Shopping again! Haul Tops, pants, the bag, and so on

The Jelly Bags of SM Malls, for minimum purchase of 3,000 pesos, but seriously i dont
think i can use it outside the house, just put some stuff in it, it will be useful for house-hold use
its just another marketing stunt by SM hehe

jewels SALE sells some stuff pretty cheap

Love! Love the leopard, pink top!


bought this for my sis, thought it looked a little Retro, dont ya think? hehe

Rock ON!

From Random Shops

Gift from Dad <3

So prolly by now you know i like Tigers and Leos..damn :P

Me sporting my "Like a Sir" Shirt and i look...Handsome :D XD

 failed to photo my new jacket from Jag Thug
so here is my picture wearing it. its Black with
silver designs, tribal and floral...i think..yeh!
This is what i call Arabian Tea/Coffee Jacket hehe

Smokey Black

Dark Blue

The bag hmmmm..

guess?..its my umbrella but i already bought another one hehe

Yes i will show you my Zebra Print Socks XD
bought 2 socks from D store, chequered and im wearing the other one so i cant show it lol


im keeping these posts to track my spendings and the things i buy/own so i wont be buying and hoarding so much O_O im so frugal muwahahaha! P.S. - jewel tops, the bag, and i think the pants too were on sale XD
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