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Cheap Women Clothing

Hey Yall! Look What i Found!

i have been contacted through Email by Maxnina to collaborate with them, i browsed the site and i was quite impressed so i said Yes! Thank You Maxnina for choosing my blog, i hope to have a great collaboration with your site.

Back to topic! The site is just Omoh~
Who wouldn't love affordable and fashionable Accessories and Clothes!
They have literally almost everything! it browsed for an hour lol more or less...i really like looking for fashion things i can get inspiration from~ Korean Fashion and Japanese Fashion 

Even if you are looking for a Dress, they have it! Since Summer is near and Spring is here, i think it wont hurt to wear a dress! Check out their Summer Dresses. And the thing is they even have Wedding Dresses like Open Back Wedding Dresses and even Mother of the Bride Dresses.

~check out the photos below~

Event Dresses and Celebrity Dresses!
see? i told you they have everything! Graduation Dresses caught my attention!
its Graduation season in my place, my sister is graduation soon from college.

i just like bunnies and its so cute! omg that red one! the bunny is wearing eye glasses, so cute!

Cute x Classy Accessories
Punk Accessories too

i love the Retro Owl Earrings

so many owls! bracelet, rings, earrings, omoh~

My Picks!

Ok so i own two to three Tiger shirts, its just my african side...its trying to come out RAWR!
that Earrings whew! Panda Fluffiness and that long sleeves looks like Brick Bears, i want!

Don't Forget to check out
so many things to feast your eyes on! i wish i can buy everything i showed you here hehe
Wish List!

Giveaway soon!

~i am Moving to Bloglovin'~
i followed everyone i follow on GFC
please follow me back~ thank you~

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Moving to Bloglovin!

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Hi Dollies!

GFC will be gone soon...wth right? And im moving to Bloglovin' like almost everyone else...
its frustrating because after getting the this far, i have to start from scratch.
i guess its ok, so i will know who are really active and such on visiting me hehe

My blog is not that great and i dont post everyday but i appreciate everyone who actually comment and visit me often~
You gals always ride on with my senseless posts hehe

i already followed everyone that i follow via GFC in Bloglovin'

Follow Back yall ;) See ya, Arigatou Gozaimasu~

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Simple Ghibli Girl Shoot, Cuties on Bed, Wall Clock, Current Addiction, and Movies~♥

Ghibli Girl Alert

Mabuhay! :P 
Hi Gals how yall been doin'?

i can feel the heat! its like Summer all the time here but this past days been really hot!
this weather is making so sleepy in the afternoon
 No food posts this year as much as last year right? well ive been not eating out as much.
im trying to loose some kilos not pounds but i really want some TLJ cake right now 

Last Sunday i coincidentally met MissKatV in the Philippine Room sa Line Play lounge
and were like omoh andito ka pala?! few bloggers palang ng play huhu
my house is so not cool, i need gems pa, watashi wa bimbo des... 

Please excuse my Eyebrows in this shoot. i am all natural and did not even brush em' beacuse i was rushin' 

messy hair Day XD

Eyeliner - Etude House Oh My Liner
Contact Lenses - Crystal Opal Brown
Lips - Tony Moly tint
Face - Revlon Color Stay / Etude House Pore Stick Primer
Blush - Nyx Palette

lookie no face love him!

sprites addiction~

kunwari payat, nakuha sa angel un korean body lol

japanese girl daw ayiiii~ do i look japanese? 
some people think im half jap...surprisingly!

i just love love this drawing
i want to know the artist!

this year bday cake hopefully! inspired by Jiji Cat
well my Bday is still far so i might change my mind pa ;)
who remembers my Bday cake last year? gosh i want cake! Craving...


so awesome!
Hello Kitty x Totoro = Hello Neighbor 

i love Geisha women

Bed filled with Fluffiness and Happiness!

kinikilig ako~ ahahaha~ 
3/4 of my bed! Dont worry im just cleaning my room so i placed them in my bed
my big plushies + Hoodie Korilakkuma + Bunny + Pillows + Slippers

too bad i did not went for a swim, omg i can not break anything lol~ 

The wall of my room is pretty much plain so im planning to buy a designed wallpaper (still searching) if anyone knows where i can buy a customized wallpaper pls tell me) Studio Ghibli i want :p

my bunny pink family 
So Happy! and yes i have a smaller pouch for my bag~ same design hehe adik much?

my karoof family aka sheep cuteness!

why i dont have rilakkuma sheep plush? because i dont think he looks cute if full body in his sheep suit with only head covered. i love the pillows though 

My Sper Big Wall Clock! Shiawaseee!! Bigger than my 14" laptop~

me and my fellow collectors bought from the same seller, we did not expect it to be this big
ohh just what i need! i was going to buy a wall clock and then saw this one, she just posted this on sale, on time~

Cute New Arpa xoxo~

if ever ill get one of these or bento~
it will take me some time before i can eat it~
too cute to eat kasi 

i dont collect and buy as much now plushies, i dont have anymore room for them :(
if you haven't seen my closet gosh! And im not really in the mood to buy them anymore
i just buy the ones i really like because i think i already collected enough hmmm...


so i was like should i buy the ones from PAP/people are people?
or online so i can get the blue one or pink. One month wait and Shipping fee is killing it.
i decided on something, but for now its a secret. himitsu des!

Cute, from facebook shop. i dont own this, i want panda but sneakers~

Udon Addiction!
Katsune Udon with Tofu~ the taste all in the tofu, i really like it! its 100+ pesos each nga lang, hays kainis, good for one, not so large but better than others indeed.

Super Cute!!! Print from my bag :)

Watsons really have lots of hello kitty items since last year pa
(old photo)

he looks great in this one
any fans here? hehe

inside the mind of  a crazy girl!

Planning to
~Go Kart
~Do Self Projects (DIY shoes and possibly shirts)
~Beach Vacation (it might not happen sigh)

♥ What am i watching Lately 

1. Wizard of Oz - not worth the wait. i like the movie "Jack and the Giant Slayer" more. And to think the trailer for Oz was much more convincing than Jack. hmp! its an Ok movie, i expected it to be Great but it wasn't.

2. Gokusen  - Season 1 Love it! Young Oguri Shun so fun to watch lol i did not know his in it. Jun looks the same :/

3. Anchorman  - Love this movie, all star cast! LSS Afternoon Delight song~

4. The Hobbit an unexpected Journey  - Looove it! im a fan of LOTR/lord of the rings. and this was just again cut. Part 2 of the movie, i can not wait!

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