Hair Update | from Ombre to Gradient Red | Etude House Bubble Hair Color no. 4 Wine Red + Etude Gets and Event Ticket

Etude House Wine Red

Hi Dollies

So i finally dyed my hair Red, yay! i wanted a deep red, well not too deep nor bright.
And i achieved it! 

i Bleached my hair Ombre a week before i dyed my hair red.

Although not my whole hair is medium red its ok~ 

People kept staring at me @_@ its not that i am not used to it, but yah...

Last year i dyed my hair with Wine Red too, but from Black hair not Ombre.
im not going to do a full review just a quick one, because i already did before.
11,535 Views whew! one of my all time popular posts

Cutie pies~ forever alone facial masks that i have to use, they are just there...ugh!
i want to use em' up all 

im always a fan of Purple Bubbles hihi 

ohh meet my icecream bunny purple hair ehehe

Raw Photos |  Ombre -Window Light- / Wine Red - indoors dim light

Bad camera lightning
Left - Original / Right - Edited

How i feel right now and look lol! How Fascinating ey?

One last photo of me with Jack
what i wore when i went to the movie theater yesterday
Pacific Rim IMAX (Review soon)

P.S. This is a Tee then i cut it muwahaha into a muscle shirt

I'm Glad i decided to Bleach my hair before using Wine Red!
The korean bleach is not as harsh as the US brand ones.

i never tried to color my hair with Etude Gold blonde, maybe next time i will try Gold Blonde, then ill color it ash white :)) just kidding but i wanna!

Etude House Princess
Academy Event

i've been asked more than 8 times or so if i am attending Etude House Princess Academy
my answer is YES!
i will be there on the 28th and i am excited to meet ya'll
See You There
although i might be an awkward person...

i am still unable to claim my prize but i will soon hehe

After looking for tickets the past few weeks, i could't find any...
searched in 4 stores i think, so i feel blessed!


 Etude Re-stocked Tickets This Week! Thank you Mhisha for telling me
so i got a second Ticket from SM North yesterday

 The Gold Blonde is not for me but for my BFF Trixie, i will review this soon.
i also bought a Collagen Eye C patch, my eyes look so tired and shouting for help TAT

Look its Pink Vintage! Mah Fave!
This ticket is better than last year! its more sophisticated and elegant~
You can tell i'm into Vintage and Floral a bit right? hehe

Watch Out Tomorrow im posting a review for
Stay Tuned


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