Boracay Philippines (sneak peek)

Beautiful white sand and beach, the sun was so striking so it usually  result an  instagram photo like this one

On my Way to Boracay

On my Way to Boracay - the Airplane Magazine has bora in it

On my Way to Boracay - My tiny baby is also here :3

Walk with me - the view from my balcony

Paint Art


Hollah ladies! i went to Boracay from Friday 27th-Monday 30th of January, it was so hot indeed, ill be blogging about it here via category because there is so much photos and it will take forever..

- On my Way to Boracay
- The Beach
- Walk with me
- The Food
- The Art
- Top 10 things to do in Boracay
- Accessories and "Pasalubong" Gifts from the trip to your family or friends

Finally i went to the beach! i was not able to go last year, my plan was also bora and puerto,
this month my sister is going to Palawan and ill also share her photos with you :)

i created a Twitter Account i just always forget to mention, pls add me:!/AmzDragonSlayer

P.S. - Charlycheer from YT was on a vacation in the philippines but wasn't able to make it to boracay she spent it in Cebu and Bantayan island. Qiranger from YT also spent his vacation in philippines boracay but on the 1st week of January, so i wasnt able to meet them both.

if you like watching travel videos on Youtube you know them! asia travel videos, i watch Japan, Korea, etc.

if you guys know some Vloggers from Spain, UK, London, Paris, pls tell me ;)

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