Adobe CS5 launching in Manila

my friend suzy posted the event on Facebook, and i must go hehe
we registered online

we were suppose to be a group of 5 people but only me and rhui made it...

it toke us forever to find the building and it was scoarching heat!
this month of May is killing me...ANG INIT TALAGA! daig pa desyerto!

its exciting coz i never seen this much of graphic artist peepz =)
after you sign up in the registration booth they will give you a bag (similar to the green bags at malls) but its black and with a huge adobe logo...(i like it)

inside the bag is the follwing:-
1.seminar guide
2.about CS5
3.a raffle game (find the difference) form
5.a colorful toy turned out as a clapper hehe (this is the 1st time i used one so i was wondering what it was for lol)

some people toke me a solo pic and rhui too

started with a video intro of course and video testimonials

everyone went crazy over the Content Aware in Photoshop and Puppet Wrap. i knew about the Content Aware thing so i wasnt all that WTF! haha

All of us have mixed emotions of anger and happiness ...angry coz your past hard work seems to be easier with CS5, happy because its easier na...inis n inis lahat my gulay pero pag impress sige with the clappers!!! fun :)

break time! ohhh free food...fries and sandwhitch (oh my ang talap hah)

we checked out the latest of wacom, (there are some booths out side)
rhui just draw an anime maiden lol shoulder shot
i just had to draw a hear haha <3>.<

CS5 bundle is 77k in pesos and CS5 PS is 36k illustrator is 38k or 37k

oh there was a booth who teaches short courses and have events for graphic arts

this is the good part...the picture booth gave us the solo picture for free (so many freebies hehe)
I look like a NERD lmao XD

back to the room..about video edit and mercury play back, roto brush, flash catalyst, other things..

oh! they ask questions, like a review, then who ever answers get a prize
rhui got a USB with adobe on it (its a cruiser! damn..i h8 it haha)

woot! finally the raffle..there are two raffles
1. find the difference forms

mini prizes and the grand price is CS5 bundle..someone from a Tv channel called solar won

Vicky Skipp is a chick! ;) one of the speakers
anyway the seminar was ok except the accents of the speakers..."NOT YET, NOT YET" and "YEAH YEAH" my fave line of the speaker..but his such a nice guy :) john miguel
raj is just impossible to understand :p

FREE adobe ballpen (i used to have one from our Adobe User Group in school) thanks to suzy who registered our group as an official adobe group online

woot! uwian na!

cant wait to use CS5
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