The Sorcerer: Sparkle Lenses in Gray, Vintage blue nails ♥

the Sorcerer lolz :))

im loving the Geisha/Vampires at the moment, im 
proud of me, my nose is almost like a witch nose lolz

Hi Dollies

im vackooo~ i mean im back hehehe and hopefully will be posting more this month than the last :3 i wish also for any event this month a kawaii makeup event where i can meet some of you :) its just been so rainy and the mood is just too gloomy most of the days T^T 
im doing a contact lenses review, i hope you like it and i wish i can do more in the future

FOTD Saturday July 28th
4 colors (soft purple, matte purple on the side, aqua, blue pencil liner from nyx)
Mascara from Etude House
Brow Mascara Etude house
Lip Tint from Tony Moly
Benefit HighBeam
Cotton BB Cream Tony Moly
Maybelline Pure Pact Mineral powder

sadly i dont use any curler or heat curlers im not comfortable using those things and some of you know why, its a long story >,<

Water Decals

i bought these along with my contact lenses middle of the month of July
Coincidentally a makeup gyaru on youtube posteed about nail tattoos few days ago..
im not copying anyone, ive been using water decals since last year or even way back :)

in Process

Matte purple polish which was a bad idea because it caused my water decal to deform ~,~ i wanted the checkered, i thought the white part is suppose to be see-through but its
white! i wanted black and purple bricks, oh well change of plans, i used the blue vintage instead.

lost my purple rose T^T so im wearing the black instead
as you can see it chipped right away..

 The shop i ordered from did not have the pink leopard prints i asked for so instead she offered the usual leo print + a freebie, i got the pink stripes, im planning to add something to brighten the stripes

Twilight is that you? :)) i was going for a snow white theme but it looks more twilight-ish to me :P

Although they look nice, i'd say these are worse than what i bought before, the ones i got before were not pre-cut, and they did not deform, they also lasted a week. this one lasted a day or two then it chipped. ugh waste of money..lesson learned.

Sparkle Classic Contact Lenses 
in Gray/Grey

Below is a photo of Sparkle Classic Series  
and the 2nd photo are some of the other series

Price & Size 
P280-P380 pesos  / $6.70-$9 US Dollars per pair w/ basic case and 30ml local sol
P550 pesos / $14.16 US Dollars for 2 pairs          w/ basic case and 30ml local sol
P60 pesos / $1.43    US Dollars                            additional for graded lenses

Other info 
Made in Korea
my grey pair is graded -1.75 for both R/L

♠ very much affordable compared to other lenses
♠ i like the natural looking 3-toned lenses and this passed the test
♠ so comfortable even better than the Geo cm-903

♠ a little hard to wear compared to other lenses because its softer but thats also the reason why its comfortable to wear. im sure ill get used to it though
♠ does not have any eye enlargement effect because its only 14.5
♠ graded lenses not available in other series only the Classic Series

♠ i only use my lenses max 4 hours
 i use a trusted brand of solution
 always make sure your hands are clean and your lenses case
 you can always use a contact lenses clip instead of your bare hands
 i have sensitive dry eyes, i bring with me my eye-drop everywhere, i use eye mo
 dont wear lenses the whole day, your eyes need a break from lenses or eyeglasses from time to time
♠ never use contact lenses while cooking, or near anything hot
Will i repurchase?
Yes! but not from the same series..
i was actually gonna order from the other series but they dont have graded lenses only the classic ones are graded. i also want to try bigger lenses like 15-16, i hope they will fit my small eyes

QUESTION: Did you ever tried Sparkle Lenses? What do you think? 
What Contact Lenses is your current favorite? any brand is ok :)

Thank You so much 
for Dropping by and please do leave a comment
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