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Hi Everyone

i finally went to a convention this year! So many things happened in my life since the beginning of this year, but its not necessarily happy events. Anyway i missed attending cosplay or toy conventions. i am not even sure if i am what you can call an otaku.
Anime otaku? Jdrama Otaku? Plush Otaku...i dont know hehe

i enjoyed this day although i was a bit sick, and the sea of people were a lot tougher than last year. Thanks to Channel 7 airing the event on the news earlier this day

i met some friends today! Some of them by coincident
i did not get to meet my three other friends; too crowded, and ran out of load during the event gaahh sayang!But there is always next time~

i was going to buy my friend music album, ill share about his band soon. Was going to meet a friend from Line Play, and another friend who is a fellow hobbyist, she also collects plushies, she loves Chopper

Anyway ill show you some photos from the event. Because it was too crowded, we were only able to cover this much. Enjoy~

outside the many people.

tickets 120 pesos each

Entrance with the Glory of Man of Steel

Kawaii and Fluffiness

Hats...fuwa fuwa hats everywhere!

Luffy and Ace hat + me blurred on the left side lol

Hi Jake and Gintama Dog (forgot his name)

Happy nya~

Monster Hunter fans? anyone?


Minion on Drugs and Ice King lol~

Fin, Stitch, Ironman hat, etc


ohh lookie look! GloomyBear daaahh!!! Rilakkuma リラックマ 

sweet sakura goodness!

mini plush and chains

oh hi Korilakkuma

oh hi there GloomyBunny

Luffy Fluffy

caught in action looking for plushies! My friend Neneko caught me red handed!
i do not collect rilakkuma anymore. im looking for rare gloomies and arpakasso

My friend Neneko
Check her artistic lab and items on sale here
Nahuli nya talaga ako hehe...coincident~

Neneko and Atora Kun her brother

They made this rockin' Creepers them selves!
i love it! since i first saw her wearing them, she looks like a Doll 
 These babies are taller and thicker than the usual creepers, they are like full Gothic Lolita power shoes!

Mini Plush Gets!
i only bought from the shop above, Gloomy+Rila+Kurumi
The Arpakasso and pink ghost Gloomy are from an online shop
i met the seller before i entered the event halls, Thank you so much


My friend Josele, who is a creative clay master owns this pretty shop
me my self back in Feb 2011 was a hobbyist clay baker (see my creations here)

You can order for events such as birthdays for personalized clay goodies, chains, accessories, etc. So many designs available to choose from too. 

i arrived a little late, so i was not able to see her full collection but she told me that she made panda designs, i wanted panda 
Reminds me of my polymer panda earrings (click here)

dinosaur, robots, cupcakes and goodies

more sweet stuffs~ earrings in a see-through container

Glow in the Dark Accessories

me browsing through the kawaii clay creations of Josele

My Gets! Cute Rose Lilac Earring design for 100 pesos and a medieval style ring 25 pesos
Rose Deisgns are available in all colors, mint, velvet blue, red, etc.

i look so haggard hehe buti pa si Josele naka smile 

To order please contact Ms Josele though her facebook (click here)
or email

Other Shops

sunflower and lego, oh look its a lollipop

Batman, Superman, Vintage, and ear pluggys on the right side

Bought this Super Kawaii Batman Earring, Super like!
Because this is the earrings that i need but do not XD


Love the dolls but why so expensive TAT

Minion Super Heroes

Minions from the Dark Side, come join us!

Pixel Mania, Fin looks like him self from the episode "Glitch"

Some classic Dragon Ball Goods, Naruto, and One Piece

some kawaii cool stuffs, i wish i bought the batman portable speaker TAT

them babies 

5 pesos per game anyone?



Hey babe...let me blow yall up! XD

so neat!

Collection, oh look at that ironman chibi, his so adorable, i just want to pet him lol

other babes

i was taking a photo of ironman when suddenly someone PHOTOBOMBED
i did not notice at first because i thought it was just someone from the crowd,
since its too crowded. i thought its just a person taking a souvenir photo,
i got photo-bombed by my college classmate, another coincident!

Photo bombing me like a boss :))

me and Alda

well Batman looks like Hulk, ironman looks ok, Scarlett looks weird

i love you JOKER! 

Coolness Alert!

oh my Joker

Ohhh this guy...xoxo


life size model

yellow rocks

slash em' like you dont give a s***! 


oh how lovely detailed is this baby xoxo

Looking like a ninja, i am ninja wattah!

Guess who's back?

(insert Arnold Schwarzenegger voice)
Every boddeehh~ To DA CHAPPAH! ughhsghsgshgshgshgh~ love this guy lol

Well well well...look who decided to show up

and look who decided to join

anyone know which game he is from?

sorry for the lack of Gundam and Robot Suits
that area was packed. couldn't get near 


And i finally met No Face in person! From my favorite Studio Ghibli Movie "Spirited Away"
im pretty much glad i stumbled upon him, didn't think some people will do any Ghibli Cosplay. i Did not see any Ghibli in the previous events i attend. Lucky Day~

With my online friend the Cosplayer Vincent (check out his facebook here)

we are the fluffy shinigami

aw he looks so adorable! Like a lost fluffeeeh thing hehe

Merida of Brave
One of my fave Disney Princesses! i wish i can cosplay Merida but i do not think my face approves. My face does not resemble her's at all...

stolen shot of me window shopping after the event

i shall now end this post with this super kawaii Rainbow Pup
u seeing this cute creature in person just made my day

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
Please do Leave a comment below if you have questions or anything to say~
i Dont Bite hehe~ Thankies~

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