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me and Gloomy kun~ 


♥ ~ Shopping ~ ♥

i bought some other stuffs like accessories but im too darn busy/lazy to edit the photos or even transfer them from my camera lolz~

Below is my tokidoki top~ love it~ another Vinyl toy, meow~ 
there is not so many designs in the store, just 4 toys actually sniff, i bought this and the grey pup, whats left is the Cactus gurl and another pup brown color.

Where to buy Tokidoki in the Philippines?
Bags - Rustans Mall
Shirts/Jackets/Tops/Toys - SM Megamall

im not sure is SM Makati or Greenbelt have Tokidoki, if you gals know where i can find more of them please do leave me a comment below, thanks~ 

Kawaii Overload Time~

ichigo chan my pink arpakasso
neon green arpakasso
pink arpa charm
tare panda charm
freebie - soredemo anime one of my faves

three Gloomy bears

white arpa head charm
rilakkuma muffin charm
chacha maru from Nyanpire charm and another neko

partners, panda and polar Gloomy bears~ shiawase~

contact lenses case i got from Clippers~  i wish i have more of these~

i want a Korilakkuma one~ this is
on my wishlist, i can not find them
anywhere :(

♥ ~ Other Photos/Random desu ~ ♥

silly photo of me with korean blush-ish thinggy
for weddings? lolz~

My mini closet, First Shelf for cuteness makeup, perfumes, etc

My second shelf and third is not pretty, they look so normal..nothing fancy to show :P
2nd is for my makeup brush, lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows, basically all makeup.
3rd shelf is for nail polish and skin care, some accessories :3
4th shelf is like stockroom

Pink Kori is everywhere yay~ 
Sleeping Babies~ 

Pacman Pink and blue cuteness~ 

Malaysian Spaghetti~ shot from my instagram :)

Stake again~ i need to reduce my intake of beef and chicken >,<

im trying to find a notebook right now to list my Daily food habbit, i gotta do this at least for my health

Health issue and status recently

My Heart history: heart burn issues due to Hyperacidity because i dont drink water at all but i do drink stuffs like C2. ive had heart burns since elementary.But is manageable, i just need to drink lots of water, and avoid hunger. so a hard-core diet of not eating at all is not possible with me, instead i should go for a healthy diet.

i had palpitations this Monday and Tuesday, thankfully today its kind of ok now but i can still feel my heart beating heavily, it does not stop anymore and beat slow like the past 2 days.

The first time i had Palpitations is because i toke some diet pills, fail. i will never buy diet pills again..ever. btw its Hokaido pills.

This time the cause of my Palpitation might be Hyperthyroidism from too much iodine, Goodbye soy sauce! i admit that i shower my rice and "ulam" or anything with it, specially this past few days. 

it also might be because of Lack of Oxygen...i like lying on my tummy most of the day, and while im on my laptop too. Sometimes i forget to take off my bra before sleep, so its messing up with my breathing..yes i do sleep on my tummy too. 

Last reason which kinda scared me is "Anxiety", "Stress" and "Depression".

it might not look like it because i have lots of cute stuffs, and when im in public i act ok, but the truth is i am having problems recently, i cant tell here in my blog in what aspect exactly. its affecting my mood, im getting mood swings. And im also kinda busy, i lack in socializing, and relaxation. Every weekend what i do is the same thing..Shopping, Eating out, Movies. im sick of this routine. so hopefully my friends are planning a trip this November, might go out of town to ease my soul.

i did not exactly go to the Dr because its not so serious but still i will go when i get a chance. im just sharing this so you gals dont do what i have done :(

♥ Planning to 
color my hair purple from HBC but i did not have the chance to go there yet hmm~
buy a new bag ^^
out of town
save moneys huhu T^T

♥ Watching 

Oohlala Spouses (Korean Love Comedy Drama)
-about soul swapping which is so funny although the actors are kinda over acting most of the time but i think its part of the comedy. the guy is from a comedy gang movie series, the girl is from the series "i am legend". i like the guy so much, his acting gay and all lolz~

The Thousands Man (Korean Love Comedy Drama)
-about a Gomiho/Fox girl and her real love, i kinda like this series because its funny

Monster (Japanese Detective Comedy Drama)
-i love detective series but the thing is they are very boring at times. the main character here is really irritating..well thats his character but i think he might be a vampire or something too..just an assumption of mine.

Big Bang theory 
- first episodes of this season is not fun at all, all about Howard, i hope next ep is not.

The Walking Dead
- last ep of the Governor was boring~ i can not believe Hershell is alive after all that blood loss and his old age.

As told by Ginger
- who would not love a high school girl story with interesting characters such as Cortney and Amanda

Mean Girls
- re-watched it

Cockneys Vs Zombies
- british movie comedy, i really liked it, specially my crush from the movie "The Block" is there :)

My Bestfriend Girl
- really funny in a way, the guy is a total ass :)) epic one. PG advised.

My Korilakkuma Crystal ball joke :P Happy Halloween xoxo

Birthday Giveaway Update
im still checking the entries so many entries
Thank you so much to all of you who joined po

 will post the result the next time i blog ;) follow on Fb and Twitter for news ^^

Gyaru FOTD + 3in1 Reviews {Sponsored} Sparkle Princess Bella in Brown, Mememe Blush in pink, Tony Moly Bunny Gloss

         front photo

Hi Dollies

i know its not my usual style, well..i dont have a permanent style, i actually tried ullzang, Kpop, Glamorous with bold colors, visual kei, and now Gyaru, i just wear whatever i feel like 
Last Day to join my Birthday Giveaway :) Click Here~ Good Luck~ 

tweet~ its tokidoki bird, posing too? hehe

me and my new pink squirrel kori~ 

Photo with flash, bb cream and lip gloss looking great
i seriously look like a chinese kungfu gal here :D
what do u think gals? oh btw this is ichigo my pink arpa~
Nyanko keychain and Kori Book marker that i converted to pendants
im wearing it as a necklace, the background is my top with cute characters

close up photo, the gloss made my lips chip hmm~

aren't they adodrable? i honestly want them all but i know
i wont be able to use them :)) i just like cutie stuffs hehe~

Available in Megamall is numbers 1-6, did not see 7-9

♥ ~ Tony Moly Petite Bunny  Gloss Bar no. 6 ~ ♥

Price & Size 
P278 Philippine pesos  / $6.71 US Dollars

Other info 
Made in Korea
Glossy finish

♠ Cute packaging! of course~
♠ gives a young fresh look
♠ not so sticky
 smells and taste like a hint of orange, i kinda like it but it might bother some
♠ very handy and purse friendly

♠ glossy finish, im not much of a fan of gloss finish, its more than the usual gloss that a balm can give you
♠ staying power 1-2hrs depends on the use. when i went out i bought a mini C2 drink with me, drank a little and 60% of it or more wore off instantly

Will i repurchase?
sadly nope, i just bought it for the packaging but i really like the finish/result
However thats my opinion, but if you like funky glossy finish you have to try one of these ^_^

Adore~ i love this box xoxo~ its just so glamorous than the usual tins or blushies
the cute angel on the side with writing "free spirits only" is such a cutie and europe-ish

the pink shade

above is the other three colors available
i think its peach, rose, and a bronzer

♥ ~ Mememe Blush Me! in pink ~ ♥
Price & Size
P450-500 Philippine Pesos / $10-12 US Dollars
im not so sure about the price, i forgot the exact price, gomene~

8 grams
18 months before exp.

Other info 
made in china but company originated in UK
everything is made in china, the US cosmetics and Europe.
good thing korean cosmetics are made in korea

♠ sophisticated box/packaging, beautiful vintage feel 
♠ comes with mirror and soft brush
♠ very soft and natural finish

♠ not purse friendly/travel friendly, it might even get squished in my bag.
♠ some might find this hard to use if they are on the go and also used to compact blushies with mirrors

Will i repurchase?
will not get the same color because it will take me a very long time to finish this one but i want to get the peach and rose! i still have other blushies to finish first

♥ ~ Sparkle Princess Bella in Brown ~ ♥
Price and Details
P400 pesos  / $9 US Dollars for one pair w/ basic case and 30ml local sol
Discounts available if buying more than one pair

Origin Korea
Water content 38%
Diameter 14.5
Life span 1 year
Material 2-HEMA

it did make my eyes look dollish, see the photo above (with and without lenses to see the difference) me likey :)

Color and Design 
the color is noticable and kinda natural too, not looking like lizard eyes lolz~ i like how it have an outline line too~

not itchy or dry the whole time i was wearing them, they are so comfy~

i love this one! makes me look like a cutie
i think people with black eyes will look much cuter with this on...because you know the larger the pupil or black dot in the eyes the cuter you look~

Precautions and Safety from Amz
♠ i only use my lenses max 4-5 hours
 i use a trusted brand of solution
 always make sure your hands are clean and your lenses case
 you can always use a contact lenses clip instead of your bare hands
 i have sensitive dry eyes, i bring with me my eye-drop everywhere, i use eye mo
 dont wear lenses the whole day, your eyes need a break from lenses or eyeglasses from time to time
♠ never use contact lenses while cooking, or near anything hot.

Where to buy?
so many designs to choose from~ enjoy browsing and shopping gals~

Thank You so much  for Dropping by and please do leave a comment
What do you think about the prods gals? do u like it? have u used them before?

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