Post 524: iron man 3 in 3D Review

Why did i watch this?
i like Tony and the creator Stan Lee. i watched 1 and 2 but for this one i was skeptical at first because i did not like the trailer, it looked corny, like they ruined it. i was wrong though.

snow baby! And Terrorist racism hehe.

Love the story! And how tha main character was the one narrating it.

2D-3D Effects
it was ok. nothing special throwing objects and stuff like that but the good old nice suits!

Love it! More than Iron Man 2. This was much fun to watch and also a bit personal close up to his feelings after all that alien attack from The Avenger's happened. What i thought was going to be the story based from the trailer i watched was completely thrown away. i was so wrong...the story was way better than i expected.

Do i recommend this?
Yes! And do watch on Big Screens in 3D! bring family or a date! Beware its "bitin" The ending makes you want to watch some more. After the credits there is a little thing but not that important though. Cant wait for another Marvel movie. Thor is coming and Captain America ayiiii~

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