Post 526 a FOTD Vintage Velvet Red Black Cheeta Print + a Frugal Girl's Haul

FOTD: on my Siter's Graduation Day, i did not prepare for it, i just wore this by chance lol
turned out to be well coordinated as Vintage. My sis Graduated from FEU BSHRM batch 2013

Hello Dollies

How are yall doin'? i hear its snowing in other places at the moment. odd.

Haul mostly clothes, because i can not seem to get my hands on the makeup/skin care items from Etude House that i want, they are always out of stock, so i reserved. i hope they will arrive soon. i want the icecream nail polish, Etoinette Kabuki Brush, Red Hair color, etc.

if you like Harajuku or Street fashion, Retro, Cute, etc. you might find this helpful hehe
im not Gyaru or full pledge anything too girly with florals sniff~ gomene~ i might forgot to include few items in the post but ill mention them if i recall any :) 

p.s. i am not paid to mention the shops and items.

im sick :(

i have an acute middle ear infection and im taking medication, yesterday i went to Medical City
im super busy this month pa naman sigh, gambare atashi! ill get better soon! chearing self!


i love my purchase and i did not know all is on Discount! Lucky :)
My 3rd or 4th wallet from them, i like the funky retroish designs! i also own 2 jackets and few bags in the past from this shop, couple of shirts? Basta! this shop is cool for me.The Keychain is so cute, mixed of Stitch doll and Kabuki

When i saw the sun glasses i was like NO WAY they have this! Gemme! Then i recalled that Yaptus had one in black or with skeleton drawing on it and couple of bloggers too. My friend told me im turning into SteamPunk ahhaha! i like Vintage stuff but not the "in trend" ones, like owl or whatever necklace, although they are pretty but i want stuff like a mechanical clock insides..hmm if ever i was alive in that era ill be steampunk? O_O Well i'd be happy to do a photoshoot for this one and Medieval. (wishing) My friend was looking for the same eye-wear only in yellow, anime Try Gun mode XD

Wallet 250 Discounted 200
Retro Circle Purple Sun wear 279 Discounted 149
Keychain Discounted 50

Eastwood Bazaar

The clock is 350 pesos, you can also buy straps to change colors/designs i think a strap is for a 100 pesos. This one is so in trend now a days online.

The Nail polishies issue! Yes China did it again, copy cat of Etude House idea. And that tomato Tony Moly you see is also a nail polish...gosh! Repacked the head from the fruit gloss. i bought them to show you and i also found the colors cute, although so many damaged fruit head because its only repacked. 50 pesos each. This shop is infront of the wrist-watch shop. near DQ i  think :) There are lots of accessories and clothes too. i even found a shop for my Dad, a Physical Theraphy/Self Defense shop. My dad does PT as a hobby and he got a cert. from the palace.

Nail Cutter from SM, Kabuki Love ^__^

i bought a dark color foundation from Maxfactor to mix with my Revlon color stay, it turned out great :D My savior from pimples! probably my 10th bottle lol but i dont over use it :P

Bread n' Butter

Stalucia branch. i always try to look in cheap shops because one or two treasures might be hiding, although i dislike all the other items but i did found this two! My sis bought me there and she also purchased a skeleton dress. Price 100 pesos each only, that's roughly US $2.50 each.

Purple Retro Legging + Panda Shirt (it looks like a biscuit  and ruffles love it)

SM Dept Store and Others

Brand: Tee Party, 200 each or 150. i bought another blue shirt but with a Guitar design.
Lovin' the Radio~

My sisters bought shirts for home use. i bought these for exercising or slacking lols~ cute colors!

This watch is for 150 pesos in a mall bazaar, i thought it was cool, i can set up two time zones.
im not planning to use a single watch for too long thats why i bought a cheap one. And yes i am that Frugal~ teehee~

Kawaii Stuffs

Finally my own huge ichigo Arpakasso! Another Neon Pink Arpa but larger than the one i had.
Marie Wooly Rose Sheep~ Sentimental and Gloomy! The arpakasso is 3-4 times more expensive than my clothes and stuffs..damn~

But still who is a happy kid right now? Me!!

Meow head wear from Star City lol!

Loving the pattern for my pillows~

Body care, Technical, etc

my sis skin whitened because of Nivea lotion so ill try it too :)
buy 1 take 1 Lulur, mane n' tail

i went to the dentist for cleaning, so i figured out my teeth is more sensitive than it was before due to drinking hot tea :))

New Pocket Hard Disk/HD, Speaker, and laptop fan all from cd-r king
ill just carefully use them, i know they are of low quality 

Priceless Key USB from my Dad

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