Anime | Shingeki No Kyojin 進撃の巨人 Attack On Titan Event in Skytree (ATTACK ON SKYTREE)

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We went on April 10th first day of the event.
350 floor DECK and Shingeki no kyojin or Attack on Titan Event Cafe (Event Running till July 14th)

For those who do not know Attack On Titan

The Event is called "Attack On Skytree"
Hence Attack on Titan Anime x Skytree.

It is not an attack of any sort like terrorism or anything violent, 
its just the name of the event so do not worry.

i strongly suggest to get brochures and read them while waiting for your tickets
Regular line was about 15-20 minutes wait but it was not bad, we came in 4PM
Tourists can access the fast line, you just have to pay $10 extra for each person
if you do not have any time, on a hurry you can do that, but if you are a large
group i suggest to just line up if you have the time.

if you want to see the day time, sunset, and night time all in one go, you can do
what i did which i came in 5PM and enjoyed the cafe then i watched the lovely sunset,
as well as the view of the enchanting tokyo lights during the night from tokyo skytree.

You can see the view of these three from the 350 and 340 floor on my Video below this post
or you can watch here:


Ticket Prices Tokyo Skytree (Bought Separately) SAVE 10,000 or $10
2,060 Yen - TEMBO DECK (Same Day purchase) What i bought
1,030 Yen - GALLERY DECK (Same Day purchase) Bought from 350m floor

Fast Lane Ticket for ONLY TEMBO DECK 350m 
(can access 350 floor Theater Event 340 floor Cafe for shingeki no kyojin or Attack on Titan )

3,000 Yen

Fast Lane Combo Ticket for both 350m and 450m the TOP
(can access everything Exhibit and Attack on Skytree Shop on top, Theater, and Cafe)
4,000 Yen

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Pick out the Gourmet Guide! It has ATM machines information, Currency Exchange, 
Credit Card information, and some helpful pages such as how to communicate to dine,
all you need to do is point to the sentences on that page for your waiter to understand you,
in case they dont speak your language. available in 4 languages. Also a map.

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Shingeki No Kyojin 進撃の巨人 Attack On Titan Event in Skytree (ATTACK ON SKYTREE)

i have been a fan of this franchise since the first episode of the anime in 2013
i posted this anime on my blog before here:

i find it unique and interesting, as well as dramatic. it is gore though for some
people, but if you watch anime you know this normal lol.
P.S.- i also went to USJ and will be posting about the huge Titan soon and the ride
Although i posted in on my instagram:

The firs photo is a mini event or quest for the fans where you can win Stickers
of Shingeki no kyojin or Attack on Titan by collecting 5 stamps in total.
You will find each stamp on the locations mention on the brochure, one of which
is on the B3F floor, 1F, 5F, so if you pass by there just scan the QR Code and the stamp.

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Below is some items from the Attack on Skytree Event or some goods, you can find
them on the 450 floor / the top. On the right is the Attack on Titan Menu, from which
 i tried the drinks, tea and soda, i liked the soda more, and i wish they had coffee, 
but they didn't. You will get a blind coaster on each order, i got well...see in the video
for your self below this blog post. Personally i find the goods chibi version cute but
i'm not really into them so i had no interest to go the store. Gomen.

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Below is what you can find on the 450 floor or top of skytree during the event.
There is a life size display of Eren and Levi, and some couple of other stuff.

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Souvenir shops, Samurai, Hello kitty, Snacks etc
Pokemon Center Skytree
Doreamon stuff and VR experience, you need to book in advance
Rillakuma Store near food court
Studio Ghibli store outside the mall

My First Vlog on Youtube

For more please watch the video below.
i hope some of you will find this video helpful, i will try to make the next one better.


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