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FOTD and Korilakkuma

Love love Rila x Kori Cafe

so darn cute 

awww just look at him in my cup 

Secret Recipe Restaurant

Food Styles: American, Asian Fusion, Seafood, Singaporean, Thai, and Vietnamese.
They specialize in Cheese and cream cakes but i haven't tried any yet, i will soon :)

Mushroom Soup

Tom Yum Spaghetti 220 pesos
its my first time to eat such an exotic spaghetti, its chicken although the texture and look might be mistaken as tuna, its a spicy dish but not so spicy, just the right amount. unless you eat the chili..hehe. i liked this dish :)

Spaghetti Meatballs 225 pesos
is not your usual spaghetti, its not sweet, its not also that western taste. its more like tom yum but in a spaghetti meanball meal, it has slices of little carrots, it kinda taste wired, my friend was not able to finish it >,<

Aussie Cheese fries 155 pesos
Good for two, and the fries is so yummy and crunchy! i love french-fries, the funny thing is, we started talking in australian surfer accent :)) like.."Duuudeee this friess is awesome" "totallyyy duuudee" lolz~

my friend ordered this, green apple drink
uhmm is that a fetus? O_o nah its just dried
plum. word of advice do not order this, it 
taste like a baby alien vs pradiator.."maasim!"

cool but its also scary ahaha

the guy in this photo resembles one of my korean friends

They offer Japanese, and Vietnamese noodles, thai and singaporean laksa, so many to choose from.

Soups and fries, etc

the place, really neat, nice and clean

i want to point out that the staff were really nice, we had dinner pretty much late near the closing time but they were still nice and smiling, excellent customer service!



Missing in Action Amz and Status

Drama Maniac!

Why i was mia?

For many reasons, i will rant lol!

-there was a huge flood this month
-my laptop broke down! LCD monitor pixels blurred and lines all over the place..
up to now its not fixed but i managed to take some data few days ago thats why i can post now, it will be fixed this week :)
-had really bad cramps, body pains, migraine, back pain..lahat na! for a week =_=
-pretty much busy with taking care of my three sisters

Latest Happenings
im excited to announce my birthday month giveaway :D which is September, im just waiting for some items to arrive hehe. Bought a huge Stufftoys haul for my birthday..dang like a child lolz

Planning to
color my hair purple-red again :))
Go Kart trip if i have some time
Exercise and Diet, im inspired by a blogger :D

Listening to / Play List

Jojo - Baby its you

Elliot - Wait for you
Backstreet boys - Drowning in your love
M.C. - We belong together
Pop Goes my heart

Evanescence - Call me when your sober
GGD - iris
Creed - One last breath
Hinder - Lips of an angel
ill be your crying shoulder

Black Lagoon Opening Red Fraction

♥ What am i watching Lately 

Anime: La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia
Mafia like family but instead protecting the people. Reverse Harem. Good Drawing Style. im in! but i only watched few eps. im not so into it hehe

just to be clear i want to say to the producers: i saw what you did here.
almost all characters have another char from another anime related to it.

since i did not memorize their names, here is the characters i think they look-a-like
Leading Girl - Maka from Soul Eater
Yello Hair Guy - Natsu char only yellow hair, his easy going
Blue Hair guy - Ciel Phantomhive 
Black hair w/ hat - Pandora Hearts Gilbert <3 font="font">
Brown Hair w/ Glasses - reminds me of a reverse harem anime blond guy w/ glasses
White Hair and brown skin-tone - he really reminds of someone but i forgot who maybe Mira Jane family? and another character like him but black hair
Black Hair w/ shades - villain from an old anime
Bald Brown Guy - his name is just not fit! anyway he reminds me of a guy from Black Lagoon

Panda and Hedgehog
Story runs about being a Patissier, the soul reason why im watching this because i love panda and i love french pastry, i watched an anime called yumero patissier and im sursprised that some people also watch this because of the same reason. Anyway it reminds me of that anime. But im pretty much sure there is loads of twists in the story.

this is just my personal opinion:

im not a fan of any artists here but the main lead guy from a boy band Super Junior, acted really great on a Taiwanese Drama derived from a shoujo manga "Skip Beat" which i was excited about since i watched the anime, i did finish the drama but its still not enough lol.

the lead girl, i saw her on "Playful Kiss" her role was a friend of the lead actress. im really bad with names sorry..but the thing is i dont like her acting and she does not have any charm at at all.

i love the president acting..of course "sasang nim?" the well known role :)) his not handsome to me but his acting is just so hilarious and his sister is so pretty and i love her acting too and boyish voice, i just love her!

To The Beautiful You
Starring Choi Min-ho, Sulli Choi, and Lee Hyun-woo.
It will broadcast on August 15, 2012 on SBS Hana kimi Korea Version

The Big Bang Theory Season 1-5
im obsessed with this show! i finished season 1-5 in a week, i sleep at 4am daily..and i can not wait for the next season! its just a show perfect for me coz im a geek but im not a smart ass physician, i hate math and physics, im more on a biologist person.

i cant get enough of Sheldon and Amy :)) 

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Mascara Problem Solved :)

front photo

Sponsored by Shy Shop 
Mascara Guide and Guitar Pen Review 

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You'll find Accessories for you and your phone, beauty tools, hair accessories and tools, nail stuffs, fashion pouch, Paris love including Keychains and so on of Eiffel tower, cute pens, face paint for parties and cosplay, stuff you can use for organizing, House tools, etc

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Thank You Shy Shop

i always have a problem with applying my mascara, the brush might be big, and i have to be extra careful applying it or my eye makeup will be ruined! i always leave a mascara dot on my eye annoying, i have to take a bud and dip it in makeup remover then remove the mascara on my lid, then re-apply my makeup.
i looked around for a mascara guide and finally got the chance to use it yay! will show you gals how it might be helpful if your as clumsy as me in applying mascara hehe

Guitah Pen and Mascara tool 

personally i think its kinda funny looking, like a dinosaur
long lost bones or specifically bones from a dino whale :))
im just silly but it kinda looks like a Shark mouth and teeth
on the right side, then fish fin bones on the left, but its fun
and cute ahaha XD 

note: i did not put on any eye makeup so the results will show better and also it was just a day when i was at home. i dont have time to take photos while im rushing my makeup to go out

Steps 1-5
1  - Use the comb on the tip of the tool to comb ur lashes then place the mascara 
      guide on your upper lid like shown in the photos
2  Use any mascara and swipe swipe swipe~   
3  - The result after application is kinda messy but dont worry.."use the comb" again
4  The result after combing my upper lid. no more clumps, and lashes look much better!
5  - now for the lower lashes, do not forget to comb you lower lashes before and after the     
      application of the mascara

♠ The result is better than using a mascara brush only
♠ Separates the lashes
♠ Easy Breezy 
♠ Avoids mistakes and clots of mascara to stick on your eyelids
 your lashes will be fully coated! this is a problem i use to have, i can not reach my lashes near the roots because im afraid that i will ruin my eye makeup

♠ it may take some time to get used to it, i was so conscious using it the first time, im clumsy too hehe. the result was great!

Where to Buy

Guitah pen des~ 

 the pen has two sides, i mean the side is the
girl, while the other is a photo of a guy

Shy Shop   Amz88 Blog

i love collecting cute and adorable pens or out of this world pens, ill show you gals my collection soon. this pen is like a gel pen but it does not bleed or it shows much better.

Where to Buy

More Photos

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