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Hi Dollies! i knew it! she likes Enrique yay! this dancing Rila is Enrique lolz
long typing awaits below lol, if your interested in some prods
oh yah, i need some advice regarding hair stuffs, anyhow enjoy my rant xD 
i hope no one is experiencing the same or something, not a big deal though.

Watsons and mall

Revlon Color Stay - 825 pesos
The lady from watsons megamall suggested that i should get the shade buff, but i was telling her i needed a darker shade, she then said she really thinks my shade is buff, so in my mind i was like. hmm she's the expert so why not? But it was not my shade. sabi na eh! now i have to buy another one. i'd probably buy the one in my shade or ill buy a darker shade and mix them together? i think that's more safe. (review soon)

Myra E Moisturizer 100-200 pesos
i want to try putting on moisturizer first, the foundation or bb creams that i am using right now becomes flaky somehow (skin getting old?) i should clean my brushies too :P
i was going to buy the tinted one but the shade available was in Ivory which is a light shade for me.

The Rilakkuma and BearBrick dark vader from Clippers, the earrings from Kila
most photos below are from my instagram username PunkyBunny

Etude house new polish color yay~
NOTD post here:

i want to color my hair DIY because my hair so curly, i dont like going to salons, they kinda ruin my hair or its too painful because they dont know how to handle my hair, that or its too expensive. i went to Tony Moly Megamall, Out of stock Hair Bleach. Etude House Megamall Out of Stock all hair colors and pore primer. Etude House Rob Metro East Out of stocks din, that was before Valentines. The sales lady was nice, she said i can reserve mine by signing somewhere, she said the stocks from Korea have not arrived yet thats why all branches are in short of stocks. Gosh! Etude is so popular that you have to reserve for the prods :P

So i changed my mind and ill go use Loreal Hi-Color and developer, since i have someone to help me, i hope it will all go well. im planning to color my hair by the end of this week. im wondering if Snoe or any good other prods have a great color treated hair shampoo, conditioner, and treatment/masks that will not affect colored hair? 

 im currently addicted to these..rawr!

 super cute pastel color omoh~

pink rare find woot

all this for 700 pesos, i gotta stop buying hehe

i dont know when i bought this one, its so kawaii neh?

this one is bought last year i think
i just want to show yall the sweet mushroom hehe 

Have a Wonderful Monday and Week ahead Everyone!

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