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DressV Cocktail Dresses 2014

Ladies! it is time to wear a breathtaking dress and lure not only men but fellow women
in loving your sense of style and majestic aura. i always dreamed and i still dream of wearing a lovely dress every now and then, why not? it is so much fun, and expressive. Also i will probably take loads of photos of my self wearing it (just like every girl does) to back up the event day. Whenever i see someone wearing an elegant dress it reminds me of the red carpet, or the greek, also the old english style, somehow and i fancy them all.

i went on an online window shopping again on Dressv 

Of course i picked my favorites to share with you

Now this one above i'd like to call "The Golden Dragon Queen"
Did you guess it? yup i watched too much "Game of Thrones"

A light cocktail graceful dress, perfect for any ages and formal events
such as engagement parties. With the accessories it looks divine!

Miss Bad Girl is here!
i like the fabric, the color, the belt, everything, its just gorgeous!
Although it is too short for me to wear, i still like the style never the less.

Reminds me or the Evil Korean Office Girl
Any drama you watch relating to fashion and korea shows a girl wearing a similar style and it just means this style is Powerful and Bossy.

Which One You Fancy?

Even if you do not like my picks do not fret, Check out this link for more styles and dresses, Browse to get ideas for your next event
Who knows you might love it and purchase as well, just place it on your Favorite list. Wishing you all the luck in the world with any dress you wear, do not forget, all dresses comes with a magic spell, it only works if the owner is wearing it right and feeling it right.

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Travel | Spring 2014 + Flower Park + Floral Hauls + Floral Wish List

Flowers / الزهور / 

Hi Ladies & Gents
(British accent) its time to feel the heat ya? Did you miss me? hehe. Well i miss my blog too! So much work, so little time to rest and do chores, working 6 days a week..And guess what? My laptop died the other day, so...files for blog are missing but do not worry ill get them back. 

Anyway i want to post Makeup and Hauls soon!
Expect Fashion Reviews and Nail Decals, its time to do this! Focusing on work is just stressful and we all know how nail polish and makeup can sooth the mood.

i just realized i made a rant, Currently watching "The Game of Thrones". (insert medieval english accent)  My apologies my people, i...princess aMz shall take down all 7 nations! And together we will rule forever! (back to usual accent) Well if a flower house and park is ok with you and not a palace ahaha...just kiddin'.

i hope you will like my photos using ipad mini

The Park
Me with my lovely friend Maggy and her mum, with her mum's friends too went on a Valentines get a away. So my date was Maggy it was scorching hot that day, i regret wearing contact lens and no hat, but i was still wearing sunglasses. it was still fun though.

 am i in wonderland?

this car is pretty, i doubt anyone could drive this, or is it working? oh i wish it was working!

Hearts either ruined this shot or not.

Dressv Color Wedding Dresses Starting from $75

ِColor Wedding Dress

Hi Ladies and Gents!

White is the Usual color for a bride but if you dont want to go old-school
and your favorite color is Red, Blue, or just not white. You might consider
wearing your favorite color as a wedding dress. 
Relax girls im not getting married!
Well not yet...

i always fancied Dita Von Teese Wedding Dress

its so timeless. fashionable, perfect color and everything!
i might really consider this as a wedding dress.

i love online - window shopping, and i have few fantasies about 
how my wedding should be. Admit it! Even once you did imagine your
Dream Wedding

Found this adorable affordable website for Wedding Dresses

About DressV Wedding Apparel

Wedding apparel offered by will make you satisfied in every aspect! Every time you are about to buy new wedding apparel online, you should come to our outlet. We are sure that the wedding apparel for sale on this site is of reasonable price. We often update the styles of our cheap wedding apparel, aiming at offering every bride an opportunity to wear the most fashionable and beautiful wedding apparel in the wedding. Look around this outlet, you will see various kinds of bridal party dresses. Just select the ones that suit your fashion style and let them show off your peerless fashion sense!

My First Favorite is of course is the introduction photo of this post

Some other Favorites below

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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