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Kawaii Phone Cases and plushies to love!

Who doesnt want "Hand Made with Love" and "Personalized" items right? hehe
Half of them are mine, and others are for my sister.
You can Request any Design you want, anime, character, etc. ^^

Whats Mine?
-Pocky phone case and 2 plushies
-Panda plush
-Rillakuma plush
-Korilakuma plush

My sister Stuff?
-Got this Domo as a freebie (sis toke it)
-x2 stitch phone case
-stitch plushies
-Mio K-ON plush
-Head Plush

Where to Buy?

How Much?
I cant tell you how much is the exact price due to market reason.
but its definitely affordable :)

mochiron! Pocky phone case and Pocky plushie yey!

will post aanother haul of new Stuffed toys we bought (yea i know~ im not obsessed am i?)

Some Starbucks Pictures and My Favorites!

My domo kun..sad news is i lost it in the cinema house, more like forgot it..will buy a new one i guess. although i have so many pouches and phone cases, i gotta have me domo back.

Tada! My ultimate faves! Waffle with choco top, and choco cream frappuccino! LOVE!
the prob is i dont like bitter coffee and i dont like sweet flavors too,
so this is the best for my taste..the balance is perfecto!

*Drolls* crunchy delly nom nom!

Lets have some donut since Java chip is too bitter for me,
just wanted to order something else, i did try JC/java chip several times before and other flavs

Lets sit outside and relax tonight ^__^
i think this one is Choco Chip

with dad hehe and Pocky phone pouch in the scene hehe

Apple and Cinnamon is good for amz =)
i cant finish anything sweet alone no matter what size is it, so 3/4 of this is in my sis stomach lol

One Cold Sour Veggie Pasta! of course i kinda liked it, just kinda...hehe i dig the dip (sounds odd) ahaha..the veggies were sour but balanced sour.

Fast Five made me buy this?..

kinda looks like a car, bought it right after i watched "Fast Five"

Maybelline BB Cream 8in1 SPF 26/PA+++ (Review)

Thumbs Up:
-8in1 SPF 26/PA+++ WOW! Protected to the max yey!
-it doesnt feel heavey, application is very thin, might as well means usage will last longer
-it really matches my skin color (at first i thought it was too light for me)
-i dont get the oily skin as much as before
-it lasts quite ok
-price is ok too

Thumbs Down:
-it leaves a white cast on my face specially in photos with flash
-its sheer finish i prefer matte because i have oily skin but i use i powder with this so it last longer and looks matte
-it works just like a tinted moisturizer, very light coverage, does not cover all the impurities like korean bb creams

Where to Buy?
any branch of Watsons

How much?
Php 250 / $5.76

I will buy Skin79 Hotpink if this one runs out
will post 2 plushies hauls
foods 3 posts i think or 4
starbucks mania
mini stuffs fetish hehe
MAC reviews
Korillakuma pics <3

Ichigo dai ski des! Strawberry Pendant Love

Kawaii desho? haven't used it yet but i will hopefully soon =3

strawberries are just the cutest fruits ever! xoxo

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) in 3D [Review]


Date Watched: May 20, 2011
Time: 9pm onwards

couldn't wait! dear heavens and i still wana watched it on DVDs

Rating: 4.8 / 5 (yuh i know i dig this movie)

Gosh i missed Jack, first time i actually saw a member of his family hmmm..
all the chasing marine-pirate thinggy i missed it! Jack is always an epic win and an epic fail at the same does he do that?
penelope didnt impress me much, i like kiera more in terms of character and beauty
Mermaids such beauty..
love the 3D effects, nice job Disney!

Gosh i need to rewatch all the movies of this..even if i did watch them each twice or five times
this is one of my ultimate movies

However this movie wasnt that much exciting like the previous movies, lack of supernatural pirates i guess..but still its a great movie.

Favorite Lines:
Jack (to everyone): Did you see that? coz i wont be doin' that again..
Jack (to penelope): so..u lied to me when u were telling the truth?..thats good i gotta use that..
Jack (to penelope): if i were to choose between your sister and your dog, ill choose the dog

a Sailor (to the religious guy): its either you are with us or against us?
the religious guy: Im nor with you or against you!
Sailor to Jack: Can he do that?

Anyway here is the trailer

Becks Makeup Corner B'Day Giveaway

The Prize:
El premio:
- A pair of Refresh Shoes (I'll let you know the model later) / Un par de zapatos de Refresh (ya os mostraré el modelo más adelante)
- MAC Girl About Town lipstick
- MAC Saint Germain lipstick
- Illamasqua Flare Lipstick
- Bobbi Brown Peony & Phyton Palette
- MUFE HD Powder
- Candy Doll Macaroon Pink Lipgloss
- Diamond Lash 1st Series. Dolly Eyes
- Diamond Lash Volume Series. Charming Eye Lower Lashes
- Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
- Lioele All in One Gel Eyeliner (Black)
- Hello Kitty x My Beauty Diary Masks (2 masks)
- Sigma F84
- Accessories from Stradivarius / Accesorios de Stradivarius


- Accessories from Liz Lisa / Accesorios de Liz Lisa


2nd week of May Stuffs

Stuffs from an online shop:
i will post soon from where did i bought these and more pictures :)

You can request designs, anyway..the items
-Pocky cp pouch
-Pocky chain x2
-tare panda
-Rillakuma plushee
-Korillakuma plushee

From a japanese store in the mall:
-Rillakuma toast
-Cookie Container (love it)

From s mall stand:
-mini korean notebook and pens
-mini lipstiscks from a makeup toy collection (i just stole it from one of my family members lol more like an exchange)

yah i know im obsessed with mini stuffs or unusual sizes of the actual thing..

From Watsons:
-Nivea SPF
-Gatsby (yuh again..hehe) Oil Control
-Finess Oil Control Sheets with printed design (i was expecting same design as the cover but it turned out to be kawaii designs like bear cat..)

Arigatou Gozaimas~
Thank you for reading <3

Garnier Eyeroll and Oil Clear (Review)


Where to Buy?

How much?
-Php200/ $4.61

Does it work?
-it helps tired eyes but not necessarily panda eyes/heavy eye bags. it helps also prevents any eyebags from coming if your sleeping late. its just an "ok" but not miracle product. This is advisable for tired eyes, although if your looking for a product that can erase the dark circles, this is not one that can help, i cant recommend this for erasing heavy eye bags but i recommend it for tired eyes, and the roller is very refreshing and cooling to the eyes. i use this when i feel my eyes are tired and dehydrated.

Will i buy this again?
-yes, i dont have heavy eye bags, but i do have tired eyes when i dont sleep plenty, and i love the cold eye roll, feels really great.


Where to Buy?

Does it work?
-Did not work for me, i cant recommend this product

hope this review helps anyone ;)
check my other reviews on "cosmetics category" or check out the other categories, something might get your interest. thank you :) c yah! more reviews comin' up

Dbeautyshop Circle Lens Giveaway

There will be TWO winners for this giveaway.

Dimsum (chinese?!)

I really thought it was an Italian resto coz from afar i saw the pasta ad, but it turned out to be a Chinese resto.

Greenhills, Mall place - the other side of the big toy store.

No mango peach drink, 4 season is ok :)

Crab and Corn soup...yummy!

Spicy Fried Squid ( i liked it)

Seafood Pasta (Warning! ITS A BIG PLATE!)
Not so bad :)

i think it was 2x2 inches duno..or 1.5 inch.
and i loved this one too!

Recommended! ;)

SCREAM 4 (Review)

Oholoh...i gotta admit i did enjoy it a little in the end that is hehe..

I am only talking about the movie and characters, my comments r not related to any hate for an actor/actress or anything.

Thumbs down:
-too much comedy moments, i mean they r serious but it looks like a joke..the acting, etc.
-stupid cops ahaha in real life that will be epic
-too much blood in the first kill..really? that much blood? exaggerated.

Thumbs up:
-movie inside a movie inside a movie lol
-love the twist!
-no one can tell whos the killer, well we didnt..its unexpected

Reason for watching? and stuff..
-no new movies around, ive watched Thor, Fast Five, Priest, etc. so i ran out..if u r reading my movie reviews u would know
-i am so waiting for May 20th! and so many good movies on the way too ^^ cnt w8!
-my comments on Priest were gone O_O right after the 12th of May Blogger Maintenance, i wonder what happened :(

Cinema Theater
May 14, 2011

2.8 / 5 stars

Buttom Line:
Download it online
not recommended for theaters or dvds

Thanks for dropping by guys =)

Sweet Accessories


Bought this one and its a keychain, in real size oreo so its intriguing..kawaii desho?
and i got this cute little egg pendant that i would like to call "pugo pendant" hehe

well i switched them! i made the oreo the pendant and the egg keychain ^^

Oreo Pendant is one of my "month of May favorites" now *wink* ;D

ive had an oreo notepad, and is strawberry oreo, size as big as 3x3 inches i guess..pretty cool, and yes! i didnt write anything on it upto now hehe for eyes pleasure only..too cute.

FYI i dont eat any cream or flavored oreos, plain oreo + milk = saiko! the best for my taste.
i always end up taking the filling off and giving it to my sis, her oreo would look like an icecream lol

bought it online from:


I hope i can win anything ^____^
*prays* hehe

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Give me some French!..bread =P

Blogger was down for quite some time May 12th, gosh i was kinda bored =p

Yup here again at FB/French Baker
Im not so into Turnovers or buns what so ever, i just like how they look like ^^

i so love taking food pics, and i love eating >.<

this one is Tuna bun

more posts soon ;)

Thanks for Dropping by xoxo
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