Boracay Philippines (part 2): the Beach ♥

Note: The Sand May Look Yellow-ish but its not, its white sand, the photos just showed it yellow because the sun was scorching and affected the camera lenses and colors, but the 4th and 5th photos from the bottom  shows the real color of the sand, i placed some captions

The real color of the sand, the sun has gone a little down now so i can take good photos finally

White sand

Clear Water

White sand, palm trees, fresh blue-green seawater, lovely ambiance, scorching sun! theres nothing more i can ask for, this place is so awesome!

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Boracay Philippines (part 1): Walk with me ♥

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Skinfood Black Sugar Mask and Updated Skin Routine after being sun kissed

some samples i got few weeks ago, after using the sample sachet of Lioele BB cream that i loved so much i got a mini sized bb cream and i completely forgot that i had to finish my Tony Moly bb cream which is my new love.
will do a review soon on Etude Lip and Eye makeup remover

Lioele BB Cream Review

my masks that i have to finish using, lazy me zzz...

How i use it
1. Cleanse my face
2. Leave my face wet 
3. Put some of the Mask on my face and massage it in circular motion
4. leave it for 10-15 minutes
5. risen off

The rice mask is used on dry face, sugar mask used on wet face according to instructions.
When applied you can feel the heat, like a hot mask and its just relaxing, the product smells like sweet lemon, and i think it has lemon in the ingredients.

♠ little amount goes a long way. for the samples sizes (1 sample 1-2 uses)
♠ Lovely smell
♠ no irritations, did not break me out
♠ has a whitening effect, skin feels smooth and fresh
♠ feels like a hot mask which is relaxing

♠ i cant read the ingredients its all in korean
♠ the price for the full size is kinda pricey 
♠ beads might be a little rough on some but in my case i dont think its very rough
 might be a little drying for dry skin type

its worth the try! i like this mask, it instantly brightens my face maybe because of the lemon? and it exfoliates well, and the ingredients are taken in better because of the hot mask. But im really lazy in using this, i dont like stickiness at all, i use this once in a while. but if your looking for whitening this is better to use than the rice mask.

Will i repurchase?
100% yes! 

Lioele BB Cream Review

Skinfood Rice Scrub Review

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Sun Kissed Skincare routine 

For My Face
♠ St ives Acne Cleanser
♠ St ives Scrub
♠ Etude Tea Cleanser
♠ Nivea Night Cream
♠ Nivea Eye Cream

Thats how simple it is, i cant use anything harsh for my skin at the moment, it just got baked. im stopping to use my Tony Moly lemon cleanser and Gluta Soap on my face, because if ill use them my face then will be whiter than the rest of my body which will look like ewe.

For My Body
♠ Gluta Soap
♠ St ives Scrub
♠ any other mild scrub and soap sometimes my Gluta soap resulted in making my skin itchy due to the tanned skin

11 Questions Tag woot woot! ;D

i was tagged by Val of Thank You dear <3
i will try to post makeup related stuffs soon, i just found my camera charger lolz, i dont go out often so i dont wear makeup so much, ill try to swatch them at home, i work at home so its really kinda hectic with work and three kids or sisters to take care of >__<

Here are the rules to this particular tag:
Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post. Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.
No tag backs.
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11 Questions For Me to Answer
1. What is your favorite body lotion?
Vaseline Coconut and Vitamin E, it helped my red stretch marks fade and its really hydrating and the smell is lovely

2. If you were given a choice to change your career, what would it be?
Food Critique, Marine Biologist, Photographer for Nature and underwater, Master Diver is that a career? ahehe its a hobby hehehe
my current career is home based business and im a freelance Graphic Designer but have not been active due to busy business, i used to work full time Graphics Designer at makati back then.

3. What is your favorite Korean brand?
Tony Moly the stuff works and Etude House coz its cute, i haven't tried Laneige, Nature republic and the faceshop 

4. What eye color is the prettiest for you?
green :)

5. What Etude House item is you favorite?
Black2 volume Mascara <3

6. What exotic food would you be willing to try out?
rabbit meat, bear meat, shark meat which i think i had it before
i tried: lamb, goat, duck but i think those r usuals

7. What is your greatest fear?
loosing someone special, family member, close friend...

8. What is your fave lip stick?
Nyx matte cream San paulo

9. What would you rather have, a person who loves you so much, or a person that you love so much?
person who i love :P

10. What is your signature scent?
incanto heaven, D&G light blue, used to be cool water looking for something new

11. What is your HG lip balm? 
eos and nivea

Here are the 11 questions I've created:
1. What is your favorite look/style?
2. Your Celebrity fashionista inspiration?
3. What is your favorite Korean brand and favorite product?
4What is your favorite US brand and favorite product?
5What is your favorite UK brand and favorite product?
6. What is the most challenging thing you've ever done so far?
7. What is your secret/tips for perfect skin?
8. What is your fave brush brand and specific brush?
9. Who is your favorite blogger? Youtube Guru? Random Youtube channel?
10. Favorite animal?
11. What do you watch on TV? fave series and movie? what movie do you recommend that just came out? :P

im tagging Everyone! anyone who wants to answer just leave a comment of your link below and ill read the answers hehe  ^______^

Hae Maru Korean Restaurant in Boracay

The food here is recommended!
The manager is very nice, his korean and my korean friend chatted with him for a while. We went in a busy crowded weekend lunch time, they ran out of beef, so we just got to order a little, they have meat (pork meat) but me and my other friend we dont eat pork. i think they also ran out from green lettuce wrap coz ours look very pale. Anyway i loved eating here <3

The kimchie is delicious and the cold noodle, the beef too, everything was yummy, and i also ordered rice lolz di nakatiis..i love korean food but im always not full after eating them unless its kimchie ramen ;) im a big eater i can eat a whole chicken by my self..i know..i know my weight issue but hey can you blame me? im half arab so i eat like one ahaha! gemmeh meat "laham" ill eat it and kabsah all of it, with matching Mirenda best drink for kabsah..oh back to the topic..

i was joking with my friends if they want to try live octopus and sea urchin, we eventually didn't. i cant imagine eating something alive, poor really a peta person if you know what i mean.

Audrey Hepburn Case/Bags and Vintage Stuffs

im sorry for the lack of photos but taking photos in the store was not allowed
the next photo is from their facebook page, as well as the information.

Sabrina Hat Case - Big
Php 1300

Sabrina Hat Case - Small
Php 1000

the store name is Simplejoys

3/F Building B, SM Megamall
2nd Floor, Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Third Level, TriNoma
Second Level, SM Southmall
Level 2 (Home Zone), MarQuee Mall

Dont you just love Vintage? <3 loads of cute stuffs in this store!

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Facebook Alice Week Sims and Old photos of my BuddyPoke

Alice Week last month, i really loved this week theme :D
i also loved the Marie Antoinette week, and looking forward for Paris Week
this week is too sporty/manly for me, i noticed that sims do it this way, a week for gals then a week for guys

CRONA from anime Soul Eater, i did one for Stein Hakase but did not find the file, will try to find it :)
i posted this on Youtube a very long time ago, i did this when i was bored, i got requests to do other
characters but was not able to find the time back then heehe

Chibi Gaara from Naruto <3

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