Post 528: Apple Mac iPad mini 16G Review + social and gaming etc apps + How i learned Katakana in less than a month (Requested)

iPad Mini Overview

Hi Dollies,

i have this for more than a month now and im Happy with it! 
if you are planning to buy an ipad mini, ill try to help you decide.
i Love everything about it from how thin it is, to how useful and fast it works!
i still think i have so many things to discover.

My Pink Case + Korilakkuma Pluggy Protector

photo below borrowed from i do not own it, all rights go to

Built-in Apps and My Apps
The Camera

The Camera
i love the simplicity of this device, even the camera, its 5mp
Autofocus, face detection. but no options like night mode, etc.
of course no flash.

Built-in Apps i Love
♠ Photo Gallery, Simple, fast!
♠ Safari Browser - the speed is fine with me that i did not even use chrome.
♠ Music and Videos
♠ Siri - i did play with her a little but im not too lazy to do things on my own most of the times hehe. one time i even told her to sing, she did but no tone ahaha!

for those who like book iBooks is available, i haven't tried face time

For more information on built in apps please click here

Apps from apple store
♠ Social: facebook, instagram, skype, and twittwer
-fb is working great on this one, you can even post status straight from your home page, as well as twitter, you just have to click the notification on the top and click post. i also tried to post an fb stat using Siri, she did great.
-instagram is a bit awkward because its its mobile size, you can full screen it but the text will be blurry, although the photos will look fine. i just use the small size coz im used to it.
-Skype is working great, the camera is also clear in the front.

♠ Photo Edit: Picsart, Decopic, Photo Toaster
Decopic resizing is not working properly on my ipad mini everything else is fine.

♠ Games: Temple Run, Candy Crush, Fix it Raplh, the Croods, Recipe Run, Avabel, Magic Tree. i only like Avalbel.

♠ Learning: Penultimate, Kana (for writing hiragana, katakana, kanji), Japanese (for sentences and words basic; SpeakEasy French. ill explain how i learned Katakana later in this post. Penultimate works amazing, i recommend you download it, and use a thin pen.

♠ Others: Super note. because ipad mini does not have a voice recorder, sometimes i record some of my lyrics, well one time hehe.

photos below are of my iPad mini screen shots, a week ago.

How to Learn Katakana
or any Japanese Writing

im so proud of me! i learned Katakana less than a month, in 3 weeks i think, and not daily. Each time my family are chilling in a cafe, i sit and sip, then i begin with my apps.

if the apps mentioned below are not available, please find a similar one.

Apps You will need
♠ Kana (for writing hiragana, katakana, kanji)
♠ Penultimate 

What To Do
♠ 30 minutes more or less for each lesson
The App have 10 lessons, sometimes when i know i can handle two lessons at a time i do that.
Take a Quize after the lesson. Quiz included in the App.
Practice Writing Using Penultimate or your Drawing/Note App.When i practice example: lesson 1-2, then i learned lesson 3, i will still write lesson 1,2, then 3, all together so i wont easily forget.

Gambate nehh! im going to learn Hiragana and Kanji too. Good Luck to us ^___^

Youtube, Reading Manga, Drama

i dont use the Youtube app, im too lazy to. Youtube works great on Safari browser and i can even see my playlist and everything.

The only problem is i can not stream korean and japanese drama straight from the site.
But if you download your episodes you can save it on your device and enjoy.

Manga: Kurage Hime / Jellyfish Princess

Avabel on ipad mini

My Line Play Character, add me ;)
i play it using another device coz its not supported by ipad
although you can play it on ipad on a really tiny screen mobile like

Photos of my Nub Avabel Character
i wish i have more time to play TT^TT


♠ 16,000 - 16G w/out Sim Card Slot

if you are getting the one with sim, i recommend getting a hands free device to receive your calls, i prefer this rather than headphones with mic, but its your choice.

♠ Very thin design, modern, not heavy!
♠ Simple and Fast
♠ Fast Charging
♠ Battery Lasts the whole day or more (with continuous usage)
♠ Clear Camera both back and front
♠ Social Apps
♠ Avabel, Gaming
♠ Learning Apps

♠ Camera has no options such as burst shot, etc.
♠ instagram and line play etc not available for ipad but available for mobiles. can be used still but not a proper size or pixelated if full screen.

Whew! There you have it! i wrote down a lot hehe
hope this can help someone :)

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by

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