{Sponsored Review} Crystal Opal Brown Lenses and FOTD

front photo only

♥ ~ Review: Crystal Lenses ~ ♥

Opal Brown 

Hi Dollies
So i thought ill do some Gaara Eyeliner/Arab style liner, pew pew! Finally the Graded lenses im waiting for has arrived yay~

Sponsored by Eye Candy Shop
The seller is so nice and really considerate :) They Have lots of Wigs and Contact lenses.
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Thank You Eye Candy Shop

Ms Alodia Pick for her Cosplay

Different colors Available

Opal Brown on Black eyes

Packaging and Details

kabuki Doll / Geisha Ghostly me

kunwari payat, nakuha sa angel un korean body lol

Price and Details
350 pesos non-graded
370 pesos graded

$8.62 US Dollars non-graded
$9.10 US Dollars graded

Origin Korea
Water content 42%
Diameter 14.8
Life span 1 year


Color and Design 
my eyes are brown, it kinda looks tri color now with this on, but it does not look bad, its actually cute. i think opal brown will look great on black eyes! opal brown design is dramatic but not so much. The black line is a little thin, so its just the right amount. i guess it can be used for a Gothic Brown Daily Outfit hehe.

its really light and you will not even remember your wearing a pair of lenses.

i really like this! im using it all week!
Horray for Crystal lenses! Of course all graded lenses need some little wait (pre-order)
i want to buy from all the series! *wish ko lang* 
Where to buy?
Sponsored by Eye Candy Shop

Precautions and Safety from Amz
♠ i only use my lenses max 4-5 hours a day
 i use a trusted brand of solution
 always make sure your hands and lenses case are clean
 you can use a contact lenses clip instead of your bare hands
 i have sensitive dry eyes, i bring with me my eye-drop everywhere, i use eye mo
 don't wear lenses the whole day, your eyes need a break from lenses or eyeglasses from time to time
♠ never use contact lenses while cooking, or near anything hot like shabu-shabu, bbq, smoke.

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What Do You Gals Think? Would You Wear this?

Gloomy Bear Nails~

me sporting my nails lols, this day i tried eyeliner
only on my upper line, i wonder if it looks ok hmm

♥ ~ Gloomy Bear Nails ~ ♥

Hi Gals! How yall doin'? ;) i am not obsessed with gloomy bear, i do collect some but not as many as my other friends, because i have so many characters i like lols i can not focus on just one, and i kinda stopped panic buying plushies.

My first nail polish work this year is no other than this pink japanese bear, so kawaii even with blood, and who does not want blood these days? its so in! vampires and all lol joke :P

Anyhow this is totally unplanned, i wanted to polish my nails then i saw my baby pink color which i never used before, then i thought "wait...i have a red color! omg this means GLOOMEHH!!"
it turned out exactly as i wanted but i duno if its pretty for yall hehe since not everyone is a fan of gloomy but yah here it is :)

i hope you like Gloomy too, oh here is a link where you can see my other posts about gloomy ;)

You can also follow me on instagram for gloomy photos, insta name: punkybunny
i changed my name hehe


i thought i'd do more dramatic blood drops, coz me gustah

mini hand of gloomy awww~

partner in crime, red OPI mini
i like mini things :)) 

i used a toothpick to create the dripping blood, i feel more
ok using this than a brush

im thinking to make korilakkuma next
but right now i feel like velvet hehe anyway i hope i get more ideas, time, and inspiration to do nail stuffies in the future :D
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 aMZzki  aMZzki  aMZzki

User Name: PunkyBunny

Happy Punky Bunny (Shopping, Gals Meet Up, Drama List, etc)

Hi :)) Me and my Shappo. he/she arrived before
the new year :) its a rare find in my country, yatta~

♥ ~ StarBucks Planner ~ ♥

i just started collecting January 7th and got it 
after aweek or two :P

pasta and hummus combo, hmmm i didn't know
they had hummus. well im not a coffee lover
either but this one is so good! Pepper Mint <3 i="">
i often order choco chip

i thought i'd never find a black planner!
it was actually out of stock at SM Masinag and
Galleria. i claimed mine at Stalucia branch :)

i started using a planner when i was in Primary school; as early as grade 3? im not sure. it was from my Dad's company. My sisters' just used it as a drawing book, they  were as young as 3 yrs old. Back then i used it as a planner/diary. i actually use loads of notebooks to organize. Minsan nakakahilo hehe

♥ ~ Gloomy Bear Nails ~ ♥

me, Rhen, and Taht w/ the pink cute thing

cute coin bank my friends were obsessing about hehe

first time! We are "lolas" grandmas lol :)) tried the massage chair, we were laughing hard coz we didn't expect it to be a harsh massage, kala ko mild lang...pati pwet nadamay pa XD
it was actually relaxing!
These two lovely ladies are my online friends like hmm so many years now, we met back at 2008, crunchyroll, tagalogXD group. 3 of us were moderators. We had total of 6 moderators but sadly, we can not meet. out of country, out of town, and the only guy moderator is busy.

This is our 6th meet up! i have so much memories with these people, Tagaytay Zip line and Mei Dolls Maid Cafe, gaming, anime, etc. 

Anyway we eat at BK, shopping at Rustan's, and Arcade instead of a movie. House of the Dead and the one where you play korean songs and press the beats on the screen, nakakaloka lang :))

♥ ~ Shopping ~ ♥

some stuffies last December
kyaaaa! Cha cha maru, Nyanpire, jiji, and gloomy bear! mini kori and Masemunya

Strawberry head Rila, Mushroom Kori, Arpakasso, and the sponsored lenses from

bought some graded lenses, it only toke a week to arrive! fast service!
Two Graded lenses for 600 and free shipping! oh diba?! why not :P
Reviews coming soon

ok so im obsessed with owls, i mean i like them but i'm not
so obsessed hehe. Freakin' cute shirt from Bayo for 395 pesos
other colors available! i picked the darkest one, excited to wear!

Oh Mahhhh!!! Dream Bag! lovely just my style! not too colorful
im boring..i know lols XD gomene :P but im a rock chic i guess..
teka chicks ako? hmmm nahh :)) This one is from the Movie series


this is how i feel:

Tokidoki bags are available at Rustan's Department Store, Makati. They are having
an on going sale! sadly this one was not on sale huhu~ the whole dept. store is 
on sale! i really like the bags at Rustans. some of them are the latest edition. Hello Kitty, and Harajuku bags also available, you can find some sweet decoration bags, classy, and so on. 

i am in search for dr martens creepers shoes! i hope i can buy one soon but not so soon, must save up first hehe 

Latest Happenings
-well i lost my passport last year, so i need a new one...nkkinis hehe kasi tinatamad ako/lazy.
-the weather is making me too lazy to workout, ang lamig, so cold burr~
-promised my self that i will love my self more this year. Not in a vain way, its just that i always think about others first rather than my self in making my life decisions. its time for me to think about me, because its my life and i need to move forward.

Planning to
Rest from shopping next month. im sure i will want to buy some stuff but i shall limit. kaya yan! aja fight! :P

Listening to / Play List

Baby Cry - TAP (OST Full House2) the song above or listen here 
Cheo Eum Keu - Lee Bo Ram (OST Full House1)
i think i - Byul (OST Full House1)
it Hurts - 2NE1

♥ What am i watching Lately 
1. Densha Otoko - Saiko! lots of artist and great story. whew!

2. Cheongdamdong  Alice - i like the story but its too serious right now hehe
3. Missing You - i only watched until the ep she returned to korea, i dont finish half of the dramas im watching because its either predictable or too dramatic.
4. Girl - Japanese Movie, its so good! its about a Gyaru turning 29 yrs old; and other problems of women who are in their 30's

5. Werewolf - Korean Movie. i am curious for this one but last time i checked it wasn't subbed yet

6. Flower Boy Next Door - last ep i was laughing my ass when one of them tried to model
7. Hotaru no Hikari - the story is interesting, kind of reminds me of "Switch Girl"
8. Switch Girl Season 2 - i stopped watching after she was kidnapped but ill probably go watch again once i am bored.

9. Attention Please - i was so curious that i finished this in two days only, skipped few dramatic scenes but thats it. its only 11 or 13 eps. About a rocker chic who wanted to be a Cabin Attendant/ Flight Stewardess. i actually applied to PAL one time but did not pass because i have two scars on my right hand. Well i applied because my mom pushed me. i dont want to work as a CA/FA not my style. Back to the drama the girl acting is kind of not natural but its acceptable and ok to watch. one guy reminded me of Vic Zhou.

so many on my watch list, thats like Dec-Jan hehe

Oh yah! im not posting so much food in here anymore, im posting them on instagram now hehe
i hope i can find the time to blog more, and read more blogs  Ja Neh xoxo

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Gloomy Bear Nails~
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