aMz Diary #1 | 2014 Goals! Latest Happenings + Plans this month + Music + Watching

aMz Diary #1
i used to write down my moods for the last few years on this manner.
So this is #1 because its the first one this year of 2014.
And might write one at the very end of every month or so..
This one is from January - March

Latest Happenings
- Started working in a new company this year as a (Graphic Designer for Marketing and Ads)
New People, New place, New atmosphere (and its kinda boring ahaha) 
i used to be in Perfumes industry now in food. And next i will apply to Fashion industry. i had no choice but to get this job but i like food photography and its all good i guess. i had two choices before a Perfume company and a fashion apparel company but the clients cancelled hiring, and i needed a job asap so i landed on this one.

- Learning Macro Food Photography and Studio Set ups, also using DSLR. And yes i am shooting for professional catalogs and packaging. (Dream Come True) i was a hobbyist food photographer. 
Although i do not like most of the food im shooting. i want to be a freelancer. 

- Met my Otaku friend and now we are besties! She is the cutest!

- Valentines stroll in a flower park with bestie and her family (which i posted photos here)

- Trying to stay positive even im surrounded by Negative people.

- Having a stranger as a roommate...What a new experience if your roommate has nothing in common with you. i want my best-friend to be my roommate or ill get a place alone once i am financially able.

Planning to
- Blog floral stuff, waiting for packages
- Go somewhere this weekend to unwind like the beach
- Doll up and take million of photos because i feel i haven't done it in forever!
- Bake a Cake with my bestie 
- Find a place to eat sushi or Japanese food (my happiness is food ahaha)
- Summer Vacation with Family
- Attend my sister Zai College Graduation (BSIT)

Listening to / Play List
Gackt - Redemption
Katy Perry - Dark Horse
(i hate the video it is an insult to any Egyptian) i dislike the tone too but i like the lyrics.

♥ What am i watching Lately 
1. The Game of Thrones (English) - Addicted to mother of Dragons which looks like my sis Zai only her skin is porcelain and my sis is Olive to darker tone. And i love Dragons. i skipped a lot of boring scenes, i do this often to anything i watch.

2. Dr Who (English)  - yup loving him! i am watching eps i skipped hehe

3. My Boss My Hero (Jdrama / Japanese) - AWESOME! i love Gangs, high-school, and melodrama. Its 3-in-1 if you ask me! Love how they run for PUDDING! its too funny hehe.

4. The One Who Came from the Stars (Kdrama / Korean) - i was watching this and keeping an eye on every episode, my crush meow meow is the main lead actor and haven't seen the main actress in a while since her movies years ago. Also i love good looking alien boys ahaha. One of my habits is to not watch the last episode. Yup i haven't watched it. i do not like endings even if its a happy one, its just corny and a warning that i have no new episodes to look forward to.

 2014 Goals 
- Travel Travel and Travel hopefully hehe
- Start Gaming Company
- Save up Moneehh!
- December Japan Vacation!
- Attend Gackt Concert!
- Shop in Shibuya, Akiba, Tokyo!

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