FOTD Japan ftw ♥ November Updates, Accessories, Disney Tree, etc :)

♥ ~ November Love ~ ♥
Hi Dollies
i hope everyone is doing fine, its so hot today, if i was an icecream id be a juice by now, not even a shake, im envious for those who live in a place with a slightly cold weather. i miss you Winter! i miss having you in my life lol. im melting so hot..atsoiii neh huhuWhich reminds me im addicted to Watermelon shake latley hehe.

Anyway i am not sure what Genre my style is suppose to be in but some of my friends say its "punk-rock", and i was like "Eiiijashiga!" lolz joke too much Korean Drama lately~ oh ill list what im watching at the end of this post.


is Tokidoki love! wearing a tokidoki top and hair pin; i was thinking of wearing my toki jacket but that will be an overkill.
Gloomy bear keychain converted to Necklace ;) i always do this to everything i own lol..i wonder if it looks ok?
Black Cat Ring from "Tickles"
Square Swirl earrings from a rasta/cool shop i forgot the name
Panda Socks! kawaii desho? Dream come true! i was searching for these babies 
Pastel pink shoe strings hihi

Makeup and Hair
so simple, i did not have time actually hehe..anyway my hair color is boring~
curly and fluffy doll style

Lippie Bunny Stick orange Tony Moly
Blush mememe
Eyeliner from Etude House
Contouring Elf and Benefit Highbeam
(i dont usually mention what makeup i use, coz its the same every time hehe)

Sorry no nail polish, i needed to hair mask my hair, i dont like using gloves so i did not put polish. if i put polish after makeup or a bath, i tend to panic coz im rushing hehe

Love it! i love black cats but i can not have one
What do you think of this ring?

i collect Gloomy chains, i have a pink one and soon
ill have white and red, oh i also have a baby blue one~

my old fave earrings!

sooo what do you think gals? Gaaah im so liking these! 

Why would you wear a plain shoestring if you can add color? its Popin' babeh!

few things, i love the pencils! the other one is a comb and pen 2in1, i like wired stuff so i got it 
i also bought some chains and plushies but ill just show you gals the group photos when its complete
oh i went shopping for skincare prods and hair prods in Watsons, bought lulur and so on, nothing major to blog about

My sis Fhammy gave us coin purses, she thought i'd like this
but im kinda over skulls now..hehe but i still like it 

can you see the pen? ohh Kori is so adorbs!

 some of my lenses, wah the one inside the brown case is my graded grey contact lenses, i have done reviews on 4 of these, ill do one for the purple next time

for the Contact Lenses Reviews please click the link below :

Looking new Prod with Cute packaging, saw it in Watsons SM, has anyone
tried these?

Disney Tree! made by Mickey and Minnie Plushies with a huge Disney logo
at the top ;) Atrium SM Megamall 

 its a creative cute tree, me likey!
oh i thought it was  real person trying to ruin my shot at the back, its a poster lol
near the logo, his like Big Smile :D 

sweet arpa, my Pistachio kun~

i stopped playing "Tiny Farm" anyhow look at them arpass grrr!

it is me looking more asian with this kind of liner

♥ Planning to 
be healthy, buying a static bike for exercise and trying to drink tea and more water.
after two weeks of crazy heart palpitations, i rested enough to surpass it, looks like all i needed is more sleep, more water, more rest, less stress. i will take care of my self more from now on...wait does this include not eating what i like? Noooo...i will not let this happen. Gotta prevent this, aja fight!

♥ Watching 

Full House 2 (Korean Love Comedy Drama)
-Wo min crush from "Gumiho" he was wayyy hotter there but hey i will still watch,
 i love the story, and im always checking for new eps. Addicting! 

Rock Rock Rock (Korean Movie)
-about a rock band and a guitarist/composer real life story in korea. the main role is ehem..Wo min Ho, but even if it wasn't him i'd still watch this because im you know..rock girl fan. of course i like Jimmi Hendrix and Jimmy Page, i like Hendrix more ;) i did not know that koreans actually like or liked rock, i thought they were just dancers hehe.

Twilight Final Movie
Nope did not watch it yet...too mainstream. imagine in Cinemas there is 12 theaters and only 1 of them was not Twilight. and the lines were like looooong. But im really missing my Jasper/Rathbone baby, i miss his good songs from his band "100 Monkeys".

Giveaways Soon
Might held an international Giveaway soon, im just waiting for a reply, ill have like more than 20 winners for this one, if it pushed through :)

Beauty Blogger Giveaway, ill post it soon
Commenter of the month Giveaway gets a Victoria's Secret body spray

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Amz Glassy Sassy Firmoo Giveaway (international)

Hi Dollies,

Giveaway Time again! i'm sure some of you already know Firmoo, its the largest online site for all kinds of eye-wear.

As promised i will have an international giveaway ;) 25 winners! There is a much more chances for anyone to win this now.

Whether you wear graded glasses, sunglasses, or just for fashion. it can be fashionable and graded at the same time! its all in trend! They even have Designer Glasses, RX Sunglasses, and Specialty Eyewear. So many to choose from, in fact when i was choosing my order i was really taking my time hehe

All entries will be made through rafflecopter.

Thank You so much Firmoo for choosing my blog 

Classy love!

i'm a Firmoo Customer, i bought 2 pairs and i really liked the service and prods! Review here:

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to my readers Thank You so much, you gals are Fierce!

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