Post #514 March Update: Shopping, Line Play, Cleaned Brushies (◕‿◕✿)

March 2013

Heya Dollies~ (≧ω≦)

How yall been? Another Month, Another Chance to be Happy~
i am sharing my laptop with someone that's why it toke me so long to post >,<

i want to go out of town this month, because April is my family summer time :)
i need to go beachin' T^T to the beach :P

Eyeglasses on! so this is how i look like when im wearing them hehe~
me this last weekend, classic grey lenses and no eye makeup~

me with my cute Kori
 someone is angry? see the evil glare behind me?~

Etude House

Pore Ever Stick - 428 Pesos (Review Soon)
i need something to cover the pores on my nose and cheeks, ive been wanting this for like last month pa. You can Reserve pala in Etude House and they will just text you if the item is in stocks again. brilliant! made this reserved last Feb :)

Black Head Removal Dual - 78 Pesos

Free Nymph Volumer & Mineral BB sampler

Tony Moly

this is my favorite cleanser! works great on my skin not too harsh and whitens too :)

White & Soft Cotton Puff - 128 pesos

Dr Tony AC Control Spot Patch - 58 pesos

Egg Pore Nose Pack - 28 pesos


i just wanted to try the Olay Cleanser and Day Cream my sister is raving about it.
need something for my chapped lips~
baby shampoo to clean my brushies~
wet wipes to clean my bruhies while im using them~
Shower Cap for better results of conditioning and Masking my stubborn hair~

Swell Stuff

most of the time i buy from Clippers but this one is bought from Swell Stuffs~

Clippers Store
Shappo/Sentimental Circus meron na! omg~
Rilakkuma Contact Lenses Case and tools~luv it!
Korilakkuma pluggie~

Saizen Store
Organizer Box - so useful and yuh im obsessed with organizing~
Dust Remover - perfect for my plush toys ive been looking for something like this for ages
Cleansing Pad~
Pocky and Pretz~
Driving Gloves - my hands are slippery hehe~

why is it always cuter when the product is japanese?

i already have a green one from the grocery lol but i wanted to try a new one.
this one is much milder looking but it turns out its harsher than my last one
because its firmer. it works though! ever since ive been using these my white
heads and black heads almost gone! 

my Line Play ID is aMZzki
my code invite is full gomene but you can add me up ;)
my house is kinda empty though huhu~

cleaned my fave brushies~
keeping a clean brush is a must if you dont want your face to get
irritations and pimples or what so ever~

And thats all for this post~ whew!
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