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My friend Angelica a Rilakkuma / リラックマ collector found out that i was featured on this site (Click Here) i was so happy but also thought why they did not tell me? Because i would love to thank her. Thank You muchies Asian Lovers for sharing my blog, it's so awesome of you~ Check out her Gallery too, She posts cute asian fashion and stuffs.

 Oh and i have another photo, the photo of my bed filled with my big plushies~ you can view it by clicking next, the bed photo is more updated, my cabinet photo is so old but still cute right? lol its messy, hazukashi~

i feel so unmotivated to do anything its soooooo HOT! in the Philippines lately~ its hot even during the night!
Summer what are you doing? Summer Stahp!

Kawaii Things

Hi~ find me lolz~

Korilakkuma Psycho
cutest sheep pillow evah!

im selling them on fb, i need to let go of some of my dearies 
i can ship within the Philippines. if your interested view album here pm me here
or add me on fb 

Finally le Large Baby ichigo Arpakasso / ベイビー アルパカツン
some cute sentimental circus pouch from sm dept store, gift yay! 

my first Hitsuji no wooly / Lovely wooly, very  cute sheep OAO
ive been wanting this forever, both this one and ichigo big arpaka were on my wish list!

Arranged one shelf, theme is PINK! added some neon and pastel though hehe
Oh mah lawd that panda pink Gloomy bear is soooo kawaiii, mushroom kori, pink squirrels
who ever thought of pink Squirrels costume is a Genius! Tensai dah! that Shappo Marine~
Literally Melting now ahaha~ 

too lazy to show case my nyanpires, here are some Arpakassos
Choco Arpakasso: Love me!

Me: Sure! 

Them Neons and Pastel! opps wooly is tryna get into the photo~


waking up in the morning with a kawaii clock is 1000x better than ordinary clocks
i feel calm waking up rather than irritated hehe~ oh and my random pocky boxies~

One of my faves! Mid-night snack Rila kyaa~ i thought Kori was holding a choco drink till i learned Katakana, it says Kohi = coffee

ichigo ski dayoooohh~ anyone want a drink from rila?
i really want to do a bento or anything rila themed hmmm

New Gloomies last week yay! i got the paw ball as a freebie, woohoo! best freebie ever!
Finally got the ghost gloomy i was longing for (happy sobbing~)
Shappo looks so cute/Sentimental Circus bunny, fuwa fuwa desu~

Sparkling Gloomy Pillow! i love pillows!!!

Gloomy Bear chains waahhh!!! if only i can get panda and pink, baby blue panda chains too

Rilakkuma,BearBrick Gold Sparkle Chibi coin bank, and Gloomy black claw nail cutter

Look what i found in Humans store for 30-50 pesos, a hybrid Kabuki x Scrump

random old closet photo

my sakura teapot from a japanese store 

cutie app called Line Play

Chibi dress up app, yandere mode hehe

pusheen so kawaii~

if you gals love kawaiiness stuff like this follow me on instagram, i always post hehe
ID @punkybunny

Contact Lenses Wants from GWY

simple, natural, brown lenses with the right thickness of the outline.

reminds me of GACKT, always wearing lenses like these hihi

JDrama, My Boyfies Gackt & Miura

Gackt Platinum

 Watched most of them, every now and then when i feel like i need
a Gackt-Me-Time i watch this series, its so entertaining too!
i like the most is when they went to a Cowboy trip, and when they 
went to Amsterdam. sooo fun! if i can go with them i would! 

look at him! ughhh him wearing a high school uniform is...

Mr Brain JDrama

reason why i watched this because i saw this photo on the net, and im like whuut i have to watch it! i was also looking for a good series. And i got surprised because Takuya was there.
i know this guy because he looks like someone i know. lolz. Anyway its my first time watching his acting skills. Loved it! Second surprise was....Hiro Mizushima is on the cast too! OMG Reverse harem da!!!! i got 3 of mah boys! ahahah! well 2 to be exact 

super loved Gackt acting skills on this one! Superb! He is soooo kawaiii too hmp!

The Last Cinderella

5 words
You Have to Watch This!

i mean look at him! LOOK AT HIM!
i first saw him on "Samurai High School" with my crush Shirota Yuu
he was ok but so young and thin. like under age.
Then i saw him on "Kimini Todoke" Live Action and i was like woah! he looks so cute

And then on this series HE IS ON FIRE!

maybe its the hair? maybe its the skin? the muscles? maybe the face? maybe Everything!
Nooose bleeding
i actually close my eyes in some scenes, too much Miura Pawah!!!

This Month JDrama/Kdramas
The Last Cinderella
Mr Brain

Otenki Oneesan

Itzurana Kiss
Kasukana Kanojou

Jang Ok Jung

Your the best Lee Soon Shin

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