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Mermaid Wedding Dress

i am talking about Wedding dresses again am i? Well i guess i am at that certain age...
wait...nope nope i am not sure hehe. But it is fun to look around and be informed
of what is new and not; what is out there, what are my choices if ever.

All the photos and choices are from site

Don't worry i wont be talking about Wedding dresses the whole time.
i am posting two hair coloring sessions, one circle lens review, lip gloss review,
and floral fashion clothes reviews too! Accessories also, Just you wait guys.

So much to do, no time, no laptop...


Ok we are off topic now back to Mermaids and Dreams!

Here is the link where you can find every mermaid dress they have:

Let the photos do the talking

i will start with my most favorite

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