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Etude House Happy Teatime in Green tea Cleansing Foam

Regular Price
Php148 / $3.39

Vol. 150ml (5.07 fl.oz) 

Comes in 5 different lovely scents/extracts, you can choose base from your skin needs 
♥ Aloe Tea - Moisturizing and complexion health formula with Aloe Tea extract.
♥ Lemon Tea - Vitalizing and nourishing formula with Lemon Tea extract.
♥ Peach Tea - Brightening and clarifying formula with Peach Tea extract.
♥ Milk Tea - Moisturizing and smoothing formula with Milk Tea extract.
♥ GreenTea - Pore cleansing and oily shine relief with Green Tea extract.

Reason for buying
i do use St Ives clarifying acne control cleanser, it controls my acne and blemishes but not the dark spots, after a pimple is healed the dark spot remains as an evidence, so i was thinking when i was using etude foam before i had no spots, so i told my self i need to try a korean prod again!

i Love
♥ instant korean skin again
♥ super love the scent
♥ my skin feels soft and moisturized after
♥ a little goes a long way
♥ sorta worked on my red spots
♥ dries out pimples somehow
♥ controls oil 
♥ creamy texture unlike other facial washes which are gel based or like vita foam, usual texture 
♥ Very Affordable! much affordable than the vita foam, the vita is only 60ml this is 150ml

i dont like
♥ i think its the reason why my skin, hand palms are thin, when im just washing my face it turns to an old woman hand O_O whattt that fast? what if i were to go to the pool or beach :(
♥ Contains Hydrated Silica and Phenoxyethanol. it does not bother me but for some of you that dont like these ingredients or allergic to it might be a disadvantage.
♥ nothing else 

Will i Repurchase?
YES! this is a must have im in love "inlababo" hehe Supaaah recommended! rawr! this is one of my faves now

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Q: Did You use anything from the Teatime collection? if yes how was it? if not tell me your thoughts about this or your fave facial cleanser :)

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Opera Cake

Hazel nut Dark choco icecream
Honey Choco icecream

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those who judge people by categorizing them..RACIST!

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Watch a Movie

Dont Speak to anyone till im better

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Panda and Neko/Cats =3

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Ying Yang both! Panda <3

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Losing someone special

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maybe my eyes? or my sense of responsibility

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Dont Rush things, go with the flow, but dont be so slow too, one word "Balance"

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Perfection is a lie, nothing is perfect! no moment is or thing is perfect, there is always a want for more, even in a relationship, you have it all but u want forever <3

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Food TT^TT

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DIY my old Silver pendants into a bracelet

This Year or since last year 2010, im not into wearing silver necklace anymore and i have too many of them, and i just cant wear them all together at once, definitely the others will be unused, so i figured to change it into a bracelet, that way i can wear them all together. All of the designs own a sentimental value to me. Anyway i got the bracelet chain from my clay tools, i used to make some clay accessories, my 1 month hobby occurred this  February 2011. if you want to see some of my clay creations some of them look funny :)) ahehehe i mean most of them.

Story Behind the Designs:
1. Butterfly - i love it! i think its a beautiful creature, and very colorful, such a Master Piece, appreciated by women most of the time, im not sure how guys feel about butterflies lolz i love going to butterfly gardens :">
2. Egyptian Cross - its not a religion its a design from ancient egypt script language, im just fascinated by my ancestors.
3. Music Note - a gift from a special someone that always make me feel like its from a drama scene hehe
4. Egyptian Eyes - ancient egypt again and a gift from that special someone again :)

Last month i think Pet Society has a week for Egyptian theme, my pet have her own Egyptian Themed room for the last egyptian themed vacation lolz and also digging, if u play u know what i mean =P

Malling Arcade+Music+Bubble Tea

Went to the Arcade the other day, made me feel like im a student again hehehe, my friends just played Guitar Hero, i did not do anything much lolz

The mushrooms are kinda cute =3

tomato seat <3

some Guitars, did not toke many pictures, kinda busy and with all the people around passing by too

Iku zooh...Quickly XD majika yooh? what does this even mean? its like fill in the blank thinggy..

Quickly _____ hehe, it was good though =D

Mama Chit's Coffee House


Yup i am a fan of retro style, food, but not most of the music lolz, i listen to some 1980's bands like Concrete Blonde slow rock. i dont even know why this era is appealing to me?
if my dad found out about this his just gonna tease me and say im an old woman :)) coz i always tease him and call him "Old Man" ahihihi i miss my dad 

i also love old english dress and style, and vintage style like  Dita Von Teese and Audrey Hipburn

My friend Lean told us about this place and we set a date for it :D im so happy i visited lol im just that geek *hides*


Left Wall of the Cafe House: Nice posters! Elvis and Marilyn Monroe

Right Sidoe Wall of the Cafe House: love the Malboro Lights literally lights ahaha :))

Halloween feel, skull with candle is <3 XD and of course Elvis again

i have no idea what are this tiny posters but ive seen a big husky japanese guy and was like O_O

old fashioned radio, Coca-Cola themed, i cant touch it O_O oh well :))

Gosh i wished i tried this one out! i didnt ask if it does still function, too bad

HUGE Coin Jar O_O sugoi


Hello my 1919 A&W old school root beer with vanilla 

Hamburger or Cheese Burger YUM!
P85 or P80 / less than $2

Pepper Stake Sandwhich P100 / less than $3
I dont eat pepper, this is not my kind of sandwhich ever =P


Roast Turkey Sandwhich P100 / less than $3
it looks too good to eat hehe, this one is my order yay

loving the fresh veggies but i kinda wished i ordered the non roasted, i feel the roasted one were kinda burnt somehow, i feel like this could have been great with loads of meet =P for the price its a good deal though..nxt time immah have me 2 sandwhiches but different ones..lolz pigging out. Its my fist turkey experience, since filipinos dont really eat it, and its not sold in every grocery. finally had the chance! taste like hmm chicken and beef but more on chicken side. its different from peking duck, the duck texture is like chicken and taste like chicken but a little hint of it, its more on the beef/lamb side? coz the duck texture/taste is more slimy. i prefer Turkey rather than Duck.

French Fries P60 / $1.3? i think
Love love love this! :D its not so oily and i dont get tired eating this unlike Johnny Rockets fries lolz

Classic Retro Muffins, i just toke a photo not in the mood for sweets

Location: 278 J.P. Rizal St. San Roque, 1800 Marikina Heights, Philippines
Landmarks: Near the Shoe Museum, Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church, and Gas station
Facebook Page:
Budget: P100-200 per person
Food: Good And Affordable
Staff: Very Friendly
Cleanliness: 4/5 i think the table sheets needs some washing..seriously

Call 646-8547/668-1073/0923-4230729 

for me its a nice place to hangout with your friends, feel at home place with retro background, and of course good-affordable food :) The only downside is the table sheets, there was some stains, evidence that it has been used but not washed.

If you just want a place to hang out with good food go here (nabitin kasi ako sa food) i was not full at all after the meal, oh well unplanned diet? ahihihi. if you want to get bloated i suggest you go to Johnny Rocket's instead, unlimited fries with a huge burger but man the calories are so so so not healthy, i can see the oils and all, thats why ive been avoiding em burgers

I will definitely revisit! i just hope the table sheets are clean next time

My post on Johnny Rocket's

Yoh messin' with tha wrong gurl

dies Street its actually Ladies street but looks cool w/o the Lads :))

just wanted t share my pic ;) last year around this time of month i was going to practice Gun Shooting in Marikina but then i thought it maybe too dangerous with real guns? but i kinda really wana..omg im a mess, at war with my self again...someday i might go ahead and take the lessons, when im ready

Does anyone here have the same trip? Gun-Range? Paint guns? lazer guns lolz? anything? oh and if you have been on a lazer gun thinggy pls share :) i want try that one too ^^

Spongbob Halloween and Choco Overload

its Halloween Time! :D Spongebob as Frankenstein is what i got from the 4 designs

The KFC Chicken Bucket is spongebob wearing pumpkin head gear design which i think is very cute and it has a handle and i think kids can use this as a trick or treat bucket ;)

4 Thumblers in Designs:
- Spongebob as Vampire
- Spongebob as Frankenstein 

- Patrick as an Egyptian Mummy
- the Beaver forgot her name as a Pirate

i call this "the chocolate wave" XD

Red Ribbon Chocolate Overload Cake, or whatever the name was hehe

in my opinion this cake is way too sweet for me specially the icing but i did had  abite or two from the sponge part of it

Up Next for Food Post:
Mama Chit's Coffee House - a retro place themed

My Last Food Post:

Review: Benefit Posie Tint

click photo to enlarge


seriousness ahahaha!!

What it is:
This kiss of see-through poppy-pink tint brightens cheeks and lips. Liquid-gel formula blends to just-picked perfection on all complexions and lasts for hours.


its around $29 online (full size 12.5ml)
What i have is the mini trio its 4ml

♠ its a pretty girly color
♠ it does last longer than normal powder blush
♠ as a lip tint it is better than Etude less greasy and sticky, does the job well and it looks natural
♠ for people who prefer cream based blush on this will work for you

♠ i think its a little pricey
♠ you must apply a lip balm or anything as a base in order for this to work, applying it alone will make your lips look dry and also the color will just gather on the middle area of your lips (if you like ulzzang style no need for base)
♠ personally i dont like cream based blushies coz they pop up the blemishes that im trying to hide and i think it sinks into my pores and might cause some clogging since i have oily sensitive skin.
♠ not available locally

i think its the perfect cream based lip tint :) and a lovely blush but i will use this more on my lips than my cheeks because you know..hehe. The etude is more sticky so i like this much better and its not shiny like etude but if u want a more dewy tint go for etude ;)

Will i repurchase?
hmm m prolly not, there are many things out there to try

RATE: hearts

Q: if you gals use this what do you think of it? if you you use something similar or prefer something else pls share :)

Review: Benefit High Beam

My Makeup Category/Posts

Forever 21 Vintage Mirror Find ♥

its so lovely vintage gold mirror compact supah like =)
P175 less than $4 bought from SM Makati

1 side i normal view the other side is super close up view

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the checkered bear is a mirror/comb :">

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P.S.- i know its kinda a collection now..i hope i wont find any cute little mirror anymore! gosh i have this weakness =P

Baby Panda chooo kawaiii

my panda addiction! RAWR! im glad that these new baby pandas are around :) i feel they will not be extinct anytime soon T^T

Oh mah gawsch!!! kyutness overload *YAPARI YABAI!! NOSE BLEED****
if only i can cuddle them all, gosh! my gosh! i really really cant take this cuteness anymore (jumps from a bldng) lolz Over Acting XD

awww they can walk now, look at them play!
Most Left: cuddle while stands
Middle: Sleeping alone
The 3 on the right side: Forming a pyramid
Most Right: taking a walk =P


mini haul

i planned buying more than this like going to Watsons and buying a shirt but the mall was nuts, sea of people SM Megamall Sunday, i could not shop like that for too long so i just escaped from the crowd =P

Lets see if Happy Teatime can help me with my breakouts, was not able to bring my etude card oh well.

im going to try elf pencil hmm its P129 pesos i think this is suppose to be a dollar only hmf! P129 is more than twice the original price and this is also one of the reasons why i dont like purchasing elf.

Shawill Pencil Liner in white also eyelash curler (my first eyelash curler ahahha) im just so afraid that those curlers might cut my lashes. My Grandma cut off my mom lashes while she was asleep, my mom was only 12 back then, grandma thought it will grow back and longer but it did not :( and thats why i dont use curlers, im afraid my lashes might cut off

Switched back to Dove, Nivea Soaps are not that creamy and its just not appealing to me 

Love the notebooks lolz

Whats Next?
Tomorrow i scheduled 3 posts
-panda thinggy
-forever 21 mirror
-benefit posie tint review

i hope you gals had a great weekend :) and lovely Monday ^^ ja ne~
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