Bday Post 2 ♥ Etude House, Tony Moly, Tokidoki, Arpakasso and more kawaii stuffs~ Pancake House~

♥ ~ Shopping time-o ~ ♥

Hi Dollies
How yall doing? i hope everyone is doing great ;) Spring is here! well i wish we had spring but nahh~ its been a while so i have some catching up to do in blogger~ ill be reading some blogs after i post this and will try to post reviews soon :3

Etude House ★~(●︿●✿)

Repurchased "Silk Scarf Hair Treatment" (Click Here for Review) and the pink nail polish, got me a black polish with glitters, perfect for next month! but i gotta admit its always halloween in my head, or my style~ Damaged almost 700 pesos and i got the aloe moistfull mask as a it me or Etude House freebies this month is kinda lame? out of all the freebies i got from them this is just lame-oh~ well better than nothing lol *amz quit nagging* :)) i painted my nails today with the black and red glitter, its pretty~ me likey~ <3 span="span">

Tony Moly Goodies ★~(◡‿◕✿)

i had to pick up a facial wash; i repurchased the Lemon cleanser because it works  on my oily skin and it gives me a glow; the whitening properties does work too. i did a review on the Lemon Cleanser (click here). i just planned on buying the cleanser then of course i was like @,@ want more stuffs~

i just find the Bunny and Cat stuff on Tony moly so adorable! but i love the packaging of the bunny's more, i already reviewed the Bunny Mist (Review Here). i bought the perfume bar and the bunny gloss, so kawaii~ will do reviews soon.

gift box, you can ask for one on the counter if your 
going to gift the prods to someone

Freebie yay~ i'd surely look like a cute pokemon plant with
this on lol :P

TokiDoki (◕︿◕✿)

Accidental Shopping~ i was literally on my way out when suddenly i sensed cuteness near me and i was like aha! *__* tokidoki wth!! must resist but if i could i would.
so i ended up buying and yes im planning to go back and buy more, they were on sale too like %50! Lucky Me~ "pancit canton" lol :)) i still damaged my wallet though~ darn~

No bags and wallets on sale only shirts and couple of toys~

my first tokidoki cactus pup! out of all the pups his my fave and the pink one, im trying to find the pink one

if anyone know where i can currently find tokidoki stores are in metromanila like sm makati or rustans pls let me know ;)

Hopelessly Cute DAMN IT! SO CUTE!

so cool..military colors 

Say Hi to Moofia babeh~

these babies came in with the Moofia shirt, i wish the jacket had something like this too, the jacket is much more expensive and no add ons? hmf! *nag monster*

Plushies Time! (◕‿◕✿)  

me and milky chan at home~ 

today's catch! Pink gloomy Check! Baby Arpas Check!
kuromi, nyanpire, rila, check! *happy lalalala~* :D

finally got a kori plate for my cup  loving the kori bunny solar display :3

Some goodies left after my sis toke the rest~ Nyanpire chains so kawaii *tears of joy* T^T
i really love the tiny kori and rila chain, its the tiniest one i have so far and i like tiny rements :)

Pink Fluffeh Gloomy bear in da hws 

Mah polar gloomy bear and cute chopper in purple! he is the cutest chopper ive ever seen so i had to adopt him lol~ tiny kori as a freebie, love it!

kawaii nyanpire obake~ ghosto~

♥ ~ Foodie at Pancake House 
and Starbucks~ ♥
Short Review Pancake house SM Megamall
i recommend the stake its so yummy, the pasta is ok but i prefer to eat pasta somewhere else, i'd say what i ordered was kinda greasy, considering it was "seafood" thats a given but ive tried seafood pastas in loads of places. its not bad, its just not that great. the stake is superb though, best stake so far. The pancake is super yummy. the place is a little bit dim, im never a fan of dim yellow lights and orange background. the service was ok but not so great. we asked for something and the waiter forgot about us i think, i also noticed that the table in front of us are having a problem and the old man called for the manager.

Starbucks and Movies
went to starbucks with my sisters and watched a movie the other day <3 nbsp="nbsp" span="span">

Bon Chon Bluberry Yogurt is a keeper~ too sweet but still good~ yum!

♥ ~ Halloween is near ~ ♥
Movie, Videos, etc reviews

my last post and sponsored review (pls click here to view)

Hotel Transylvania (Movie)
This movie is a must watch for those who like kawaii spooky or kawaii creepy, really funny and sweet, me and my sisters really enjoyed watching it ;) i honestly thought it was not that great when i watched the trailer before but i was wrong, its a good one.

Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun (Anime)

this anime is all around tumlr and fb pages, ive watched ep 1 and 2. nothing so special but its ok to watch, i feel its a combination of other anime like Gangster type guy character from "Beelzebub". Girl hair is so in right now, familia gang lead girl same style and also Maka same hair and almost same color. i like the drawing style of this anime! the Girl character is like the one from "Kaichou wa maid sama" top student and serious. She have zero friends which is also common thing in some anime lead characters. the thing is i want a fresh idea like my all time fave anime. i will list them soon ;)

Weather Girls (Taiwanese Group) Music Video
they are quiet cute, just wanted to share ;)

Fashion Monster (MV) Video
Love the fashion and some parts of the video, but some parts i really dislike. i love her fashion in this video, the hair is epic but i dont dig it :P the song is quite catchy~

More fashion monster styles! should they just call this style fashion monster instead of kawaii creepy or kawaii spooky? hmmm~ me likey the name is awesome!

Kids Vegetable Song? (MV) Video
the kids are great dancers, one of them is a boy, guess who? :))
i still find this kinda odd although im pretty much used to japanese stuffs hehe

Wish List T^T

i will now leave you with this cute rila bento~ adio~

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