Tama Matsuri (Part 1: Cosplay)

i was not able to take loads of photos of all cosplayers (im a little shy) XD
i think cosplayers are brave, they wear what they want and go ahead and just do it :)
Part 2 will be the Shops and kawaii items sold in the event ;) im still arranging the shop and photos, i was going to make this 1 post but too many photos...your pc might freeze :P hehe
On this same day i went to Etude which i posted about, i also went to Bon Chon and bought Mochi icecream <3 posting about it soon :">

Next cosplay event im going to is next month April :D 

Which one is ur fave from these photos? ;) Do you cosplay? if yes tell me asap! hahahah :)) 

my favorite!

Me and the cool cosplayer hehe

this person kinda looks like Ji Hoo :">

Kawaii deshooo?~

areehh..dare deska? masaka... =P

Girl: nani nani?...dare da?~ Pyon~~ Joke :)) 

Kakoiii soshte kawaiiii des neh~

Small Haul desu~

Tama Matsuri (Part 2: Shops)

Tama Matsuri Cosplay Event P3: Art, Music, Gundam

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its..im so jelly Anniversary :3

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Small Haul from Etude etc ;D

OMG finally got something from Etude! ive been itching to buy anything from a korean store coz ive been in a makeup shopping ban coz i have more than i can actually use, i gave out some already, i have to hit pan >_<

Anyway it was kinda half fail coz i bought Korilakkuma Stuff and some skincare stuff this Feb-March

and January expenses was insane coz of my Beach getaway =P But hey i didnt shop cosmetics from Jan-March and what i bought here is parfum and skincare, nail care <3 half win :D

ive read good reviews on Nivea deo and Asian Secret Scrub, and suddenly im not that lazy in coloring my nails :P ive been wanting a perfume for so long and im glad i waited till this came out X3 so pretty and smells good too..just my style ;)

Milk Talk in chocolate ohhh~ finally me and val were excited about this babe! heavenly smell~~~~ i cant wait to try it out :">

My first item from TFS/The Face Shop is a nail polish bought it for P40 i think or 30 somewhere ;) just in time..i wanted a nude color..lucky da neh~ :D

Bobbie Nail polishes are affordable and not that bad either ;) they are less than a dollar..35 pesos each

NEWS: Girls im attending the Event for Etude Next month..i think April 21st Saturday :D tell me if ur attending the same day, ill be glad to see some of you :)

See yah at North Edsa xoxo

Reviews coming soon ^____^ 

Magnum Like or Dislike?

So far i tried
- Almonds: Very Sweet
- Original: Right amount of Sweetness
- ill try the other flavors hmmm, cant get my hands on them

Truthfully speaking im not a sweet-tooth person..i dont eat icecream, maybe once or twice a year :)) im not exaggerating XD This is my 2 first icecream this year, just because of all the fuss i had to get them.

i just got curious, everyone is posting themselves on facebook with this thing! which made me think like "is there a contest in Magnum, u need to post ur self with it?" i have nothing against it but it got me puzzled, i also wanted to try it coz i missed it. 

The thing is its yummy yes it is but i easily get tired of the flavor and all..
its P50 pesos! P60 in 7-11 more than a Dollar, Corneto is just 20 pesos and honestly i like cones better than sticks.

Magnum is not that bad but i really think the price is just too much..ill buy it for 20-30 pesos but not 50! i can buy Italian Gelato for only P60-P80 pesos.

Family Magnum History: When i was living in Saudi my mom was "nglilihi" she was craving for Magnum when she was pregnant with our youngest sister. Me and my other sis Phatz we used to buy her sacks of them from the store, and im not sure how much it was back then..the color of the packaging was Blue back in 1995.

i Wonder What yall think about this though :)

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Haul: New Korilakkuma and Kawaii Stuffs ◕‿‿◕

*insert glory tone* Ahhhhhhh~ Korilakkuma desssyoohhh!!

You probably saw me on a photo with the medium sized 17-18 inches Korilakkuma
i posted a photo on Etude Cookie and Lip Review ;)

Sonna kotooh purse-o~ *Nose Bleed~~~~~* lolz

Who da hell is Rafael? O_Olll
Bought this from Clippers Store

tadaaa be organized with cuteness! omooohhh~

there are actually 4 of them, but i gave the orange one away :P
my fave is the Strawberry then 2nd fave is melon

Below are some stuffs i bought from JapanStuff Closet like mid or end of Feb and still not arrived...=_____=

photo credit of Sweety Bear House :)
when ill receive my cup im sure ill just use it once and then after that its for "display only" hehe

List of the Online Shops and Stores

Toyzavenue Zhop - shop on fb, i bought the medium plushie sized 17-18 inches and got 2 freebies not just one! the freebie is a small korilakkuma and an ala Jasmine cp chain..omg she figured me out :O :P the seller is so nice and they shipped it fast too :D

Pooholic's Corner - bought the pouch from here, shes also nice and fast shipping ^^

WeLove ClayShop - 2 stationaries, the organizer, and 1 nail polish from "the face shop"
fast shipping and also a nice seller ;) you think i say that to everyone now lolz but really they were all nice

JapanStuff Closet - bought the Cup and coin purse, was going to buy 2 other items but they were not available or the other one was too pricey..anyway i wonder what happened to my order..she was the first shop i ordered from but still did not arrive.

Clippers - the pen and plastic 

Japan Store - the Cute notebooks, i bought other stuff too but they are just daily essentials like scissors, etc.

Mini Cup Noodle is cute i like mini me stuffs..its 3 inches and a half in height <3

Pink Sparkling Fading Nails

Saw this nail polish in the house and its my sis Zai polish :P they have quite a collection but all the colors she have is too funky for my taste..anyway i decided to go Girly ;)) and try pink and also fading effect, since ive seen many of bloggers doing it specially the Etude Collection, the orange one last year was a hit! im not a Nail Polish savvy or hoarder, i dont really spend so much time and money on nails..just an average girl nail thinggy hehe

i liked the result O_O and also i bought 2 other sparkle-ish nail polish coz i liked the sparkles so muchhh omg edward spark for me now XD

Kawaii Erasers from Pink Clouds

this is the packaging..so kawaii~ nihon des...anoh...iwako des =3

im a sucker for this kind of stuff coz i used to collect erasers, well im still collecting detailed ones, and unique...but not as much when i was in elementary and high school

aw cuteness

Mooo~ Oink Boink~ *insert ninja girl voice from Kill Me Baby* Buta desyooohh~~

Thank You Pink Clouds  http://pinkcloudsz.blogspot.com/   check her page gals she always post kawaii and cool reviews..Arigatou Gozaimas for this Gift, its just too cute to use hehe :P ill add them to my collection ;) 

Review and FOTD: Etude Cookie Blusher and Dear Darling Petit Lip


Etude Cookie Blusher no 5

♠ Cute packaging and puff
♠ it has Gold Shimmer if you like a youthful and glowy finish like J. Lo
♠ Lovely teen-ish effect result, youll look younger in this color

♠ this kind of packaging can be seen in Tony Moly and other Korean brands too
♠ not that pigmented you have to put on 2-3 times to make it visible
♠ the lasting power is very usual..1-2hrs i think or 3hrs depends on the weather..i live in philippines hot and rainy all the time.

i love this color combined with the etude lip below, it gives a youthful glow so i like this despite the cons ;) the price is P328 pesos / $7.63

Will i repurchase?
nah..i want to buy something else from Etude and this will last me like a very long time ;)

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Dear Darling Petit Lip #OR201  

♠ Super Cute Packaging! i Love Etude packaging so much they're so adorable!
♠ Tiny! i have a fetish for tiny things its like 2 1/2 inches..more or less
♠ Lovely color - Orange Peach

♠ Drys my lips even after putting on lipbalm
♠ Shiny finish 

Will i repurchase?
Probably not, ill try something else from Etude Lipsticks :)

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items used
♠ Bobbi Brown Brushies
♠ Sigma Miss Taylor Brush
♠ Etude Stippling Brush

♠ Tony Moly Dear Me BB Cream (forgot to include in the photo)
♠ Maybeline 3in1 Powder
♠ Etude Cookie Blushier no 5 

♠ Sleek (Color Regal only) for lining to make my eyes more visible
♠ Revlon Satin - for natural eyeshadow bg (i wanted a natural simple youthful look)
♠ Etude Mascara
♠ Elf Liner for my brows (just a tiny one on the right to make up for the gap)
♠ used the brush of the Brow to define and clean my lashes and brow

♠ Benefit High Beam Highlighter
♠ eos lipbalm (forgot to include in the photo)
♠ Tony Moly  2 way Lip Liner
♠ Etude Dear Darling Petit Lip OR201

Too many prods lolz i know right? :)) i was just so hyper in doing my makeup yesterday :P
so lads there you have it :D sorry if i did not show a close up of my eyes but it was just too simple, if you want to see a review on one of the items above just use the search bar ;) ive reviewed almost all of them already..Banzai! teehee~

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Crazy Crepes (Boracay)

i kinda wished i bought a Crumble instead hehe

The Strawberry, Stawberry Mango, also the Cappuccino looks delicious <3

Tuna Wasabe, Tuna Mayo, Pork, Ham and Cheese...odd, seems like a very japanese ideal flavors desneh?

Aw its melting already..My Choco Banana desu~ <3 its really small though..like 1 scoop of tiny icecream and 1 sliced tiny banana..i wish i bought the Crumble instead it looked like it has more in it hehe but still..it was Yummy, specially on a hot day with a scorching sun beside the white beach ~ <3

Located at D' Mall

What else from Boracay? 

Boracay Philippines (part 1): Walk with me ♥

Boracay Philippines (part 2): the Beach ♥

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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