Fake it! Models Own Beetle Juice

sorry for the blurry photo 
What i did

1. Colored my nails Deep Blue (1 coat)

2. After the blue i painted 1 coat or 2 with Red purple polish

Result (First Photo Above)
The combination of colors resulted to Elf Royal Purple (Even Better) its like Models Own Beetle Juice effect, where the color looks deep purple but somewhat blue (only without the little shimmers) but ifyour nail has tiny shimmers i think this will be lovely

ELF Royal Purple

Next time
i want to try (light violet color and Elf Royal) just to see the result
i also want to try White color - then any light nail polish color like yellow or orange im sure the color will pop out  more than usual :) 

i haven't tried to mix two colors in onr pot then color my nails, i dont know it might be more messy hmmm..i wonder if anyone did this before?

Why the hassle? 
its fun, creative, and saves up some money ;) Elf in my place is not a dollar its $3 each item or more, and Models Own is not sold anywhere near my place. combining colors can be fun ^^ 

Sandglass of fate

Used Cosmetics

Tony Moly  Dear Me BB Cream
im going to review this in the future

MAC Eyeshadow Black
i just added it after the eyeliner to add some sparkles but it was kinda a bad idea because i was on a hurry i wasnt able to do it right. in the end of the day i was tired and rested on my bed for a minute, my eyes got teary (yawning) some powder dust i think mixed up with the tear and i was lying in bed so the tears wont fall out unless i sit down lolz it kinda hurts. Next time ill brush off the excess eyeshadow powder..my bad

Benefit BADgal pencil

EOS strawberry

Tony tint in cherry pink

MAC Dollymix
i have to hit pan with my other blushies before i can buy new ones sigh..

Starbucks and malling with my sisters

Fatima big smile, zainab eyes closed :))
Left: lol amina what is that expression?
Right: Fatima pops up in every photo ahaha!
We love Phineas and Ferb <3

at the counter, were almost done shopping :D


Left: Zainab Sims mode: Flerg!
Right: Fatima Sims mode: Wakazim?!

Emo and Mori Girl
in case you want to see me? i dont look happy with my drink hehe
i usually order choco java chip or choco chip
the 5th person is a guest :P

I was brave enough that day to try Green Tea...yapari yabai..
i wont buy anything else again like this anymore @_@
its my name in arabic ;) if u gals are wondering hehe

this was taken last December Holiday lolz
Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone ^____^

Cheap Find: Deep Blue Nail Polish

its kinda messy hehe i do my nails on my own, and i just put on nail polish from time to time. last month i was really hooked by "Deep Blue" colors, you know the blue rose? if you watch anime you might heard about it few times, its cool. i bought a blue NYX eyeliner too, but i didnt like it at first, ill try it 2nd time around and make a review.

Tony Moly Vitamin Essence Mask

got it as a freebie when i bought worth of P500 last month December

♠ Available locally
♠ Has Vitamin C, E, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Collagen
♠ For all Skin types
♠ no irritating smell
♠ very effective! leaves my skin nourished, bright, fresh, and also tightened the pores
♠ my skin looks fresh even the next day when i woke up!

♠ cant read anything from the description at the back, its all in korean
♠ did not fit my nose but most asian sheet masks are the same on me. However this is not a problem though for most filipinas and asians.

How do i use it?/Tips
♠ after shower use a cleanser, exfoliate your skin to open the pores, then use the mask
 its best to use a mask after shower, your pores are more open during that time. you can also use a steamer, or steam a little rather than using it after a shower, if you have a facial steamer.

this is so far my numero uno! number one sheet mask! aigoo! i love it! vitamin c and E with collagen? omoh who will not love this right? my stubborn red spots are almost gone just after 1 use

Will i repurchase?

Q: What is your favorite Tony Moly Mask? and why?

Up Coming Tony Moly Reviews
- intense repair live snail
Fruit Princess Gloss
Berry lovely girl dual lip liner
Dear Me BB Cream 30g
Berry Lovley Heart Lip Palette

Year of the Dragon! + Kawaii Japanese Dog Hatchiko kuno + My Status

Hey Gals tomorrow is a Holiday! Year of the Dragon which is my year of birth is coming :D

found it on google search
Kung Hei Fat Choi ^___^ 

at Megamall this Thursday
ive been busy with my sick sisters THEY HAVE CHICKEN POX! three of them..sighs
im even wearing a protective mask inside my house and not making so much contact physically. im locked inside my room O_O ughhh i guess the vaccine effect wear off..

Anyway Watch this cute puppy that looks like Hatchiko, his so adorable! ive seen him like weeks ago ^^

amz mood

worried - because i need to get my hair somewhat dyed, just a little color will do, i cant dye bold colors yet (work application)

Excited - im going somewhere this weekend..to the beach! oh mah gawd finally!

♥ quote of the day 

-some girl said Disney tricked her, there is no such thing as a prince charming. She is wrong! She forgot the lead ladies.."if You want a Prince Charming, you should have at least a Princess heart". Funny thing is the girl who said it was wearing almost nothing holding an alcohol in a party.

-Sitting and Facebook will make you feel gloomy. go out there! do something! RAWR!


Kdrama - Your beautiful (finished it) i first watched the jap version..the Korean is way better
im glad i watched the jap first, coz if i watched the korean then the jap ill be so disappointed with the jap version..the jap version is not bad but the korean is just better.

Heart Strings (watching currently ep 10)

listening to
Black Lagoon Opening Song Red Fraction
Breathless by Shayne Ward (used in "your beautiful" Kdrama

Whats Next?
im going to post some makeup reviews and some foodies, i got the chance to visit Bon Chon Megamall :">

i missed blogging T^T

High Way Accident 1.12.12 Near My Home!

Photo from Jerwin Alamodin Facebook page

The Accident: Warning Pls dont read this if your sensitive

Yesterday in Philippines a horrible accident happened in Tikling "The killer High Way" yup! thats near our home, the truck which killed 5 people as far as i know and injured Elementary students. The victims included were the Driver, a pregnant woman which is in the hospital right now; survived i think. The 17yr old boy, his photo was shocking! and much more shocking is the little elementary boy, his head was cut off! i saw the photo but i did not enlarge it, i couldn't take it!

But before knowing all the details here is what happened. Really near my place between 11am - 12 noon, and without clear details, hearing that most of the victims were students and lots of people were dead and injured, it was traumatic!

My two sisters went out 10-11am, they commute to school, my High School sister the youngest and my 2nd to the youngest sis 2nd yr College. My sis Tim which is 4th yr college does not have a class yesterday, she went out to buy us lunch and then heard about the news, she immediately called my two sisters, my mom sent her a text too. When she returned home my quiet day turn into a "high blood" mania!

My College sis answered the call but my youngest sister is not picking up! we told mom that my sis is not picking up her phone, during that time mom was on her way to the accident area and to my sister school, after the longest 30-40min of my life trying to call my sis, she finally answered her phone! Thank God! i wasn't able to eat my lunch till after she answered the call and said she is safe. after an hour facebook photos everywhere of the incident.

This made me feel how important life is and how easy it can be taken away, what if something happened to my sisters? what if..what if...it made me think deep. GOD im so so thankful, i almost had a heart attack yesterday. Lesson learned: Be thankful enough just for being alive and your family is safe, there is nothing more important than that. And always be careful..all the time.

Below is the video, see how fast the truck and smashed to the wall, a person was almost blown by the strong force of the truck smashing into the wall. The walking people disappeared right? they were some of the victims trying to cross the street. if the truck was able to hit a Jeep or a car it would have been more tragic. those vehicles were just seconds away from hitting the truck. What happened to the motorcycle here is just so heartbreaking..

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder + Brightening Eyeliner

Wearing Elf Countour and Blush
Wearing Elf Countour and Blush
Wearing Elf Brightening Eyeliner

Tiny Gold Glitters on the blush

Elf Countouring and Blush

♠ Affordable
♠ i like the case

♠ the Blush is a very natural looking peach (did not show as i wanted it too) its actually almost invisible on my skin tone
♠ the contouring powder is too dark for my skin tone, i have to be careful when i apply it

Will i repurchase?
no, anyway i think this is a good product for other skin tones, maybe NC30 and darker shades.

Elf Brightening Eyeliner (Black)

♠ Afforable
♠ Creamy texture, not dry like some brands with the same price
♠ Comes with its own sharpener

♠ i have to set it with a black eyeshadow, it erases quickly
♠ the finish/effect is not as i wanted it to be
♠ the cap is just too fragile, it broke immediately

this is recommended only if your looking for a very affordable pencil liner and do not mind to re-apply every now and then 

Will i repurchase?
nope, i dont need anymore pencil liners and im thinking of using Gel liners soon.
ill only repurchase this if i ran out from pencil liners and i need a cheap one.

What about you gals what do you think of these two Elf prods?
Whats your fave Elf prod?

The Valentine Kisses January 2012 Mega Giveaway

this Giveaway is just so cool! i want it specially the All The makeup and skincare prods!
to enter/join click here ^____^

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish remover

Peel the label to see more information

Different languages, it even has arabic <3

Price P400 pesos to P500, when i went there it was 10% off, i paid 400 something

Size 10ml

Tea tree oil - Has natural purifying antibacterial properties. Is known to help soothe blemished skin. Helps the aboriginal co-operative to provide training for farmers and to develop pride in their tea tree heritage. 

Aqua (Water) (Solvent/Diluent), Alcohol Denat. (Solvent/Diluent), Polysorbate 60 (Surfactant), Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) (Natural Additive), Limonene (Fragrance Ingredient), t-Butyl Alcohol (Denaturant), Denatonium Benzoate (Denaturant). from the body shop website

You can use it on its own or mix a few drops with The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil or Wheat Germ Oil for an extra soothing optionfrom the body shop website

For blemishes, apply a small amount directly onto blemishes using a clean cotton wool bud or your fingertip as preferred. For bathing, add six drops into the bath once it has run, and disperse with your hand, for an aromatic and soothing soak. Add to a warm foot bath, to help combat foot odour. For facial steaming or inhalation, add three or four drops to a bowl of steaming water, lean over the bowl and cover your head with a towel. Inhale deeply for a few minutes. For massage, warm six drops between the palms of your hands and then massage straight onto the skin, using palms and fingers to distribute them evenly over the body, applying extra pressure to work tired or tense muscles. If preferred it can be used with a carrier oil.

♠ Available locally
♠ herbal ingredients (the texture is more like a water liquid, than oil)
♠ it works on me! this does not work over night, youll notice the result in 3 days
 it also works on my cystic acne

♠ the smell is too strong
♠ the cap is hard to deal with for most (since i had a medicine with the same cap as this one, i figured it out) you have to press the cap then open.
♠ the dispenser can only give you dots and really hard to deal with (i just take it off)

How do i use it?/Tips
♠ i use this 1-3 times a day, i open the cap and dispenser fully, then dip a cotton bud, put on the blemish spots.
 Note: your blemishes or pimples will get bloated after using this, its the effect of the medicine,
if you go to school or work, i suggest using this before sleep

this is a great product! if your patient enough to wait for days for blemishes to heal, and you can bare with the strong smell of herbals, you can count on this. Cystic Acne takes a week or more to heal.

The Tea here is not the Tea used in our Tea cups, its a different tree called Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil).

Will i repurchase?

Whats Your Favorite Blemish Spot remover?
Whats your favorite Body Shop product?

TOSH: The Old Spaghetti House

i ordered seafood fettuccine ala carbonara..yummy!

these cheese sticks were yummy too! but i dont suggest it
if your in a diet

nice and chwey..nom nom nom!

i was surprised to see Mary Poppins on the wall,
its a Disney classic, we have a VHS, musical show

Lovin' Vintage <3

although its unreadable, i wanted to show how the menu
looks like

i LoLed alot because of this pic on the menu XD
P200-350 per person
P150 Lunch Promo

Simple Vintage ambiance, and relaxing feel to the place, clean and comfy.

The staff were so nice

The Food
i love the food here, and its a great place if your craving for some pasta and on a budget
i will surly come back for more!

customercare mobile#: 09228229944
twitter: ilovetosh

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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