OOTD | Rainy Caturday + Style inspiration


Hi Dollies

How are y'all doin'?

i spent almost my whole Sunday and today Monday in my bed napping~
This rain is insanely flipping and i feel very sleepy even now hehe

Thursday August 15th i received 3 parcels (from sponsors) Happy yay!
i was actually waiting for these to arrive, specially the dress!

First time i got a parcel with an actual mail stamp O_O i used to collect them
back in my grade school days. However my collection got confiscated hmp!

OOTD | Love it! i haven't worn a dress in like forever!
Was going to wear cat earrings but i thought its going to look mad, Like Cat Lady Mad lol.

Photo Spam

Actual Product

it arrived safely packed inside the persun packaging. it toke around 3 weeks and 3 Days
to arrive. i am not quite sure if it arrived earlier but the post office did not say a thing.

Anyway it looks so Bloody smashing! i Love it~ 

Do you remember my introduction + Wish List or Picks Post from Persunmall?
i found cute and punky items (click here to view) if you missed it.

p.s. i dont live in Europe, i wonder why couple of companies thought i was living in Europe, i do not, but i would be delighted to visits never the less.

Circle Lens | UNIQSO (View it here)
Skeleton Tights | Gyaru Shoppe
Long Cardigan | Options 
Spike Earrings | People Are People
Cat Ring | Tickles Store

am i scaring you? i should be hehe

Lawd! Finally a proper Crepe XD Well That did not sound proper did it?
Lovely Strawberry Caramel Cheese Cake
The icecream flavor was Vanilla i think

Style inspirations

The Shirt is similar to my dress print

numbers 2 and 4

Skeleton and Hair love

Lilac and that Spiky Collar

The bag and hat wonderful!

My friend Saphhire of http://littleowldiary.blogspot.com/
Check out her blog, she is the coolest!

Skeleton + Hair + Cardigan

Hair + Spiks + Korilakkuma Mushroom Pink Necklace + Makeup + Tights

Well that's everything for this post nya~

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
Please do Leave a comment below if you have questions or anything to say~
i Dont Bite hehe~ Thankies~

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