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Hi Dollies
Today i am going to share with you this magic potion that i used on my nails
From the Newest Collection of Etude House "Bling in the Sea"

Bring out the inner Mermaid in you!

Love the packaging! its Simple yet elegant and Girly
Love the font/writing style used, makes you feel the summer!

Close Up Look
See the super tiny Gold shimmers
Plus Light and Dark Pink Glitters

Girly and Blinggy Mermaid ON!

You can mix other Etude House Nail Polish with this one
Experimenting and Creativity is always Fun ^__^

Below is Some of My Different Experiments

Style 1 Glamorous Bling Nails! Best for Parties and Princess Looks.
How? Apply 3 coats and seal with colorless. if you do not seal this, the glitters will become silver, it looses the color.

Style 2 Galactic Princess. Get it instantly! Best for Dark Princess Styles.
How? Apply Black, Dark Blue or Violet/Purple Nail Color. Apply 1 or 2 coats of Magical Kiss. Seal with colorless.

Style 3 Peach Magical Kiss. Match it with your Peach or Coral top and/or dress!
How? Paint your nails peach or coral. Starting from the middle to the tip use Magical Kiss 1-2 coats! You can also try Orange and other colors too. Seal with colorless.

Style 4 Cotton Candy Kiss. For super Girly and Cute ulzzang style!
How? Paint your nails Candy Pink.
Starting from the middle to the tip use Magical Kiss 1-2 coats. Seal with colorless. That's it!

Candid shots - No Lightening Edit

Style 1: i did my sis Zai Nails today ^__^ She is in love with her nails!
Simple Gradient for everyday school/work use or simple summer bikini time.
How? Paint the half of your nails only from middle to the tip, 2 coats, and seal it with a colorless.

Style 2: My nails :) Glamorous Bling Nails! Best for Parties and Princess Looks.
How? Apply 3 coats and seal with colorless.

Simple and Elegant with a Summer feel into it.
But i also wish they will come up with a clam packaging soon for maximum mermaid power!

Color / Glitters 
First of all i Love how versatile it is! You can use it in so many different ways! Worth the purchase! if you want your nails to stand out, just add a little bling and Voilà~

The color is pink but it looks like coral because of the Golden feedback that it gives.
i love the light and hot pink glitters, they are small, in the same sizes. The glitters kinda remind me of Etude ice cream collection but this is more packed with glitters than "the ice cream collection". The ice-cream has no bling / golden feedback effect. 

Lovely! Not too watery not too thick. Easy to apply. 
The polish lasts 2-3 weeks depends on your activity and Top coat.

Drying Speed 
it dries quite fast! 

i find it hard to remove but that means the formula is strong and it stays longer.

How much / Where to Buy?
148 / $3.40
Any Etude Outlet. For Philippines Click Here Drag to the buttom part, you will find the Link for Stores (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao).

As far as i know as of August 7, 2013 Wednesday, Three colors are available in Ph Stores.
Colors: Golden Sand, Magical Kiss, and Garden in the sea.

Who would love this?
Anyone who love Mermaids, Bling, Sparkles, and Gradient Art.

Who might not like this?
People who are not into glitter.


Look How Pretty! Mermaid Dreamy Nails!

Silver Bubbles looks like a Mermaid with attitude, Love! Garden in the Sea look so cool~
i want the Sparkling Jewel Box omoh~ (Rock Girl Mermaid) Here i come ahhehe~

QUESTION: Which color is your Favorite? And why?

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