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GO OMBRE the Korean Way

Hi Everyone

Doing Ombre on Afro Hair DIY
This style is so 2011, i know right? :))

How to DIY Ombre Hair
How to do Ombre on Afro Hair
How to do Ombre on Curly Hair

But the reason why i'm doing this is because i want to try bleaching before i color my hair red so the color will be brighter, and i really just wanted to try this.

What Will You Need?
♠ for simple hightlights 1 box
for whole hair bleaching (short hair 1-2 boxes) (Long Hair 2-3 boxes)
♠ Old Shirt you do not mind to get hair dye color on
♠ Scissors
♠ Syrgical Gloves
♠ Comb
♠ Hair Clips (for dividing hair)
♠ Empty Plastic Cup♠ Plastic Fork (i used a fork because it mixes much better)
♠ Petroleum Jelly to put behind ur ears and the areas where you do not want the coloring to stick like your forehead and neck
♠ Any Big Plastic that can be cut on the side then used as a cape or cut it to look like a square then cut a circle in the middle then wear it
♠ Someone that can help you color the back of your hair if your doing a full hair bleach
♠ IMPORTANT: Hair Treatment or Hair mask that will be used after the process of coloring


Why does the model brows look bleached? lol for sure its makeup
silly me~

the box is as big as my hand

cut or pull the side of the box to see the instructions
its written inside the box

Be careful when you place the powder!
just create a small opening at first and make sure the distance between you and the packet is enough to not make any powder get into your eyes.

Also do not be in-front of an electric fan while doing this omg!

Beat the powder packet! Tap it many times so the product will go down~

if you think the packet is empty take your scissors and open the whole side of the packet to check if there is still some left

Now open the Lotion Packet and Gradually place an amount, mix it while Applying slowly more lotion to the cup.

aw the color is so cute
cotton blue

i bought these from Landmark
i have a super fluffy hair and curly hair so a regular brush wont do
i also need the long thinggy to divide my hair while bleaching

1. Started with the front
2. Divided my hair then spread some color
3. i asked for help for my hair at the back because
i cannot see it, but it turned out theres already color :)

Results~ the morning after~ Only washed it once, right after i applied
my apologies if i kinda look crappy, i just woke up and toke photos
for the review.

i have really thick hair so i used two boxes but if i really wanted to bleach the whole thing i think it will cost me 4 to 5 boxes my gosh!

i basically did this on my own, so i left my hair in-front of my right cheeks when i was doing my back, i did not roll it to a bun. Genius~ (sarcastic) You know what happened? i broke out! i have a pimple! TAT but its all ok i guess~

Crappy photo of me on the left
ill upload more results here soon

♠ Price 148 pesos
♠ instrunctions in english
♠ it works for Ombre
♠ No strong smell (it still smells like chemicals for hair dye but not that strong)
♠ DIY lot cheaper than a salon and also you are doing it your self so its kinda, i did it! yay!

♠ not recommended for dry hair
♠ my hair felt dry after
♠ not recommended for people who are on the go and looking for a complete package

♠ wash your hair a day before, do not wash it the day your going to color it, so that the coloring will be more effective.♠ comb your hair right before coloring it
♠ you can also use the comb/hair brush they use in salons for coloring. Watsons/Landmark
♠ do not use any products on your hair the day your going to color, no hair oils, sprays, etc
♠ do not over use it, only till 40 minutes, your hair might get cooked/damaged.
♠ if its really itchy or unbearable, wash your hair asap, something might be wrong, and we do not want anything tragic to happen to your hair and scalp.
♠ find a partner in crime, someone that can help you to color your hair

Will i repurchase? / Verdict
Very Nice Product to go ombre! But personally since i don't want to go ombre again, i wont repurchase.

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
Please do Leave a comment below if you have questions or anything to say~
i Dont Bite hehe~ Thankies~

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