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Hi Eevryone~

its time for an adventure! i am going to Tokyo lol nahhh i wish! Anyway we had the funds to go to Japan this year but things happened. Hopefully i can go next year.

So i finally made it to this place called "Little Tokyo" in Makati City, Philippines.

Be in Tokyo without Traveling.
Most people who own the restaurants are Japanese, who work and visit are also japanese.
You can tell that the food is Authentic.

The place is really quiet and nice, people are kind too, i asked for directions and they were always polite.

i went at night (i dont like going out during the day much) if im commuting, id rather go out at night.

Arrived 8:30-9pm, love the shrine like entrance!
 sorry it was too dark for me to take a photo and my ipad mini has no flash huhu~ The place is so small, maybe they had like 5 restaurants. Hana Restaurant has a big Flag that says Hana, i was pretty much on a hurry so i wasn't able to take a photo too. Anyhow there's loads of Japanese people and rayman (Salary Man) type of guys, and as i was walking a shibuya girl like passed by and a group of japanese men in their 30s too. i was like "OMG i feel like im in a Japanese Drama lol~" well too much Jap Drama lately hehe. The paths are also cute, like little shrines too or something.

Adorable Display

Left Side of Hana
TV on a Japanese Channel, you can see the Chef and Kitchen

Left Side of Hana
The Chef is busy and on fire, nice~

The Middle area

The kawaii neko cat charm caught my attention

Right Side
You can see The Takoyaki cooking outside (door is open)
im sitting and this is our table with a mango smoothie

Drinks 70-90pesos

Bad Gloomy! Trying to steal my icedtea lol

Ramen 180-220pesos
i asked for a none meat version, to pull out the porklets (kinda have an allergy)

Yakisoba 180-280pesos

Takoyaki 120 pesos for 6pcs (if i remember right)

The shredded toppings were alive! they were dancing and moving without any wind
i was entertained ahaha!

Personal Food Critique
Claim: The review below is from my own personal taste; different people have different taste in food, ill just explain my own critique and experience.

it was indeed pleasing and authentic, the noodles is different from the other noodle textures i tried.
However the taste of the soup was somewhat lacking, i am not sure if Soy Ramen are suppose to be like this, i expected it to be tasty, but aside from that all is good. its worth trying out!

its a tasteful dish but you must eat it while its still hot, the moment it gets cold the taste becomes sour.

The size of the serving is big! you can taste and see the taco/octopus inside it. i like the takoyaki so much however the sauce is too sour for my taste, i wish they offered or had sauce options. This could be perfect with a little bit of sweet and spicy sauce rather than sour.

The Staff are nice, The place is clean and neat, they have a Kotatsu room/table.
You can always go here with your family, friends, or even a date.
And more over this place makes you feel like your in Tokyo.

Restaurant Details
Restaurant Hana is located at:
Unit 1. 2277 Little Tokyo Chino Roces Ave. Makati City

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 14:30, 18:00 - 23:00
Sat - Sun: 11:30 - 23:00

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