. i was so wrong...the story was way better than i expected.

Do i recommend this?
Yes! And do watch on Big Screens in 3D! bring family or a date! Beware its "bitin" The ending makes you want to watch some more. After the credits there is a little thing but not that important though. Cant wait for another Marvel movie. Thor is coming and Captain America ayiiii~

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~ Shopping Therapy ~

Hi Dollies 

Finally im posting! i have some time yay~ im always out with my family or if im home im resting and its too hot to do anything at all...
my posts are going to be scheduled, including this one.
i shall review most of them. Aja Fight!

How was your Easter?
i think Easter is fun but i did nothing on Easter huhu~

my family vacation month

People Are People 
Megamall Branch

i know most of the girls shop at Forever 21 but i hardly find anything i like there despite there is so many things to choose from. so many accessories and so on. That shop is too girly for me perhaps?
Finally Creepers kyaaa~

i did not want to buy this at fist because it looks like my sister's and its the usual generic color. i was going to DYI paint it but it seems that the white part is too bendable.

Since getting these are much much more Affordable and also no need to wait unlike buying online, i bought them! for 1,200 pesos thats roughly US $30

Girls Other Designs available such as Leopard print Creepers! Check em' out!

So i tried to walk with it, napatid ako unti hahahha!

i wonder what Syrup brand is this, i hope it will last! i want another pair or something else

Gotta love em Spikes!
i love simple and not too flashy
200 pesos / $5

i also love lace design, i have a lace bag that i hardly use.
and this caught my attention. on the sale table, of course i went and ruined the whole thing lol joke. i found this one it was sorta cute. But it turns out that it does not look ok for casual use on me. i guess it will be a lingerie. i separated the lace from the hanging top. 

lace is too sexy so i am not wearing it

P.S. the pink spaghetti top
its more comfortable than others and i think its cotton plus the strap is adjustable!
worth the 300 pesos / $7

We also bought a Jacket! Leather Jacket but i forgot to photograph it.
The leather jackets and other stuffs are also lovely and awesome.
saw one with skull print and leopard, its like Line Play!

More Shopping

My sisters got S2 and S3 Mini and me? no new phone just an ipad mini lol i think its better
i did not expect this though yay!!!!
bought a pink case!

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue
So Classy, So lovely!
im so happy gaahhh~

Love Spell by Victoria's Secret
ayiii andami!! yattahh!!

Long awaited Cardigan!
ive been searching for this since last year, a very long cardigan
almost korean type. its very long it reaches till me knees~
i lab it! someone told me i look like a villain wearing it!
sonotori des muwahahah

 The Brand Options have so many Cardigans
some of it with hoodies pa! yup with hoodies say whuut~
dapat binili ko nadin ahaha

P.S. if your looking for Bra Straps
go to sogo brand section. i always have strap problems.
i bought 2 sets, i think i need more.

Japanese Stores
i love to buy lots of things for home and office from japanese shops
cotton buds 88 for two large ones, i think much better than groceries
lots of innovative stuffs pa nga and inventions. 
Just by browsing through the stuffs makes a good pastime.

Instagram photos etc

Add me on Line Play ;3
Sakura. Sakura Everywhere lolz :))

Eat and Go
Paella good for two
i like the lemonade and there is lots of other drinks pa and shakes
like Mixed Berries. Seafood and Salmon choices.

No diet this month just eating galore! ohhh my weight!!!

in my head
 Wish List 
~Velvet Red Shoes
~Velvet blue shoes
~long rock chic jacket
~Palawan beach vacation
~pink lip tint
~adventure get away

Planning to
~Sell some stuff
~taking care of some papers. my sis college and hospital

♥ TV/Dramas/Movies 

1. GI JOE - it was an intense movie. but the first ones were much better.

2. The Croods  - if you love 3d animated cartoons you must watch this. its funny and cute.

3. Your the Best Lee Soon Shin - The reason why am i watching this because i want to see how she will become an actress. its too dramatic and super slow progress in each episode. darn it. lol i have no patience.

4. Share House  - Unique plot, alien thing and unexpected love triangle. a bit boring but its fine.

5. Sugarless  - school rumble. Jpop intro lol gay intro but so many topless guys *-* a must watch if you love fights like me.

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