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Earlier this month with my familia yay! my Dad and 3 sisters
so much nice memories hehe although i puked a little...ahahaha (yes i did) my apologies, its a yucky thing to say ahahahaha!

i told them not to eat anything before the rides, specially soup or rice, while waiting for the park to open, i forgot that i should not eat, i eat something :/ Tanga lang ahahaha!

This is my 3rd time in star city, i love amusement parks even-though i dont trust the dangerous rides. its DANGEROUS kasi nuh :))

im already Missing my Dad badly, ill see him again next year~

 People say im a Tsundere...well im not denying it. i dont like being mushy but i care a lot.
btw friends call me Sadist/Sadista in tagalog, so beware of me, i can squeeze u and stuff jk

Wearing my sister's wig
ohh i want purple hair hohoho~ 

Fist ride, Bump Cars :D i love this ride hehe so nostalgic ^^

my youngest sister

My Sisters  Half-Arab Girls (including me) XD
Second ride, Ancors Away, which im not a fan of but i had to ride for my sisters (worried)

Then the Pirate ride which is basically "Pirates of the Caribbean" series

ohh go away from me OAO lol~

went on a break and bought these nom noms~ in this place the filipino street foodies were better than the Takoyaki hmp!

this ride, i always liked the design~ woot~ 

we went on the new Ferries wheel, 2 years ago it was so small and can only fit 3 people in one capsule. i was not comfortable riding this one...i means seriously its gonna break! joke :))

inside the ferris wheel, you can see the surf or turf machice, and the saucer thing.
ohh nice sunset~ 


My first time! i was thinking of doing this 2 years ago pa, anyway it was so much fun! My Dad was so funny, feel na feel :)) running and shooting ahahaha Spy agent daw! He likes spy movies.
My sisters were also feeling it ahaha! look at the pics below diba? Me? im just focused on shooting (gamer head)

yah they bought wigs, people were like staring at them. i was not wearing one 

Action movie? ahaha!

Nice! of course! im the camera man for this whole day, thats why
i dont have so many photos TTATT

no photos :( its my firs time to slide on snow woohoo! i really loved it!
well now i get it why its addicting to snow-ski or snow-board, i want!

P.S. - of course my sisters tried the saucer and the roller coaster where you will be flipped and stuff lol (watashi? pass) hehe

FOODIE instagram

My Problem: i Love eating but i want to be fit.
Since its family vacation time, ill just eat eat! 

ichigo ski~ love them strawberries!
even the one with an odd shape, do you see it? hehe

TOKYO TOKYO: Salmon <3 :="" bitin="" course="" did="" finish="" massive="" medyo="" not="" of="" rice="" span="" the="">

THE FRENCH BAKER: tissues are so cute

THE FRENCH BAKER: tiny macarons cute but not tasty XD

THE FRENCH BAKER: this was kinda good


than a month now a

SHAWARMA CENTER MANILA: hummus and falafel, other stuffs, we mostly order Molokhiya and Laham Beryani/Meat Beryani/Kabsa. And yup i did some sheesha.
The food there and drinks are so yummy!

RAI RAI KEN: i Loved the Teriyaki Chicken, the pansit/noodles, the salmon sashimi however was not my type, the cuts were too thick or is it not that fresh. The rice is so nice too. i really like rai rai ken :3

 RAI RAI KEN: Good for 2-3 persons

Naaagai post whew! i hope you enjoyed some of the photos~

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