Kawaii Korilakkuma Collection Haul and Update =3

this is how the collection looks so far

These are my new babies!

K-On, Chopper, panda, Rilakkuma and Korilakuma <3
Rilakkuma Note, Kori pen, Kori Bookmark but ill convert it to a keychain or pendant
Rilakkuma stickers classic and France Edition OMG i didnt get to photo the France edition will post it next time :3
Rilakkuma note kyaaa i Love Kori in her Pink Squirrel Suit <3
im still searching for a plushie and kori head from this Forest Collection >,<
How cute right? Stationary Love <3 eventhough im not going to use any

im....FABULOUS! hehe =P
something to add color to my boring room, im so lazy with decorating my wall ;)
Crushies Grey and the Policeman with Black hair plus cigar, i always forget the names in Gintama

i contoured my whole face today..
nose, jaws, cheeks, and lips >,<

le lamb~ Meeeeeeehhh~ 
ive been collecting different stuffs since i was in Elementary in KSA/Saudi, it just changes from time to time..
i like hanging out in places where they sell school supplies but cute ones, since elementary ive been fond of buying kawaii erasers and sharpeners, stickers, notebooks, stationary, stamps, etc 
i collected so many i needed 3-4 sticker books (they got stolen in my school, i got sad a little but then blahh so i stopped collecting stickers, only few remained) i still have some of the stickers i collected in my elementary days :)

My dad gave me poster stickers the classic ones as a collection but it got confiscated lol i was Grade 3 i think

i also buy anything in an unusual size, like mini pens, bags, large pens, pencils etc, and odd stuffs but my dad was kinda my partner in crime! and usually the stuffs that my Dad gave me are the ones which gets me in trouble and then confiscated lol XD

Epic Elementary Moment: 
When i was in Grade 3, i bought a Ballpen to school, of course i showed it to everyone! its quite big if you have a ballpen in grade 3 hehe. Our teacher forgot her ballpen and she asked if someone has one, since ive been bragging about my pen the whole day everyone knew i have a ballpen, i was going to close my bag, but when i looked at my bag the pen was gone...too late..they are giving it to my teacher and my heart when totog-totog...Why? she opened the pen and it EXPLODED ON HER FACE! 

That pen holds a red-plastic explosive, the one they use in play-guns back in the 90's

i was going to make a prank on someone in the school damn....KARMA! i didnt even get to prank anyone. The teacher was so shocked and terrified, again...i was sent to the School Adviser office...(the teacher was pinching my ear while sending me there) 
im well known there and in Principal office too ahahah XD i bring stuff to school that are out of this world always.

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Kori Head Lamb -  https://www.facebook.com/raising.onlinestore 
K-on and Rila Kori mini King - 
Rila note and stickers - 
Mini Chopper and Panda pouch - 

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