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My blogger sis Helen of luckycitrine has been raving about this toner, and i bought this a month ago or maybe longer, if you follow me on instagram @PunkyBunny you have probably seen my snoe mini haul photo. it includes Collagen Red Soap bar and Awesome Poresome which i will be reviewing in the future. i love how the packaging looks like a "mana potion" (gamer) or a potion bottle from Alice in wonderland vintage era.

Night Perfection Toner

♠ Anti-aging
i only have few mini wrinkles but i've noticed they are less visible now
(after looking so close lol i only have under eye wrinkles)

♠ Whitening
it works!

♠ Anti-Acne
yes, it works! finally a toner that is not so rough that works on oily skin acne prone.

♠ Exfoliating
mild exfoliation, perfect for those who can not use scrubs to exfoliate because they have sensitive skin, at least your skin will get some with this toner without harming your skin.

♠ Pore Refining
not a huge difference but with regular use it might show some difference.

♠ Spot Remover
works when used regularly, my spots are lessened, i only have red spots, discoloration in my skin pigment after a pimple is gone.

♠ Price is 179 pesos, affordable! thats like $4 - $5 US dollars
♠ i love the ingredients Vitamin C, Acai berry,Vitamin V3, peg 40, Lavender Essence.
♠ i love this toner! its better than any toner ive used so far, better than korean toner pa!
♠ you know it works because it gives a tingling feeling, but not so harsh.

♠ im not sure if this is ok for super sensitive skin.
♠ the cap is tricky, it looks like it will open anytime or spill some product but no worries because ive heard that snoe is chaning the bottle/packaging for this one.
♠ not available in other countries

(although i heard that snoe is going to be available in other countries soon.
You can buy online here:
but again its in pesos so im not sure either if its ok to buy from abroad. i hope it will be available for everyone soon! the products work amazingly.

Will i repurchase?
yes! ive notice my skin is clearer and brighter, fair, i look prettier! what else would i want right? of course ill repurchase hehe. Thank You so much Snoe for having this awesome toner! the name suits the product, so dreamy. i can't wait for the improved version and bottle. 

i totally recommend this!

i have 4 more snoe prods to review, i hope i can post them soon :)

so nice of Snoe <3 nbsp="" p="">

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Photo from Snoe Website

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