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Wedding inspired post time! if i were to be wed i'd prefer wearing some comfortable wedding shoes, rather than a high heel super complicated rhinestone tight shoes, it might even get caught up and tangled with a long dress.

Lovely selection of wedding dresses, from classic to tendy wedding dresses.
Perfect website for brides and bridesmaids to be!

My personal choice for modest wedding dresses and matching shoes below,
i like this style and i've seen one worn last year, i love the long sleeves and 
the shoes are just perfect for the wedding dress!

Product Name: Floor Length A-Line Lace Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress
Product Price: $289.09  (55% OFF)

More Cheap wedding dresses!

if you are already looking for some wedding dresses online, why not also browse some  shoes? You can find a lot of kinds and styles, like simple, elegant, glitter, pearls, gems, etc. Take a peek:  www.tidebuy.com/c/Wedding-Shoes-7604/

Below are some other shoes i think are adorable

My shoe to go with the dress! Lace pattern shoes love!

Product Name: Pretty Stiletto Heels Peep-toe Lace Wedding Shoes
Product Price: $54.79  (70% OFF)
Product Link: http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Pretty-Satin-Stiletto-Heels-Peep-Toe-Lace-Wedding-Shoes-10541327.html

Simple and Elegant Style

Product Name: Leatherette Upper Mid Heel Peep-toes Pumps With Rhinestones
Product Price: $77.09  (60% OFF)
Product Link: http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Leatherette-Upper-Mid-Heel-Peep-Toes-Pumps-With-Rhinestones-For-Wedding-1954401.html

Crystal Love

Product Name: Crystal Pointed Toe Stiletto Heel Shoes
Product Price: $26.49  (70% OFF)
Product Link: http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Crystal-Pointed-Toe-Stiletto-Heel-Prom-Shoes-11406126.html

Kawaii / Cute Wedding Shoes Style

Product Name: Stunning Pearl-Heels White Pearl Flower Wedding Shoes
Product Price: $98.99  (70% OFF)
Product Link: http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Stunning-Pearl-Heels-White-Pearl-Rhinestone-Flower-Wedding-Shoes-10913514.html#zzjs_nav13

Happy Browsing Dears!

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