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Hand Cream

Hi Dollies  
Today im here to review some items along with Korilakkuma ;) she will be our model lolz 
*bows to greet you*The weather today is sunny yay!Finally i can see the sunshine, its been a while ms Sunshine, Daijobou deska?~

aww look how cute nya~ 

Model of the Day~

more Kori Cafe~
Size and Price
300-400 pesos / $8-$10 US Dollars
i forgot how much exactly but the day i bought this one it was on sale P100 off :)

♠ super cute packaging!
♠ not greasy, the texture is soft
♠ smells like a fragrance of some sort + Nivea Cream

♠ not so hygienic, you need to use a scoop for this one >,<
♠ much pricey than the usual drug store hand creams but its all worth it

Will i repurchase?
Yes! i recommend this ;)
i want to buy try the other scents and character designs next time, i wonder when i can buy a new one, i have 5 lotions in total or 6 omg T^T


Korilakkuma lookin Gorgeous with the key necklace

Music is Love~

100Pesos for the pair of earrings, thats $2 something, same price for the necklace, i immediately grabbed the necklace, its just so pretty 
i totally forgot the shop name where i bought them from but ill post it here as soon as i can find the calling card

Global Online Optical Store


my eyeglasses on Firmoo website

my sister's eyeglasses, she wanted a dark purple color
Product Code: YLT0566

the packaging and what does it come with
Product Code: SD1210

Presenting Kori as model again :))

isn't she so pretty? it matches the winter beanie

oh hello there ;3

*emoting* looking far away~

side view

Emergency Keychain Drill and screws, as well as additional nose pads
now this is what i call customer service!

its much handy than my whole set, not that girly huh? Dad likes
to fix things and he bought these for me and yuh i do fix stuffs too :P

even this side is useful, i can use this to take out hexagonal ones..
well not for my glasses but for something else ;)

to Enlarge the Photo Pls Right Click and press open in new tab/window

This Review is for the Pink Rimless Glasses Korilakkuma is wearing
♠ Loads of Selections from Sunglasses, Fashion Glasses, Prescription Glasses, etc.
♠ Virtual Try On!
♠ easy process in ordering them
♠ very affordable not to mention 
♠ Free Eye-wear for New Buyers
♠ Free Shipping for 2 Eye-wears 
♠ Free mini fix-up tools including nose pads for ur eyeglasses

♠ for the site none but for this particular eyeglasses, the nose pads were a little itchy just because they were new and im not used to nose pads anymore, my previous glasses were plastic full framed but anyways its not really a con i got used to it right away

♠ if your buying a prescribed glasses make sure that the prescription is correct and up to date :)
Dont try the anti-astigmatism thing i requested, i have astigmatism but i did not know the grade for it, i can still wear my glasses but thats only when im off my laptop, i kinda get dizzy when i use it for near reading because the astigmatism thing works like a auto focus camera lenses
Will i repurchase?
Yes! i would love to buy new sunglasses if the weather gets sunny here anytime soon
oh btw i love this glasses below, the design is punkylicious!

Click the photo below, Check out whats new in Firmoo, Get your first pair for Free :)

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