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Snoe Awesome Poresome
Microdermabrasion Retexturizing Polish

My skin Type is "Oily - Acne prone"
i have pores on my nose and cheeks. im also not eager to go to the dermatologist every month or 2 weeks. The term Mictodermabrasion and Retexturizing really got my attention. ive had this for 1-2 months now, i use it once or twice a week or every other day.

Price: 399 Pesos

a strategic attack on misbehaving pores Awesome Poresome Dermabration Retexturing Polish helps smooth out fine lines, decongests skin, even out skin tone,Helps fade discoloration and encourage cell turnover.It will leave skin significantly smoother, younger looking, radiant and revitalized. A powerful and highly effective exfoliating treatment that also addresses dull, aging, flaking and congested complexion


♠ Smooth out fine lines (works through using religiously)

♠ Decongests skin (works)

♠ Even out skin tone (works, you can see a bit of difference)

♠ Helps fade discoloration (works, it has the ingredients for this)

♠ Encourage cell turnover (i guess this works but i cant see my cells you know hehe)

♠ Smoother, younger looking (works)

♠ Radiant and revitalized (works)

♠ it exfoliates well
♠ it actually works on my pores, i can see the results immediately!
♠ smooth and small particles
♠ not chunky and messy
♠ menthol feel while using it, a nice cold refreshment for your skin

♠ none

if not used with in a week or two my pores begin to look more visible but its not the product's fault. pores and skin need some caring and maintenance. This just proves that the product actually worked.

The package says rub for 2 minutes, i rub my face mildly and count 60 then count 60 again lol or you can use a timer. if its too harsh for you to rub for 2 minutes, rub for 1 minute. 
if i use this on my face like a facial wash, rubbing then washing right after, i don't think there will be much results then. i recommend you rub for 1-2 minutes.

Will i repurchase?

You can purchase online here 

i totally love this! its like a facial mask and exfoliator in one! my face look brighter and smoother right after. if you have Oily Skin this is perfect for you! 

it did not completely got rid of my pores but its now really smaller. i also use Star Night Star Bright Toner (Review Here) it results might be the combination of the two products together!

i also use a mild cleansing pad.

Who wouldn't like a little help ei? to control your pores, you must control your face oiliness, i use facial wash, toner, and oil control sheets.

if you want your pores to completely be gone, see your dermatologist. And that is all, i hope this was kind of helpful :)

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