Review: Prettia Hair Color (trying out)

1. Put Bottle 1 content to bottle 2
2. do not shake just gently mix them as seen in the video above
3. put on gloves and an old shirt and towel for your shoulder that you dont mind getting dirty with hair coloring or a plastic cover like the one they use in salons for shoulders
4. place a petroleum jelly on your forehead and if your messy like me you can place some on your back, neck area, under your ears, in areas you dont want the coloring to reach
5. color your hair~
6. wait for 30minutes (i suggest an hour for the color to really stick)
7. Use the treatment
8. Use Shampoo and Conditioner specialized for colored hair to make your color last

me..hi? :))

My sister Zai...hi 5!

i received this hair color from a co-blogger, thank you so much :)

i just wanted to get rid of the blond color left on my hair from last year, and it did a good job but because my blond color is kinda far from the center of my head because my hair got longer, the color was only kinda vibrant on the blond side lolz, which is fine because its not that visible anyway.

i did not use this alone hehe my sister zai and someone else also used it, it was like 1am, my flight is 11am to Boracay beach, i wanted to get rid of my blond-ish hair strands before i can go to the beach, so i used this in a rush.

this made me want to buy Prettia more! or try another color, and i did! i bought Etude Red Wine the other day. will post a review next week or so ;)

Btw i tried a hair spray Purple! and will review it first then the Etude ^^

♠ easy to use
♠ it works
♠ does not harm your hair or sting your skin
♠ fun

♠ not available in some countries but can be bought online
♠ curly hair is much harder to manage/color than straight hair but im pretty much sure most of you have straight hair so it wont be a problem ;P

Will i repurchase?
its kinda pricey and only sold online, Some other brands are cheaper and sold locally so i will try them instead, unless there is a color i really like from Prettia i will surely purchase.

Q: Did You try Prettia? im pretty much sure almost half or more than half of the bloggers used a Jap or korean hair color ;) what brand did you try and what color? if you didn't try it yet what brand would you like and which color?

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Mochi Creme kawaii and oishi

this lady is so nice, and i love what shes wearing, shes like on cosplay everyday hehe :)

looking good yum! sometimes they get sold out too fast

kawaii <3

Ube mochi and ice cream yuminess!

nearest Location to my place is SM Megamall and this is beside the cinema area

mochi ice cream! its so yummy! and whenever i eat this i always remember the anime episodes which they tell you eating mochi is dangerous hehe because its so sticky it might get stuck in your throat. "Daily Life of High School Boys" anime feaatured mochi soup. "Kill me Baby" anime featured this, the ninja character died lolz it was just for fun but you know i kinda think they might be right, but not just in eating mochi but everything, chew it properly. Now i want to find some Dango, does anyone know where can i find them?

Visit Mochi Creme on Facebook
Mochi Creme Branches
-SM Megamall
-Abreeza mall
-SM City Davao
-SM North Edsa

About Mochi
Mochi ice cream is a Japanese confection made from mochi (pounded sticky rice) with an ice cream filling.
Originally created by Lotte, as Yukimi Daifuku in 1981, the company first made the product by using a rice starch instead of sticky rice and a type of rice milk instead of real ice cream. Mochi ice cream is now an internationally recognized food. Current marketing names include Mikawaya's "Mochi Ice Cream" in the United States (also used by other companies), which began production of what is now known as mochi ice cream in the United States in 1993. (from

there is a festival for Mochi in japan, one of what i saw online was held in Okuma
Mochi history is very interesting, they use a huge pot and hammer to make the mochi 

Tama Matsuri Cosplay Event P3: Art, Music, Gundam

Drawing Contest

the Drawing Style reminds me of Kurage Hime

She is really good *__*

Gundam Collection for Sale and Display
i know few people who collect these so i toke a photo incase they will be interested

Aside from the Cosplay contest, Band Performance was also included in this event, and what i liked the most is the song "Ohayou" from HunterXHunter :)

Tama Matsuri (Part 1: Cosplay) click the photo or link below ;)

Tama Matsuri (Part 2: Shops)

Up Next:
-Ozine Fest 2012 (attended-to be posted)
-ToyCon 2012 (June 15-17)

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Kawaii Korilakkuma Collection Haul and Update =3

this is how the collection looks so far

These are my new babies!

K-On, Chopper, panda, Rilakkuma and Korilakuma <3
Rilakkuma Note, Kori pen, Kori Bookmark but ill convert it to a keychain or pendant
Rilakkuma stickers classic and France Edition OMG i didnt get to photo the France edition will post it next time :3
Rilakkuma note kyaaa i Love Kori in her Pink Squirrel Suit <3
im still searching for a plushie and kori head from this Forest Collection >,<
How cute right? Stationary Love <3 eventhough im not going to use any

im....FABULOUS! hehe =P
something to add color to my boring room, im so lazy with decorating my wall ;)
Crushies Grey and the Policeman with Black hair plus cigar, i always forget the names in Gintama

i contoured my whole face today..
nose, jaws, cheeks, and lips >,<

le lamb~ Meeeeeeehhh~ 
ive been collecting different stuffs since i was in Elementary in KSA/Saudi, it just changes from time to time..
i like hanging out in places where they sell school supplies but cute ones, since elementary ive been fond of buying kawaii erasers and sharpeners, stickers, notebooks, stationary, stamps, etc 
i collected so many i needed 3-4 sticker books (they got stolen in my school, i got sad a little but then blahh so i stopped collecting stickers, only few remained) i still have some of the stickers i collected in my elementary days :)

My dad gave me poster stickers the classic ones as a collection but it got confiscated lol i was Grade 3 i think

i also buy anything in an unusual size, like mini pens, bags, large pens, pencils etc, and odd stuffs but my dad was kinda my partner in crime! and usually the stuffs that my Dad gave me are the ones which gets me in trouble and then confiscated lol XD

Epic Elementary Moment: 
When i was in Grade 3, i bought a Ballpen to school, of course i showed it to everyone! its quite big if you have a ballpen in grade 3 hehe. Our teacher forgot her ballpen and she asked if someone has one, since ive been bragging about my pen the whole day everyone knew i have a ballpen, i was going to close my bag, but when i looked at my bag the pen was gone...too late..they are giving it to my teacher and my heart when totog-totog...Why? she opened the pen and it EXPLODED ON HER FACE! 

That pen holds a red-plastic explosive, the one they use in play-guns back in the 90's

i was going to make a prank on someone in the school damn....KARMA! i didnt even get to prank anyone. The teacher was so shocked and terrified, again...i was sent to the School Adviser office...(the teacher was pinching my ear while sending me there) 
im well known there and in Principal office too ahahah XD i bring stuff to school that are out of this world always.

List of Online Shops
Kori Head Lamb - 
K-on and Rila Kori mini King - 
Rila note and stickers - 
Mini Chopper and Panda pouch -

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Review: Skinfood Acorn Jelly Mask and GoldKiwi Toner+Emulsion

To Enlarge the photo, Pls Click on it :)

My Skin Type is
-Oily Acne prone, sensitive skin w/ dry eyelids =_=

What does it claim-tightens out clogged enlarged pores
-exofliates pores and layers of dead skin cells

How i use it
1. Cleanse my face
2. Leave my face sort of wet
3. Put some of the Mask on my face and massage it in circular motion
4. leave it for 10-30 minutes
5. risen off

♠ no irritations, did not break me out
♠ it does minimize the visibility of pores but not that much, so i think 3x a week should do
♠ exfoliates a little, no grains, its just a gel like mask
♠ not sticky
♠ brightens up the face, and leaves it super soft
♠ its smells like Charcoal+Arabian Coffee, not that pleasant but bearable; the smell wears off so its not that bad i guess

Will i repurchase?
Yep! this is the right mask for my skin type, but im still hoping for a more effective tightening product, like Collagen, vitamin E, C mask. probably Charcoal and Lemon Clay mask..hmm

SKINFOOD GoldKiwi Toner and Emulsion

What does it claim-double vitamin C of oranges, 6 times more  vitamin E than apples.
-cool and hydrates skin immediately
-brightening effect

GoldKiwi Toner

♠ cleanses so well
♠ i love the smell
♠ does not dry your skin much

♠ i dont think it brightens instantly

Will i repurchase?
maybe, i use Nivea toner, and im thinking of using the anti-pimple toner from Eskinol, so im not sure if i need this but its a pretty good product, the problem is im not sure if it will break me out coz i only tested this for the review

GoldKiwi Emulsion

♠ cool sensation - i use this in the morning or noon because of the cooling sensation and for my skin to get some vitamins
♠ i love the smell, if they have a cologne kiwi ill prolly buy!
♠ hydrates, vitamin E, C, and more
♠ not greasy, not heavy on the skin, very light product

♠ i dont think it brightens instantly

Will i repurchase?
maybe, if i need this i will buy it, im using a night cream, sometimes when i use this at night, i use a night cream after or a snail serum/cream (both minimal) oily skin cant be over hydrated

  i wonder if any of you gals tried this, what do you think  about the prods?  

Next Reviews w/ SkinFood
-Black Sesame Hot Mask
-Acai Berry Mask

Past Reviews SKinFood Posts/Reviews

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