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Flowers / الزهور / 

Hi Ladies & Gents
(British accent) its time to feel the heat ya? Did you miss me? hehe. Well i miss my blog too! So much work, so little time to rest and do chores, working 6 days a week..And guess what? My laptop died the other day, so...files for blog are missing but do not worry ill get them back. 

Anyway i want to post Makeup and Hauls soon!
Expect Fashion Reviews and Nail Decals, its time to do this! Focusing on work is just stressful and we all know how nail polish and makeup can sooth the mood.

i just realized i made a rant, Currently watching "The Game of Thrones". (insert medieval english accent)  My apologies my people, i...princess aMz shall take down all 7 nations! And together we will rule forever! (back to usual accent) Well if a flower house and park is ok with you and not a palace ahaha...just kiddin'.

i hope you will like my photos using ipad mini

The Park
Me with my lovely friend Maggy and her mum, with her mum's friends too went on a Valentines get a away. So my date was Maggy it was scorching hot that day, i regret wearing contact lens and no hat, but i was still wearing sunglasses. it was still fun though.

 am i in wonderland?

this car is pretty, i doubt anyone could drive this, or is it working? oh i wish it was working!

Hearts either ruined this shot or not.

 i was running like a mad Heidi! Thy art, thy winds, thy colors, them feels.

The fields, i wish i could go to the north, i am sure much more lilies and roses reside there
Although these are just flowers and daisies, its still breath taking

nature is such a beauty

so pretty


swans in love

i can drink peacefully here, if only they served tea, this was just a place for rest or its yet unfinished.

red and art

instagram photos

ID PunkyBunny
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Vintage, Class, and Beauty!

i was afraid of the pots to suddenly fall down that day, it was windy.
Pastel Love! The colors were soft and mind soothing 

i like these, meow meow 

Mooooo~ if you know what i mean :))

my mini calendar

yours truly

Wish List

Black and Florals is Love!

i kinda fancy this

Haul / Sponsors / Review soon

From DressLily
(Waiting for the package) Will review it soon

From DressLily
i wish they will arrive soon, i think next week

my love for dark vintage floral will never fade

with the result of mine will be like above

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